Secrets Strategy Tricks Cannon Clash of Clans

Clash Of Clans Games, Hi clashers! Cannon How many do you have in your base? Do you already know the secrets of the sniper unit’s base defense?

Do not underestimate the strength of the defense unit this one guys, If the defense unit this one, you must have been well aware, Cannon. Indeed Cannon is one of the main defense units are okay and easy really make use. Even at the beginning of the game tutorial course (if you remember), you are asked to build Cannon on your base defense. Although it may have seemed unit this one seemed stiff, but Cannon could move 360 ​​degrees anyway, it works well to protect valuable units in your base.

It may be basic, you already know a lot about Cannon. This unit is able to attack ground units of any kind, such as the Barbarians, but Cannon could not resist air units like Dragons and Balloons. Cannon also included a cheap defense unit, then guns wonder if you always give priority to upgrade the unit this one. Well, you already know about the secret strategies Cannon, yet? If not, consider the tips, tricks, secrets and strategies following Cannon yes.

1. Strengths and weaknesses Cannon

Cannon is a pretty solid defensive unit thanks to its hit points are adequate, range and damage his shot is pretty good too. Anyway Cannon is the most powerful unit to block a variety of ground units. Besides speed is quite fast Cannon shot very powerful to resist the invasion Hero unit, or units of tankers like the Giants, Golems, or Hog Rider, where the firing range of the power attacked Cannon supports. A good compilation of sufficient strength for the defense on the ground.

But of course there are disadvantages that you should be aware Cannon. Naturally, Cannon weak against air attack, of course, because of the inability Cannon to attack air units. The key, attach the Cannon around the range Archer Tower so that both units are mutually protect each other. In addition there is another weakness in Cannon, which overwhelmed that you may encounter when invaded by besiged. Cannon could only strike a single target at a time, then overcoming them, you can shoot Mortar in the area around Cannon to help the performance of a land defense your base.

2. Placement Cannon

The clasher and may also include you must have had a lot of Cannon at the base. Just like the Archer Tower, you better put Cannon in the suburb area of ​​your base, but stays behind a defensive wall. With this placement, Cannon could withstand an attack units opponents with long-range attacks from their target towards building units outermost you.

As supporters, do not forget to place the Tower Archer anywhere near the coverage area of ​​Cannon so that the performance of both units to the maximum, where the air defense would be anticipated Archer Tower. And one, as already mentioned above, do not forget to also put Mortar, need not be placed in the outermost areas, but still within its range around Cannon after holding a mass land invasion.

3. Priority upgrade

Likewise with Archer Tower, you should maximize Cannon level all you have before you upgrade your Town Hall. But Cannon upgrade as its most recent building to be upgraded is also not a problem. Thanks to the relatively affordable price and the time required is not too long, you do not really need an upgrade plan for Cannon outside the main strategies you more.

Then what is the secret strategies that from Cannon referred to earlier in this article? Maybe guns’re aware, the secret strategy is quite simple. Cannon Place close to the maximum level adjacent wall and flanked with minimum 2 air defense units. Air defense units that you use can be a Tower Archer, Wizard Tower or Air Defense. With this combination, the focus of attack Cannon you will be more awake and more effectively block the invasion of ground units. There are also additional Spring Trap or Bomb that you can use right beside or in front of that unit colorable Cannon Cannon closer to bottoming out or overwhelmed thanks to a secret bomb blast.

That’s roughly the reviews about Cannon that I can convey. What do you think bro? What Cannon this review helpful enough? Try practicing this secret strategy, then you should share your opinion with the content of the comment below. Good tips and tricks this time Clash of Clan helpful yes for you.

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