Clash of Clans Ho-Lo Strategy Powerful 100% Win Clan War!

Hi clashers, how often do you win Clan War up to a maximum of 100% results ?, If you often win, congratulations, but what if it had not won up to one hundred percent, below we describe a simple and easy strategies you follow for the purpose of winning the Clan War. Ever hear a strategy “Ho-lo”? Yes, a strategy that prioritizes the power unit and Hog Rider Balloon is potent really does make you win the Clan War with the enemy base Town Hall 9. But need I remind you before, this strategy relative quite expensive, but the result is of course satisfactory. Let’s just follow the way below.

clash of clans holo war

1. Preparation of the strategy “Ho-lo”

The following are the units that you have to prepare troops for creating army “Ho-lo” cutting edge. May be modified according to the number that you need, but the numbers do not be far from the recommendations below.

32 Balloon
12 Hog Rider
2 units of heroes, Archer Barbarian King and Queen
7 Wizard
2 Barbarian
1 Lightning Spell
1 Healing Spell
2 Rage Spell

Barbarian here is only used for fishing Clan Castle troops opponent, and the Wizard function to spending units of air defense opponent, so you can just replace it with Archer and Witch.

2. Steps assault

Attacking with the strategy of “Ho-lo” it’s very easy and fast bro, in less than 1 minute 30 seconds guaranteed base of Town Hall 9 opponents disappeared evenly with the ground. So that you can get maximum results, follow the steps below:

Air attacks Balloon
Balloon muster all units in the initial assault in the fourth wave to 4 sides. The point is that you spend 8 Balloon evenly on one side, then remove the 8 again on the other side, and continue until exhausted. In this initial step all outer base unit should have crushed all opponents. Use Lightning Spell to destroy if there are remaining defensive unit that has not been destroyed.

Fishing rods and spent troops unit coc opponent
After all units Balloon you run out, remove the Barbarian or unit anglers Clan Castle troops opponent then spend all your Wizard with all units. If everything is dead, launch the second unit Heroes you to open the driveway.

The attack efflux from Hog Rider
Shortly unit Heroes you are still outside, immediately launch all unit Hog Rider at the same point at the same time remove the Rage Spell at that point as well. When all units Hog Rider you have until the middle of the base and facing the Hidden Tesla, help them with Rage Spell again. note also Hog Rider hit points you, when already exhausted half, immediately helped with Healing Spell. At this stage the exact Town Hall base opponents is gone, you simply wait until all of the buildings were destroyed evenly and you get a 100% victory!

clash of clans war

For more details you try to watch the following video:

What do you think, huh potent strategy “Ho-lo” The Guys ? Although the focus is only on the Balloon and Hog Rider, but surely you must own both units are at the maximum level ya guys

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