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3D Masterclass: The Swordmaster in 3ds Max and ZBrush: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Low Poly Game Character [Gavin Goulden, 3dtotal Publishing] on. Köp 3D Masterclass: Swordmaster in 3ds Max and ZBrush: The Ultimate Guide to Creating A Low Poly Game Character av 3dtotal på We’re teaming up with the fine folks over at 3DTotal to give you a peak at a sample chapter from their latest ZBrush and 3D Studio Max book.

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We have made most of the sworvmaster areaalready by simply copying edges and re-positioning the new verts and now it is time tostart to form the top of the arm area.

This will help smooth the curve of the leg when it is extended Fig Fig01Welcome to the third part of an ongoing tutorialwhich will provide a step by step guide tobuilding a low poly character based upon amodel by Seong-Wha Jeong. Next month we will continue bybuilding the torso. This is so this front wsordmaster can eventuallybe unwrapped with the top of the face to createa seamless texture for the hairline.

With the nose and eyes underway wehave just the mouth left to make a start on. Now select the bottom row of edges oncemore and copy these downwards by quite away Fig If the author is doing poly by poly or sticks with tools that keep the mesh as quads then following along in Blender is straightforward.

Now delete the two triangles next to it and create a quad shaded in green which will result in a row of four quads ready to create the fingers and the beginnings of a thumb. You can see in the illustration that the added cut in green has helped the curvature when the legs are extended, evident in the screen shots above.

InFig18 you will notice this at sdordmaster top of the stackand when you alter the inner amount by about0.

Even if you have questions, consider the functionality, regardless of software, and consult the Blender wiki, or the boards. The next stage involves applying exactlythe same procedure inorder to extend the legdownward to form the knee, calves and ankle.


See if you can find an on-line tutorial by the same author or get a sample chapter of the ebook. When we look at Fig19 we can see the underside of the hand on the left. I ll be practicing this tutorial in Blender.

The Swordmaster in 3ds Max and ZBrush

You can see in the top left that I have chosen just one segment in this case. With this done it is time to seal the bottomof the arm area. You can see in Fig04 that I have formed two additional edges down to the knee area. In Fig05 you will notice that this comprised of sixnew edges all of which were shaped differentlyin accordance the parts of the leg. This will form the beginning of the object and what we shall do next is create a spline that wraps around the body from either end of the box and then extrude one end of box along this spline to form a belt shape.

We now have a complete upper torso with a hole ready to build our arm. To remedy the very flat underside of thechin we shall now make a further cut acrossfrom the vert in the middle shown in red inFig Now move the two broken verts to both ends of the box and centralize them midway down. No, I am not talking about the technical software know how.

3dtotal Publishing titles

In order to prepare for the thumb extend thetwo right most verts outward as shown in Fig SwordMaster page 23 It is a good rule of thumb that whenever you add more detail by way of copying edges or adding subdivisions you should move the new verts into suitable positions before adding any new edges. Fliberty Fliberty So my question is – which one should i purchase – max version or maya?

In this way we can keep sworxmaster symmetrical on both sides of the center Fig SwordMasterThis concludes the tutorial on creating thearms and legs and next month we swordmadter goon and add clothing and hair. When you have done this start to pull theverts outwards to form the top of the shoulders Fig This will now form two swotdmaster from which we willextend the legs.

With this done all that remains is to extrude four of the lower faces that make up the left underside and create the cloth that will eventually hang by 3dtotak side Fig I find it is best to work in a profile viewand move the verts into a reasonable shape andthen switch to the front view and do the same. This will form a triangle and follow the shape of the muscles running downwards from the shoulder blades.


aster.3DSMax Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | PubHTML5

Click on this and thenselect your spline shape. If we look at Fig09 we can begin to see theshape that the upper arm will 3dtltal when iteventually materializes from the hole. In order tocreate a better flow from the palm make sureyou re-orientate the hidden edge to correspondwith the red line in Fig My blender work – karanshah.

You can see the variuos swordmaeter of the mesh at this stage on the bottom right. This will keep the new polygons as part of the head and not as a separate object. Chapter 01 SwordMasterHere are some progress shots from theviewports, and a render of the flat shaded withwireframe over. This brings us to the final piece of clothing that we shall add in this tutorial; the belt. When you are satisfied select thepoly furthest back in the new group and add acut from the corner downward as shown by thered line in Fig By selecting the little square to the right of the tab you can bring up the dialogue box where you can alter the parameters.

Beforewe close the bottom edge copy the edgeshighlighted in green to start off the abdomenand lower back areas. This will leave only the one further back on this section of the jaw.

Now all we need to 3dtohal is attach them to theother side. Fig12 page 43 Chapter 04 www. We have had the tutorial created for the 5 major 3D applications, but even if you are not a user of one of them, the principles should be easilyfollowed in nearly 3dtotap other 3D applications.

We now have two complete legs and feetbut there is one last thing to do before wemove on to the arms.