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Acupuncture insurance billing with a personal touch. We are here to help you, give us a call () Item 1a. Item 6. Superbills. Federal and State Laws & Regulations. 24 .. Use of ICDCM acupuncture insurance billing diagnosis codes are. All superbills can be personalized with your name, address, phone, I.D. & license number. * These forms are all 3-part carbonless sets. – Original top copy is.

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Also are these forms that I can xcupuncture one the computer or do I have to print out the form and handwrite the information on to the form? These are forms for printing and handwriting on, but there are certain programs you can use to convert them into writable PDF forms!

49 Superbill Templates (family practice, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture…)

The part of the superbill reveals information related to the provider. As mentioned above, a superbill contains a number of things pertaining to the patient and the provider including names, addresses, Tax ID number, codes of diagnosis and procedures, and the amount paid for services. By providing a superbill to their patients, doctors and other medical practitioners can ensure that the patients are covered for their treatments.

A medical billing term that doctors and other medical practitioners must know about and understand is superbill. Today, physicians in America and around the world are using superbills to make health care affordable for their patients. It is important for patients to include the following things in their claim submission to the insurance company if they want to expedite their claim and maximize their reimbursement:. One of the most important documents for patients, a superbill is easy to create.


Instead, the document should include ICD code. One thing that many people want to know is when to request for a superbill. You can add a logo and header easily in Word. Basic information includes information such as name, DOB, address, phone number and office address.

49 Superbill Templates (family practice, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture)

Doctors and other staff acupunctjre in a hospital or clinic need to understand the different medical billing terminology and jargon. A receipt of the services provided to a patient, the superbill is submitted to insurance companies to get reimbursed for the treatments. How are we able to purchase the forms if we already have Microsoft word?

I also have a logo an header I would like to add to these forms, How do I do that? A good and easy way to create it is using a superbill template. Much more than just a standard invoice or a qcupuncture that doctor and other medical staff come across on regular basis, a superbill provides specific information to insurance companies that the latter uses to process requests for reimbursement.

Pages supfrbill the word processing program that most Acupyncture come with and is free. Thank you, danielle Can I add my logo and information on the top of these forms? Hi, I am wondering if I could peek at forms before making decision. For this reason, errors occur when you list codes on a document. Thanks again, Christy Gillespie. You just have to have either Microsoft Word or Open Office, both of which can be downloaded on a Mac.

This part of the superbill contains the basic information about the patient and the provider. The office of the doctor that provides the superbill is referred to as the provider. The aforementioned information clearly indicates that making a request for a superbill is rather easy.


These forms took years to build and perfect, and now here they are for you to siperbill and modify as you wish.

Though the format of the document may vary, following is the information generally included in the bill:. They look very clean and professional!

As they are likely to be rejected for being outdated, ICD-9 codes must not be used for superbill purposes. It is recommended that patients call their insurance company before submitting the superbill to inform the latter that they are going to send a claim which they want verified. The important things to notice here is that doctors collect a payment from the patient even when a superbill is used for reimbursement purposes. A document completed by the healthcare provider, a superbill includes the basic information of the supetbill and the provider as well as the codes of the diagnosis and the procedures.

Tools to Grow Your Acupuncture Practice | Jasmine Software: New Superbill to the Rescue!

This in turn will make it easy for you to create an error free experience. Hi Melissa, It shouldnt be a problem to have a different version of Word! For most people, entering codes into the system is hard work.

Will you pls send a sample? In addition to the aforementioned things, a document may have a section for follow-up appointments and space for the acupunctute of the patient.