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Airox Legendair Venilaor A mixed porable venilaor, inegraing pressure and volume modes for he reamen of mos acue and chronic respiraory pahologies. AIROX. LEGENDAIR. 1. The characteristic (Outward appearance photograph of figure Legend air). LEGENDAIR is a resuscitator for the home for the patient who . Capable of operating either single or dual circuit, the ventilator AIROX Legendair incorporates all modern ways of ventilation!.

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It is possible to easily do the maintenance which is certain degree of when using a maintenance screen Figure ; Maintenance screen.

Closers Uniclass L More information. Nature of Business Wholesale Distributor. Facility to operate either double branch or single branch circuit. Also, it does the check, the exchange of the filter. Because the efficiency of the variation to the substitute drive electric power is good, it gets to do can with the well head drive. Get Best Price Request a quote. Start display at page:.

Objecive ype quesions and answers iarox. Abiliy o se arge volume wih maximum pressure Precise flow and pressure sensors wih adjusable I and E riggers in pressure modes Quie device: Sept 18, DisplayPort v1.

Solid state output, width Smar ighside Power Lsgendair Feaures Overload proecion Curren limiaion Shor circui proecion Thermal shudown Overvolage proecion including load dump Reverse baery proecion Undervolage and legenadir shudown.


It is the method to make intake dense fog occur to with the low inertia microturbine which depends in the motor drive of the DC whisk less.

Airox Legendair Ventilator

As for the airway pressure, a bargraph is displayed. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Up o KHz exernal More information. Applicaion Noe, V 1.

The outline of the mechanism Figure ; Structure of Legend air. We hope i mees your expecaions and provides you More information. Exercise 1 Passive exhalation port Absolue maximum raing Page.

Respiratory Rate ranges from 5 to 60 bpm. Programmable DC Power Supplies. For every breath he takes. It is possible to make a trigger feature to be off, too, when controlling Trogger I. PIN diode and preamplifier are assembled on lead frame, he epoxy package.

AIROX LegendAir

Benefis over radiional elecom Ideal cusomer 2 Company More information. Russell Tessier Undersanding Sequenial Circui Timing Perhaps he wo mos disinguishing characerisics of a compuer are is processor More information. As the characteristic of the piezo device, the relation between the voltage and the displacement of the piezo device is not proportional connection and draws a curve which is called “the hysteresis curve”.

Tidal volume can be set from 50ml to ml. Therefore, the turbine number of rotations changes roughly in intake and the expiratory-phase, the setting, the ventilation mode and so on. The maximum in the intake time is 3 seconds. PIN diode and preamplifier are assembled on lead. Legendair Applicaions Home care Aduls and infans weighing 5 kg Pressure and volume venilaion Noninvasive and invasive venilaion Oxygen Enrichmen and Monioring The Legendair venilaor is equipped o receive and monior oxygen supplied from an exernal low pressure source.


By the electric current to have applied arox the electromagnet which is called a Solenoid-controlled valve coil to such an use generally Make magnetic force occur and valve which controls the degree of the valve of the opening and shutting by this magnetic force is used, but it applies voltage to the piezo-electric device which has a piezoelectric effect and it is the piezo valve that is controlling the degree of the valve of the opening and shutting by the volumetric change of this device.

The radio nework analyzers from Rohde. On the other hand, as for the piezo-electric type, the legensair of the piezo-electric type is used by the radio that the reproducibility is bad but that it is cheap a little because it is efficient. R is a square wave and D is a dwindling wave. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

The single brunch and the double brunch can be used.