Clash of Clans Ho-Lo Strategy Powerful 100% Win Clan War!

Hi clashers, how often do you win Clan War up to a maximum of 100% results ?, If you often win, congratulations, but what if it had not won up to one hundred percent, below we describe a simple and easy strategies you follow for the purpose of winning the Clan War. Ever hear a strategy “Ho-lo”? Yes, a strategy that prioritizes the power unit and Hog Rider Balloon is potent really does make you win the Clan War with the enemy base Town Hall 9. But need I remind you before, this strategy relative quite expensive, but the result is of course satisfactory. Let’s just follow the way below.

clash of clans holo war

1. Preparation of the strategy “Ho-lo”

The following are the units that you have to prepare troops for creating army “Ho-lo” cutting edge. May be modified according to the number that you need, but the numbers do not be far from the recommendations below.

32 Balloon
12 Hog Rider
2 units of heroes, Archer Barbarian King and Queen
7 Wizard
2 Barbarian
1 Lightning Spell
1 Healing Spell
2 Rage Spell

Barbarian here is only used for fishing Clan Castle troops opponent, and the Wizard function to spending units of air defense opponent, so you can just replace it with Archer and Witch.

2. Steps assault

Attacking with the strategy of “Ho-lo” it’s very easy and fast bro, in less than 1 minute 30 seconds guaranteed base of Town Hall 9 opponents disappeared evenly with the ground. So that you can get maximum results, follow the steps below:

Air attacks Balloon
Balloon muster all units in the initial assault in the fourth wave to 4 sides. The point is that you spend 8 Balloon evenly on one side, then remove the 8 again on the other side, and continue until exhausted. In this initial step all outer base unit should have crushed all opponents. Use Lightning Spell to destroy if there are remaining defensive unit that has not been destroyed.

Fishing rods and spent troops unit coc opponent
After all units Balloon you run out, remove the Barbarian or unit anglers Clan Castle troops opponent then spend all your Wizard with all units. If everything is dead, launch the second unit Heroes you to open the driveway.

The attack efflux from Hog Rider
Shortly unit Heroes you are still outside, immediately launch all unit Hog Rider at the same point at the same time remove the Rage Spell at that point as well. When all units Hog Rider you have until the middle of the base and facing the Hidden Tesla, help them with Rage Spell again. note also Hog Rider hit points you, when already exhausted half, immediately helped with Healing Spell. At this stage the exact Town Hall base opponents is gone, you simply wait until all of the buildings were destroyed evenly and you get a 100% victory!

clash of clans war

For more details you try to watch the following video:

What do you think, huh potent strategy “Ho-lo” The Guys ? Although the focus is only on the Balloon and Hog Rider, but surely you must own both units are at the maximum level ya guys

Secrets Strategy Tricks Cannon Clash of Clans

Clash Of Clans Games, Hi clashers! Cannon How many do you have in your base? Do you already know the secrets of the sniper unit’s base defense?

Do not underestimate the strength of the defense unit this one guys, If the defense unit this one, you must have been well aware, Cannon. Indeed Cannon is one of the main defense units are okay and easy really make use. Even at the beginning of the game tutorial course (if you remember), you are asked to build Cannon on your base defense. Although it may have seemed unit this one seemed stiff, but Cannon could move 360 ​​degrees anyway, it works well to protect valuable units in your base.

It may be basic, you already know a lot about Cannon. This unit is able to attack ground units of any kind, such as the Barbarians, but Cannon could not resist air units like Dragons and Balloons. Cannon also included a cheap defense unit, then guns wonder if you always give priority to upgrade the unit this one. Well, you already know about the secret strategies Cannon, yet? If not, consider the tips, tricks, secrets and strategies following Cannon yes.

1. Strengths and weaknesses Cannon

Cannon is a pretty solid defensive unit thanks to its hit points are adequate, range and damage his shot is pretty good too. Anyway Cannon is the most powerful unit to block a variety of ground units. Besides speed is quite fast Cannon shot very powerful to resist the invasion Hero unit, or units of tankers like the Giants, Golems, or Hog Rider, where the firing range of the power attacked Cannon supports. A good compilation of sufficient strength for the defense on the ground.

But of course there are disadvantages that you should be aware Cannon. Naturally, Cannon weak against air attack, of course, because of the inability Cannon to attack air units. The key, attach the Cannon around the range Archer Tower so that both units are mutually protect each other. In addition there is another weakness in Cannon, which overwhelmed that you may encounter when invaded by besiged. Cannon could only strike a single target at a time, then overcoming them, you can shoot Mortar in the area around Cannon to help the performance of a land defense your base.

2. Placement Cannon

The clasher and may also include you must have had a lot of Cannon at the base. Just like the Archer Tower, you better put Cannon in the suburb area of ​​your base, but stays behind a defensive wall. With this placement, Cannon could withstand an attack units opponents with long-range attacks from their target towards building units outermost you.

As supporters, do not forget to place the Tower Archer anywhere near the coverage area of ​​Cannon so that the performance of both units to the maximum, where the air defense would be anticipated Archer Tower. And one, as already mentioned above, do not forget to also put Mortar, need not be placed in the outermost areas, but still within its range around Cannon after holding a mass land invasion.

3. Priority upgrade

Likewise with Archer Tower, you should maximize Cannon level all you have before you upgrade your Town Hall. But Cannon upgrade as its most recent building to be upgraded is also not a problem. Thanks to the relatively affordable price and the time required is not too long, you do not really need an upgrade plan for Cannon outside the main strategies you more.

Then what is the secret strategies that from Cannon referred to earlier in this article? Maybe guns’re aware, the secret strategy is quite simple. Cannon Place close to the maximum level adjacent wall and flanked with minimum 2 air defense units. Air defense units that you use can be a Tower Archer, Wizard Tower or Air Defense. With this combination, the focus of attack Cannon you will be more awake and more effectively block the invasion of ground units. There are also additional Spring Trap or Bomb that you can use right beside or in front of that unit colorable Cannon Cannon closer to bottoming out or overwhelmed thanks to a secret bomb blast.

That’s roughly the reviews about Cannon that I can convey. What do you think bro? What Cannon this review helpful enough? Try practicing this secret strategy, then you should share your opinion with the content of the comment below. Good tips and tricks this time Clash of Clan helpful yes for you.

How to Secret Clash of Clans Playing Games

Without you knowing it, there are a lot of things from a habit of playing Clash of Clans that you can actually make as a cutting-edge strategy! Curious? Immediately wrote a summary of the 5 secrets refer to the latest in Clash of Clans below.

1. ‘Revenge’ is the best dish

Like guns like, you’ll often attacked other clashers when you are away from your gadgets and your shield is down. Sometimes resources also robbed it out … but attacked also gives you a rare opportunity bro! As you look at the list of anyone who attacked the base you in when you’re offline, you have a chance to “Revenge”, which is to attack back.

Revenge is a huge strategic advantage bro, because you so can see their base and certainly the best strategy before starting to fight back, or even train other troop units for special attacks. I recommend you to check their storage (you can do visually or better click and view them on their level) and also the location of their Town Hall.

If the list clashers who attacked a lot, check first the farmers (ie clashers which only attack with little unit then gives up) because they certainly have a lot of resources. And if the enemy shield is active or are online, just check again later.

2. Wall Breaker as bank elixir

Do you think Barack is only useful for training troops? You’re wrong deh bro. If not you know it, you can create a queue of training as much as possible even if you guns again online. When you create a queue for training troops, the elixir you will be reduced in accordance with the required amount, but you can also cancel training without any penalty for any troops who are queuing.

With this, you can interpet all Barrack you to the brim (particularly if you’re also an army camp was already full), and elixir which used to mean as if ‘stored’ in Barrack you safe, secure from attack clasher. Then when you go back online, you can cancel your troops training queue and returns the number of elixir that had been ‘stored’ in Barrack.

And judging around, Wall Breaker is the most expensive units with the smallest slot. So the guns need to be afraid anymore resources robbed while you are offline you bro, after you upgrade Barrack and Wall Breaker you can secure hundreds of thousands of secret elixir manner!

3. The secret behind “Sweet Victory”

Maybe not a secret where you can get 450 gems to achieve 3 stars in achievement “Sweet Victory”. But the thing that makes cutting-edge secret is how easy it is for you and make any clasher to get this achievement guys!
You can start at the Town Hall 6, or even below it, you can look for base with Town Hall is placed outside the walls. By destroying this building is definitely you will get 1 star and some trophies. Maybe when you began you would think anyone save the Town Hall outside wall. Although the guns you will understand why, but certainly you are patient enough and diligent, just look it certainly met, a lot of really clasher out there who put her outside the Town Hall as it was.

4. Attacks and level Town Hall

There are many factors that affect how many resources you can loot from a opponent. But there is one thing that most influence, namely the level of Town Hall. If your opponent has an equivalent level of Town Hall or one level above or below you, then you will get change 100% to what you can loot. If the opponent has two levels above you will get 125% change and if 3 levels above you will get 150% modifier. However, those who you attack it will gain modifier 50% and 25% (respectively) in every business for Revenge.

With a data level of the Town Hall, Town Hall will make a very attractive level 7 for at-farming. And of course it will be difficult to crush the opponent with the Town Hall 9. Level Town Hall also affect the price of gold needed to find a new opponent when making match and it will be more expensive at the time of the highest level.

5. Strength Mortar secret destruction Lightning Spell

After trying various spells, you must be feeling just Rage Spell was the one who serves the most potent destroy Mortar. Spell is indeed very strong and provide many benefits, but the Rage Spell (and Jump Spell) also costly and necessitates a long time to be made. Maybe you forget or give up Lightning Spell because it looks too weak. Now it’s time you made out.

Easy Clash of Clans Tips for Attacking

The gameplay on Clash of Clans require you to collect resources in form of gold, elixir, and dark elixir from collector, drill, and mine. Alternatively, you can also attack other village for precious resources. In order to get more loot from the raid, you will need to have a good strategy. The following Clash of Clans tips for attacking will guide you on how to do it properly. By using these tips, you can expect your storage filled with resources.

  • Prepare your army

Most of the Clash of Clans loot tips suggests you several attacking strategy to get resources. Keep in mind that you will also need the resources to train your troops in the first place. If you want to get more loot, it is recommended to use as small as elixir as possible. When the raid is over you end up with less resources than what you spend to train the troops, it means that you are losing the resources. With proper attacking strategy, you can get more loot by using less elixir.

  • Wait patiently for the right base

When talking about Clash of Clans tips for attacking, you also need to wait patiently for the right base. Clicking next button repeatedly does decrease your gold. Nevertheless, you do not have to be worried about it since you will be able to get more. Choose only to raid base with weak defenses. Drop your short-range troop such as barbarian and followed by long-range troop such as archer. This barbarian-archer combo or otherwise known as “Barch” is popular troop combination for raiding since it uses the least elixir for training.

  • Aim for the weak spot

Resources are mostly available from certain buildings such as gold mine, elixir collector, and dark elixir drill. You can also get the resources from the storage. Since storage is placed in the innermost part of the base and having bigger hit points, you probably want to aim for stuffed mine, collector, and drill, which has less hit points that the storage. Once you use those Clash of Clans tips for attacking, you can obtain more resources easily.

Clash of Clans Loot Tips: How to Get More Resources

If you are playing Clash of Clans, you probably already know that resources play important role. We are going to talk about Clash of Clans loot tips. The resources you need can be obtained in two different ways. Gold mine and elixir collector are the building that specifically gathers resources automatically. The same goes with dark elixir drill. Alternatively, you can raid other people base for resources. You will need troops for raiding. Those troops are trained by using elixir. Here are some tips that you can use to get more resources for your base.

Upgrade your mine and collector

This method is obvious but some people forget about how importance Clash of Clans fast upgrade is. Once you upgrade your mine and collector, they will be able to gather resources faster. Most importantly, they will have higher durability. The higher hit point a building also has lesser chance your resources will be raided by troops that attack your base.

Use minimum elixir to train troops

Troops that require minimum elixir are barbarian and archer. Compare the amount of resources you use to train your troops with the amount of loot you gather. It is important part of Clash of Clans loot tips. Most people are losing resources than gaining loot during the raiding. Try to manage the elixir as minimum as possible. Combination of barbarian and archer might not as strong as you think. However, you will have more loot from the raiding.

Use farming base

The last Clash of Clans loot tips is using farming base. The resources you collect from raiding will be in waste if you cannot protect it. The best way to protect your resources is using farming base. The layout of farming bases are specifically designed to save gold and elixir on your storage.

Clash of Clans Guide Village You Should Know

Clash of Clans is not a new game. Nevertheless, this game is still popular up to this day. The game is about building a village and protect it from raiders. The raiders come to steal game resources in form of gold, elixir, and dark elixir. In order to protect those precious resources, you will need to protect your village by creating perfect base layout and strategically placing defensive building. In this Clash of Clans guide village, we will talk about some useful tips that you should know.

guide village

  • Use impenetrable base layout

If you are searching for Clash of Clans multiplayer tips, you will get information related on how to build impenetrable base layout. They key for impenetrable base layout lies in the defensive building placement and wall layout. In order to direct the raiders’ troops, you can build channeling wall. Lead them to deadly trap or to slaughtered spot where your defensive building can easily take care of them.

  • Upgrade defensive building

Having complete defensive buildings is not enough to protect your base. The Clash of Clans guide village in this article suggests you to upgrade them as well. Defensive building is categorized based on their level. Higher-level building has bigger hit points and damage per second. You can improve the DPS by upgrading the defensive building. Combined to the first tips, you can channel them in specific location and let the defensive building do the rest for you.

  • Take advantage of Clan Castle Troops

The last Clash of Clans online guide village you should know is using Clan Castle Troops to help you protecting the base. In order to get those troops, you will need to join a guild. After that, request for strong troops from your clan mate. When your village is under attack, these troops will come out from the Clan Castle and fight the raiders’ troops. Aside from protection, you can deploy them when you are raiding other village base.

Easy Clash of Clans Fast Upgrade Strategy

Clash of Clans is a popular game that you can play from your smartphone devices. The game that is developed by Supercell, has engaging gameplay. If you need Clash of Clans fast upgrade strategy, this article will give information that you need. In the beginning, you have a town hall with few resource collectors and storage. You also have army barrack to produce raiding troops. Along the game, you need to upgrade those building for better capacity and unlock new features. Here are the strategies that you can use to upgrade them faster.


  1. Get more builders

The more builders you have, the faster you can upgrade your building. In the beginning, you will only have one builder. For Clash of Clans fast upgrade, you need to purchase them from the game shop. You will need gems to do it. Since gems are valuable resources that you cannot get easily, you need to conserve your gems. Do not use them for something unnecessary like speeding up the army training or resource collecting.

  1. Gather more resources

Upgrading building requires certain amount of either gold or elixir. The higher level of your building, the more resource you need. Therefore, it is important to gather more resources. You can easily get Clash of Clans tips for attacking in order to get more resources. When you train the troops to raid other bases, you will need elixir. Use low-elixir troops to do the raiding. It will help you conserve elixir for upgrading later.


  1. Upgrade at the right time

Perfect timing is the key for Clash of Clans fast upgrade. It takes time for the builders to build or upgrade your building. Upgrade your building before you go to sleep. In the next day when you wake up, the building is already upgraded. It helps you to optimize the time for raiding during the day.

Playing Strategy Clash of Clans and most preferred Things

I Want to play a strategy game for Android & iOS cool & awesome? Perhaps the game Clash of Clans (COC) is the best choice. At first COC game can only be played on smartphones iOS (iPhone & iPad) in 2012, a year later the Developer Clash of Clans “Supercell” launches buatanya games for smartphone and Android tab. So far the COC game available for Android and iOS. Game will reap many positive reviews from users, so it is not wrong if COC game to get a good rating on the Play Store and iTunes AppStore.

Actually the game Clash of Clans is a strategy game that manifold MMOG gaming or Massively Multiplayer Online Game, where players can build a region, create and train troops, and attack other players to get a gift in the form of gold and trophy. Item items on which it can be used to strengthen the region and also upgrade the level of troops.

Uniqueness Strategy Games Clash of Clans

Build a village / area becomes invincible fortress
Raise level barbarian army, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters
Battle with other players around the world and their Cup rampaslah
Join together with other players to form the main Clan
Against rival Clans in the Epic Wars Clan
Build 18 unique units with different levels of upgrades
Discover a favorite attacking troops from the combination of forces, spells, Heroes and Clans
Maintaining the region with emphasis on defense tools such as cannons, magic & Tower archer, mortars, bombs, traps and a strong fortress
Goblin King fought against at all levels
Game COC is a freemium game or “in app purchase” that includes items for sale items (gems) that can be purchased with real money if the player wants to accelerate the process of upgrading and development.

Forces in Clash of Clans

In the game Clash of Clans Force is divided into five parts: Dark Forces Elixir, Heroes, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3, and each section has several types of troops. For example in the Dark Forces will consist to group Elixir Minion like flying monsters, Hog Riders, Valkyrie, Golem, Witches, and Lava Hounds. For Tier 1 would consist of troops Barbar, Goblins, and archers. Each force has its own style of war that will make the game Clash of Clans away from the word “boring”

Building in Clash of Clans

Next is building, there are several kinds of buildings in the game COC, such Laboratory to upgrade the troops, gold mining, storage, forts, towers for archers, trap the enemy, place cannons hall, and building another building like an empire that used to protect the territory.

War Strategy in The Games Clash of clans

The main mission in Clash of Clans is certainly a battle against the other Clans. Therefore, the required troops and partahanan robust and appropriate strategies in order to defeat the enemy, as well as get a star, bonus trophy, booty, etc.

Porpuse Gems the Resource Games

There is one more type of currency used in the game Clash of Clans than gold and elixir, this currency called Gems. Gems can be used to speed up the building process, reinforce the troops quickly, even gems can be used to accelerate nearly every aspect of the game. Gems can be obtained by direct purchase on the menu Shop with real money or completing random missions given until it reaches a certain record. But you can also get gems easily, please see How can Clash of Clans Free Gems

That brief review about Clash of Clans – Strategy Game for Android & iOS best. If you are curious about the coolest game on this one, please download directly from the Play store for Android users, and also download in the AppStore / iTunes for the iPhone or iPad.

Excess giant in the strategy war in Clash of Clans

In the game Clash of Clans, Giant is the third forces opened at Barak. Giant first target is the enemy’s defensive weapons, so that makes them the ideal to get rid of fast defense faster. However, because the extent of damage is low enough attack them better used in a large group.

Giant COC prioritize defensive structure on top of all other targets, and will cut all types of buildings and the enemies of the opposing forces. This is true even if they are attacked by enemy forces Clan Castle, Heroes or Skeleton Trap. Note that like all the forces that give priority to the defense, the Giants did not attack the enemy Castle Clan.

After all defenses crumble, other forces Giants to be like without the desired target; they will attack the nearest building, and will turn and attack the enemy unit if they know the nearest unit.

Giant Attack Strategy Clash of clans

Good attacking strategy is to fill your Army Camp with the Giants and Archer together they can easily destroy the opponent’s base. Use the Giants to distract all temporary Defensive Buildings Archer took everything.

At the beginning of Raid, send some Giants closest to Mortar and Wizard Tower. So Mortar attacked Giants, send Wall Breaker in the amount necessary to help the Giants break through the wall. After Mortar and Wizard Tower is destroyed, you can send a herd Goblin Barbarian or Archer. Giant has a lot of health but slowly and have a low attack power, so use them in groups.

Giant another attack strategy is to send a lot of Giants with one or more Healer. Beware of Air Defense and other anti-air tower, however, Healer is very weak and has a lot of vulnerabilities. To overcome this it is recommended to put the Giant and Wall Breakers near an Air Defense outside to clear a path for the Healer.

Strategy Last Giant

Giant can be very susceptible to spring this trap Trap for existence is difficult to predict. But Giant is also quite good if used force on the Clan Castle, high health means that some units will repel the enemy offensive Giant (a Lightning Spell will not be enough to kill the Giant). They also will take a relatively long time to kill and delay the enemy’s attack. However, the problem with using a giant as the Clan Castle troops is that when they come out to defend the base, they took five spaces. This means that if the enemy had enough troops for a Giant hit, it would be more efficient to use the five barbarians, as the enemy forces immediately to reload. Thus, it will take five times as long.

Giant Level Upgrade in Town Hall

Just like any other army troops, Giant also can be upgraded to raise the level in order to use stronger Laboratory. Giant is experiencing significant physical changes at one level to another level:
Giant Level 1 and 2, Giant wearing a brown shirt with a red belt and copper buckle at the waist. He did not have accessories.
Level 3 Giant, Giant wore iron handcuffs on his hands and fingers also an iron in his hand.
Giant Level 5, Accessories Giant turned into gold.
Giant Level 6, Accessories Giant changes color to Black Metal, black robes beard is also elongated.
Giant Level 7, almost equal to his level 6 but this time longer until the arm.

Giant in the game Clash of Clans do not use weapons against the enemy, he is using the fist steps large and powerful to destroy the enemy’s defense. In usual attacking strategies Giant accompanied by Healer or Healing Spell to protect it from enemy attack defense units.