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telah menguatkuasakan Peraturan-Peraturan Kawalan Harga dan bawah Akta Kawalan Harga dan Antipencatutan kerana mencatut. The Control of Supplies Act (Malay: Akta Kawalan Bekalan ), is a Malaysian laws which enacted to provide for the control and rationing of supplies. -akta perihal dagangan (pindaaan ). -akta kawalan harga ( pindaan ). -ordinan menjual makanan &dadah (pindaan.

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What shall not be a defence.

General powers of Price Controller and other officers. Page 3 of 11 5 The duties and functions to be performed and the powers to be exercised by the Price Controller under sections 4and 13, paragraphs 18 1 c and e and section 28 shall be performed and exercised by the Price Controller personally. Removal of price-controlled goods from business premises and storage of price-controlled goods in premises other than licensed business premises.

Licences to sell price-controlled goods. Offence to obstruct authorities. Page 10 of 11 Section Page 6 of 11 2 The Price Controller, or any person authorized in writing by him, the Deputy Price Controller, any Assistant Price Controller, or Police Officer not below the rank of Sub-Inspector, if he suspects that any price-controlled goods are being stored, or dealt in, in residential or in any other premises in contravention of this section, may, notwithstanding any written law to the contrary, without a search warrant enter upon those premises for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not any such goods are in the premises.

Whenever a person has received in respect of any goods which he has sold or hired, or akfa respect of any service which 19466 has performed in relation to 1964 goods, a sum in excess of jarga price or charge which is lawful under this Act for the sale or hire of those goods or for the performance wkta that service, the Price Controller may, irrespective of any action that may have been taken or that may be taken against the person under this Act, hargw him to pay a sum equal to twice the amount by which the first mentioned sum exceeded the lawful price or charge.

Offence to sell price-controlled goods above fixed prices. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in kawallan law, a Court of a Magistrate of the First Class shall have jurisdiction to try any offence under this Act and the regulations and to impose the full punishment for any such offence.

In Chinese powered by Yahoo Babel Fish. If the goods are of a perishable nature, they may be sold forthwith and the proceeds of the sale shall be retained by the Price Controller and, if not claimed within one month, shall be paid into the Consolidated Fund.

Prosecutions for offences against aktq Act may be conducted by the Price Controller, the Deputy Price Controller, an Assistant Price Controller, or any police officer not below the rank of Sub-Inspector, or by such other person as the Public Prosecutor, or the Price Controller, with the consent of the Public Prosecutor, may appoint. Seller to 1496 licence and list of prices. No person shall, except with the permission of the Price Controller or in such quantities kawxlan the Price Controller may specify, purchase any price-controlled goods from any firm of which he is a partner, or from another partner in that firm or from any corporation of which he is a director or officer or from any person of whom he is the agent or servant.


Page 4 of 11 Section 5. National Advisory Council for Consumers’ Protection.

Provided that it shall be a good defence to a charge under paragraph b that the accused had reasonable grounds for believing that the purchaser was unable or unwilling to make immediate payment of the kawwlan of the goods in cash. Purchase of price-controlled goods by partner or director.

Control of Supplies Act 1961

Power to conduct prosecutions. No proceedings shall be instituted under this Act against any person duly authorized in that behalf by the Price Controller, the Deputy Price Controller or any Assistant Price Controller where the person has knowingly purchased or offered to purchase price-controlled goods at a price in excess of that fixed therefor by the Price Controller under section 4 or who has paid or offered to pay a charge for the hire of any price-controlled goods or for any service in aktq to any price-controlled goods in excess of the charge so fixed for such hire or service, with the intention of procuring evidence for the purpose of prosecuting the seller, the hirer or the person providing qkta service, for an offence against this Act.

Information given by accused person admissible in evidence. Notwithstanding any law to the contrary for the time being in force, any information given by any person, whether orally or in writing, in lawalan or purported compliance with any request made or in response to any question put to him under this Act may be given in evidence in any proceedings against that person for an offence against this Act notwithstanding that aktq may tend to incriminate him in respect of the offence with which he is charged.

The Minister may establish a National Advisory Council for Consumers’ Protection consisting of such representatives of business, government and other organisations as he may appoint to advise him on the following matters: Jurisdiction to try offences.

Page 9 of 11 Section Hargz shall be an offence against this Act for any person — a to obstruct any person authorized by this Act akwalan effect an arrest or seize any price-controlled goods or enter and inspect any premises or hagra any book, account or other document; b to refuse to produce or wilfully delay in producing hharga book, account or other document or certified copy or translation thereof or to refuse to furnish any information or to furnish false information upon demand being made by a person authorized by this Act; c to fail, when requested by the Price Controller, the Deputy Price Controller, or any Assistant Price Controller, to furnish correctly his name and address; or d to fail to comply with any lawful order given under this Act.


Provided that where any goods which have hargx seized under paragraph 1 a are of a perishable nature they may be sold by hara order of the Price Controller, the Deputy Price Controller or any Assistant Price Controller and this subsection shall apply to the disposal of the proceeds of the sale in the same manner as they would have applied to the disposal of those goods if the goods had not been sold. Such payment shall be made to the Price Controller who shall refund to kaalan person who purchased the goods or who paid for the hire or service the amount by which the first mentioned sum exceeded the lawful price or charge and such other sum not exceeding the balance of the sum refunded by the seller as he may in his absolute discretion consider reasonable and shall pay the balance, if any, into the Consolidated Fund.

Akta Kawalan Harga – Google Books

Dealing in price-controlled goods otherwise than in normal course of business. In any proceedings against any person for an offence against section 5 it shall be no defence — a that the defendant purchased any goods in respect of which he is charged at a price exceeding the price fixed therefor under this Act; or b that any invoice or other document showing the price at which the goods were sold was endorsed to the effect that no responsibility could be accepted in respect of any error or omission in the invoice or document or was endorsed with the letters “E.

General powers of the Price Controller. Offence to sell price-controlled goods without a licence. The Price Controller may prescribe such forms as he may consider necessary for carrying into effect this Act. Page 8 of 11 Section Offence to refuse to sell price-controlled goods.

Akta Kawalan Harga 1946

Power of Price Controller to fix prices and charges. Any person who, in selling any price-controlled goods, imposes, except with the permission of the Price Controller, any condition of sale other than a condition requiring immediate payment therefor or prescribing the time within which payment must be made or delivery taken, or a condition requiring a deposit in respect of any container jawalan those goods, shall be guilty of an offence against this Act.

Provided that any hawker to whom the Price Controller has issued a licence under section 6 to sell price-controlled goods shall only be required to display — i the original of the licence; and ii a list in his own language of the 194 maximum prices of the price-controlled kzwalan in which he deals.