Powerful tips for getting the Trophy quickly in Clash of Clans

Powerful ways of getting the Trophy quickly in Clash of clans gather and collect the trophy in the game clash of clans to quickly get to the crystal, the master and the champion? No doubt my friend wanted to get to the highest level in the trophy clash of clans. However, you must understand the following trick in order to get to the highest level of etc..

By way of collecting the trophy to high level, no doubt there are some of the reasons Yes gays one of them that is so that you can get free gems in a level crystal you will get 500 gems, then on the master you will get as many as 1000 gems and then in the champions level you will get 2000 wow free gems gems, the darling of the fans of the Clash of clans.

troophy coc

Level Trophy COC and free GEMS:

1250 Trophy get 450 gems
2000 Trophy get 250 gems
2600 Trophy get 1000 gems
3200 Trophy get 2000 gems

Get quick tips list above trophy instead of the one thing that is easy to achieve because when you already occupy in the 2600 level trophy you will get resistance from the master clash of clans that inhabited the town hall 9, 10 and 11 would certainly be more difficult to get 3-stars.

Well, if there’s a quick way of raising the level of the trophy quickly and easily? of course it could just be using some of the tips and tricks here gays, please try some of the tutorials are telling here that ye may become the clans clash of champions.

Surefire Way Of Accelerating Collect Trophy (Cup) COC :

Try to Attack your opponent’s Base Full of stars 3 :

Please you guys attack your opponents base until you get 3 stars because if you guys just Get 2 or one just then the trophy will be divided into 3, my advice search the opponents base if you were able to get a 3 star so fast many of your trophy.

Look for an opponent’s Base outside Town Hall

build th 8

This trick is very powerful and fast you raise the level, because by destroying TH opponent any time you guys will be awarded one star and of course you will get the trophy easily.

Don’t Forget To Do Revenge

This way is the most powerful feature that revenge is increasingly facilitate us to organize the troops fit for the Mission of revenge or bales can say counterattack. Revenge is usually get a hefty trophy value high, the longer our enemies attack then the higher the value of the trophy.

Set the Unique Base, remove Deposits Production 1 course outside

This trick is very powerful to be able to get the trophy quickly with you put most of your production outside of you, the enemy will be fooled with it and don’t think about the trophy again with so you freely get a free Cup

Well that’s the latest reviews on how to gather and collect the trophy/Cup coc quickly and could you guys apply themselves to be masters and champions in the Clash of clans please you guys this way try hopefully can succeed and be successful in game clans clash of etc. Greetings Clashers!

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