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Clash of Clans Guide Village You Should Know

Clash of Clans is not a new game. Nevertheless, this game is still popular up to this day. The game is about building a village and protect it from raiders. The raiders come to steal game resources in form of gold, elixir, and dark elixir. In order to protect those precious resources, you will need to protect your village by creating perfect base layout and strategically placing defensive building. In this Clash of Clans guide village, we will talk about some useful tips that you should know.

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  • Use impenetrable base layout

If you are searching for Clash of Clans multiplayer tips, you will get information related on how to build impenetrable base layout. They key for impenetrable base layout lies in the defensive building placement and wall layout. In order to direct the raiders’ troops, you can build channeling wall. Lead them to deadly trap or to slaughtered spot where your defensive building can easily take care of them.

  • Upgrade defensive building

Having complete defensive buildings is not enough to protect your base. The Clash of Clans guide village in this article suggests you to upgrade them as well. Defensive building is categorized based on their level. Higher-level building has bigger hit points and damage per second. You can improve the DPS by upgrading the defensive building. Combined to the first tips, you can channel them in specific location and let the defensive building do the rest for you.

  • Take advantage of Clan Castle Troops

The last Clash of Clans online guide village you should know is using Clan Castle Troops to help you protecting the base. In order to get those troops, you will need to join a guild. After that, request for strong troops from your clan mate. When your village is under attack, these troops will come out from the Clan Castle and fight the raiders’ troops. Aside from protection, you can deploy them when you are raiding other village base.