Easy Clash of Clans Fast Upgrade Strategy

Clash of Clans is a popular game that you can play from your smartphone devices. The game that is developed by Supercell, has engaging gameplay. If you need Clash of Clans fast upgrade strategy, this article will give information that you need. In the beginning, you have a town hall with few resource collectors and storage. You also have army barrack to produce raiding troops. Along the game, you need to upgrade those building for better capacity and unlock new features. Here are the strategies that you can use to upgrade them faster.


  1. Get more builders

The more builders you have, the faster you can upgrade your building. In the beginning, you will only have one builder. For Clash of Clans fast upgrade, you need to purchase them from the game shop. You will need gems to do it. Since gems are valuable resources that you cannot get easily, you need to conserve your gems. Do not use them for something unnecessary like speeding up the army training or resource collecting.

  1. Gather more resources

Upgrading building requires certain amount of either gold or elixir. The higher level of your building, the more resource you need. Therefore, it is important to gather more resources. You can easily get Clash of Clans tips for attacking in order to get more resources. When you train the troops to raid other bases, you will need elixir. Use low-elixir troops to do the raiding. It will help you conserve elixir for upgrading later.


  1. Upgrade at the right time

Perfect timing is the key for Clash of Clans fast upgrade. It takes time for the builders to build or upgrade your building. Upgrade your building before you go to sleep. In the next day when you wake up, the building is already upgraded. It helps you to optimize the time for raiding during the day.

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