Clash of Clans Loot Tips: How to Get More Resources

If you are playing Clash of Clans, you probably already know that resources play important role. We are going to talk about Clash of Clans loot tips. The resources you need can be obtained in two different ways. Gold mine and elixir collector are the building that specifically gathers resources automatically. The same goes with dark elixir drill. Alternatively, you can raid other people base for resources. You will need troops for raiding. Those troops are trained by using elixir. Here are some tips that you can use to get more resources for your base.

Upgrade your mine and collector

This method is obvious but some people forget about how importance Clash of Clans fast upgrade is. Once you upgrade your mine and collector, they will be able to gather resources faster. Most importantly, they will have higher durability. The higher hit point a building also has lesser chance your resources will be raided by troops that attack your base.

Use minimum elixir to train troops

Troops that require minimum elixir are barbarian and archer. Compare the amount of resources you use to train your troops with the amount of loot you gather. It is important part of Clash of Clans loot tips. Most people are losing resources than gaining loot during the raiding. Try to manage the elixir as minimum as possible. Combination of barbarian and archer might not as strong as you think. However, you will have more loot from the raiding.

Use farming base

The last Clash of Clans loot tips is using farming base. The resources you collect from raiding will be in waste if you cannot protect it. The best way to protect your resources is using farming base. The layout of farming bases are specifically designed to save gold and elixir on your storage.

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