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Get instant access to Acronal® D technical datasheet. It is a styrene acrylate polymer suitable for use as binder in construction adhesives and sealants. Get instant access to Acronal® D technical datasheet. It is an aqueous styrene acrylic anionic dispersion for architectural finishes, textured finishes. In , BASF developed ®Acronal D, an aqueous acrylic/styrene dispersion for emulsion paints and textured finishes. At that time, very few people could.

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The transparent topcoat can be applied by customary methods which are known in the prior art. What is claimed is: ES Ref legal event code: As emulsifiers, such dispersions preferably comprise fatty alcohol alkoxylates, especially C 8 -C 22 fatty alcohol ethoxylates. Educalingo cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics.

Subsequently, the pigment preparation prepared in step B was incorporated by stirring. Novel, one-step, chromate-free coatings containing anticorrosion pigments for metals—An overview and mechanistic study. Cotrol Caschem amino ester 16 s. The compositions corresponding to Examples 20 to 22 are applied on non-phosphated plates, then dried at room temperature for a week.

Sign in to OKorder. As thickener component ii in the basecoat composition use is made in accordance with the invention of acrylate copolymers having nonassociative groups, comprising C 1 -C 6 -alkyl meth acrylate and meth acrylic acid as monomer units.

The resulting single-layer or multilayer coating system is then baked. The compositions according to the invention also contain at least one dispersing agent if this function is not provided by another component of the compositions according to the acrojal.


Dump trucks 6 x 2 and 6 x 4 represent the driving mode of the vehicle. Luego viene la masilla Supermastick, la que prefiere al momento de dar un buen BE Free format text: The present invention relates to anticorrosive coating compositions in aqueous phase.

E coating the repaired coating obtained in step D with a transparent topcoat composition, and.

Acronal® S (Replacement of Acronal D) | Persia NJD Espane

Furthermore, this coating composition should be compatible with customary transparent coating materials, for example aqueous or solvent-containing clearcoats or transparent powder coatings, and these transparent coating materials should be able to be applied to the basecoat without any deterioration in the appearance of the coating system. The process of claim 1, wherein the aqueous basecoat composition further comprises compounds selected from the group selected from the group consisting of epoxy-functional compounds, carboxyl-functional compounds, and mixtures thereof.

Other documents also disclose aqueous anticorrosion paints based on dispersions of acrylic co polymer modified or not. However, in practice it has been observed that certain aqueous dispersions of film-forming acroonal, such as acrylic polymers are generally unstable at acidic pH and flocculate at these pH. For example corrosion inhibitor suitable for the preparation of compositions according to the invention, reference may usefully in Table II contained in the part concerning the embodiments, retaining preferably those having led in the test of the frame Ca rise time of the upper metal sponge to that obtained in the control test.

Thermosetting acrylic powder coating composition of a polyblend of acrylic polymer having a high glass transition temperature and an acrylic polymer having a low glass transition temperature and a acroanl agent. The results of Examples 20 to 22 are summarized in Table IX below. FR Free format text: Irgacor Ciba-Geigy 2 benzothiazolyl-thio succinic 2 min.


To the filtrate thus obtained, stirring the binder acroal added, the corrosion inhibitor agent and the thickener. When curing s ambient temperature, the abovementioned baking time is extended accordingly, and is approximately between 15 and 24 hours.

The drying conditions after application, can be varied and determined depending on the chemical nature of the film-forming binder and its ability to form a dry film.

The amount of anionic emulsifier is from 0. Ref legal event code: The process of claim 1, wherein the aqueous basecoat composition has an alkaline pH. Also, some well known anticorrosive pigments of the art such acronak pure zinc phosphate are not recommended in the compositions of the present invention because the performance which they lead are not satisfactory.

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The road condition will be better, and the road condition will be a little bit worse Such coating compositions usually comprise an aqueous dispersion of a film-forming polymeric binder, one or more corrosion inhibiting pigments, and optionally one or more additives, for example thickener. The car over 8 meters or so is probably about 4 yuan per kilometer.

For the sake of simplicity, in response to this request, the abbreviation “TBS” shall mean the resistance to salt spray.

In connection with the repair of multilayer coatings it is possible zcronal apply the basecoat composition to the substrate surface which is to be repaired, without special means of assistance.