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Excess giant in the strategy war in Clash of Clans

In the game Clash of Clans, Giant is the third forces opened at Barak. Giant first target is the enemy’s defensive weapons, so that makes them the ideal to get rid of fast defense faster. However, because the extent of damage is low enough attack them better used in a large group.

Giant COC prioritize defensive structure on top of all other targets, and will cut all types of buildings and the enemies of the opposing forces. This is true even if they are attacked by enemy forces Clan Castle, Heroes or Skeleton Trap. Note that like all the forces that give priority to the defense, the Giants did not attack the enemy Castle Clan.

After all defenses crumble, other forces Giants to be like without the desired target; they will attack the nearest building, and will turn and attack the enemy unit if they know the nearest unit.

Giant Attack Strategy Clash of clans

Good attacking strategy is to fill your Army Camp with the Giants and Archer together they can easily destroy the opponent’s base. Use the Giants to distract all temporary Defensive Buildings Archer took everything.

At the beginning of Raid, send some Giants closest to Mortar and Wizard Tower. So Mortar attacked Giants, send Wall Breaker in the amount necessary to help the Giants break through the wall. After Mortar and Wizard Tower is destroyed, you can send a herd Goblin Barbarian or Archer. Giant has a lot of health but slowly and have a low attack power, so use them in groups.

Giant another attack strategy is to send a lot of Giants with one or more Healer. Beware of Air Defense and other anti-air tower, however, Healer is very weak and has a lot of vulnerabilities. To overcome this it is recommended to put the Giant and Wall Breakers near an Air Defense outside to clear a path for the Healer.

Strategy Last Giant

Giant can be very susceptible to spring this trap Trap for existence is difficult to predict. But Giant is also quite good if used force on the Clan Castle, high health means that some units will repel the enemy offensive Giant (a Lightning Spell will not be enough to kill the Giant). They also will take a relatively long time to kill and delay the enemy’s attack. However, the problem with using a giant as the Clan Castle troops is that when they come out to defend the base, they took five spaces. This means that if the enemy had enough troops for a Giant hit, it would be more efficient to use the five barbarians, as the enemy forces immediately to reload. Thus, it will take five times as long.

Giant Level Upgrade in Town Hall

Just like any other army troops, Giant also can be upgraded to raise the level in order to use stronger Laboratory. Giant is experiencing significant physical changes at one level to another level:
Giant Level 1 and 2, Giant wearing a brown shirt with a red belt and copper buckle at the waist. He did not have accessories.
Level 3 Giant, Giant wore iron handcuffs on his hands and fingers also an iron in his hand.
Giant Level 5, Accessories Giant turned into gold.
Giant Level 6, Accessories Giant changes color to Black Metal, black robes beard is also elongated.
Giant Level 7, almost equal to his level 6 but this time longer until the arm.

Giant in the game Clash of Clans do not use weapons against the enemy, he is using the fist steps large and powerful to destroy the enemy’s defense. In usual attacking strategies Giant accompanied by Healer or Healing Spell to protect it from enemy attack defense units.