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How to Secret Clash of Clans Playing Games

Without you knowing it, there are a lot of things from a habit of playing Clash of Clans that you can actually make as a cutting-edge strategy! Curious? Immediately wrote a summary of the 5 secrets refer to the latest in Clash of Clans below.

1. ‘Revenge’ is the best dish

Like guns like, you’ll often attacked other clashers when you are away from your gadgets and your shield is down. Sometimes resources also robbed it out … but attacked also gives you a rare opportunity bro! As you look at the list of anyone who attacked the base you in when you’re offline, you have a chance to “Revenge”, which is to attack back.

Revenge is a huge strategic advantage bro, because you so can see their base and certainly the best strategy before starting to fight back, or even train other troop units for special attacks. I recommend you to check their storage (you can do visually or better click and view them on their level) and also the location of their Town Hall.

If the list clashers who attacked a lot, check first the farmers (ie clashers which only attack with little unit then gives up) because they certainly have a lot of resources. And if the enemy shield is active or are online, just check again later.

2. Wall Breaker as bank elixir

Do you think Barack is only useful for training troops? You’re wrong deh bro. If not you know it, you can create a queue of training as much as possible even if you guns again online. When you create a queue for training troops, the elixir you will be reduced in accordance with the required amount, but you can also cancel training without any penalty for any troops who are queuing.

With this, you can interpet all Barrack you to the brim (particularly if you’re also an army camp was already full), and elixir which used to mean as if ‘stored’ in Barrack you safe, secure from attack clasher. Then when you go back online, you can cancel your troops training queue and returns the number of elixir that had been ‘stored’ in Barrack.

And judging around, Wall Breaker is the most expensive units with the smallest slot. So the guns need to be afraid anymore resources robbed while you are offline you bro, after you upgrade Barrack and Wall Breaker you can secure hundreds of thousands of secret elixir manner!

3. The secret behind “Sweet Victory”

Maybe not a secret where you can get 450 gems to achieve 3 stars in achievement “Sweet Victory”. But the thing that makes cutting-edge secret is how easy it is for you and make any clasher to get this achievement guys!
You can start at the Town Hall 6, or even below it, you can look for base with Town Hall is placed outside the walls. By destroying this building is definitely you will get 1 star and some trophies. Maybe when you began you would think anyone save the Town Hall outside wall. Although the guns you will understand why, but certainly you are patient enough and diligent, just look it certainly met, a lot of really clasher out there who put her outside the Town Hall as it was.

4. Attacks and level Town Hall

There are many factors that affect how many resources you can loot from a opponent. But there is one thing that most influence, namely the level of Town Hall. If your opponent has an equivalent level of Town Hall or one level above or below you, then you will get change 100% to what you can loot. If the opponent has two levels above you will get 125% change and if 3 levels above you will get 150% modifier. However, those who you attack it will gain modifier 50% and 25% (respectively) in every business for Revenge.

With a data level of the Town Hall, Town Hall will make a very attractive level 7 for at-farming. And of course it will be difficult to crush the opponent with the Town Hall 9. Level Town Hall also affect the price of gold needed to find a new opponent when making match and it will be more expensive at the time of the highest level.

5. Strength Mortar secret destruction Lightning Spell

After trying various spells, you must be feeling just Rage Spell was the one who serves the most potent destroy Mortar. Spell is indeed very strong and provide many benefits, but the Rage Spell (and Jump Spell) also costly and necessitates a long time to be made. Maybe you forget or give up Lightning Spell because it looks too weak. Now it’s time you made out.

Clash of Clans Guide Village You Should Know

Clash of Clans is not a new game. Nevertheless, this game is still popular up to this day. The game is about building a village and protect it from raiders. The raiders come to steal game resources in form of gold, elixir, and dark elixir. In order to protect those precious resources, you will need to protect your village by creating perfect base layout and strategically placing defensive building. In this Clash of Clans guide village, we will talk about some useful tips that you should know.

guide village

  • Use impenetrable base layout

If you are searching for Clash of Clans multiplayer tips, you will get information related on how to build impenetrable base layout. They key for impenetrable base layout lies in the defensive building placement and wall layout. In order to direct the raiders’ troops, you can build channeling wall. Lead them to deadly trap or to slaughtered spot where your defensive building can easily take care of them.

  • Upgrade defensive building

Having complete defensive buildings is not enough to protect your base. The Clash of Clans guide village in this article suggests you to upgrade them as well. Defensive building is categorized based on their level. Higher-level building has bigger hit points and damage per second. You can improve the DPS by upgrading the defensive building. Combined to the first tips, you can channel them in specific location and let the defensive building do the rest for you.

  • Take advantage of Clan Castle Troops

The last Clash of Clans online guide village you should know is using Clan Castle Troops to help you protecting the base. In order to get those troops, you will need to join a guild. After that, request for strong troops from your clan mate. When your village is under attack, these troops will come out from the Clan Castle and fight the raiders’ troops. Aside from protection, you can deploy them when you are raiding other village base.