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Al hisnul hasin-a comprehensive collection of masnoon duas by allamah muhammad al-jazri. Upcoming. Hisnul Haseen is a comprehensive collection of authentic prayers and ahadith related to zikr and dua. It was written around Hijri at a time when Damascus. Al-hisnul Hasin – a Comprehensive Collection of Masnoon Duas By Shaykh Allama Muhammad Al-jazri [Shaykh Allama Muhammad Al-Jazri] on Amazon. com.

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The Excellence of Surah Kahf This am I commanded and I am the first of those who submit to His will. The reason being that on the Day of Qiyaamah, the fingers will give evidence in favour of their owners.

Those who hear him making Dua should also say ‘Ameen’. Bowed before You are my body and thoughts and my heart be- lieves in You. When Bidding Someone Farewell – – 7 Duas when Awakening for Tahajjud 78 Reward of a Shaheed In His hand is all good. According to one riwayah the words of the same Hadeeth differ as follows; Allah! I seek Your protection against worry and grief; from timidity and indolence; from cowardice and selfishness; from 56 overwhelming indebtedness; and from the oppression of hasij.

And I personalty, took refuge in this Strong Fort to save myself from this unexpected calamity and through the arrows of Dua which constitutes this kitaabI saved myself from all the tyrants; and in this regard I recited the following poem: His Duas will certainly be accepted. These are called Musabbahaat because of words such as Sabbaha and Yusabbihu appearing in thern.

Al-Hisnul Hasin by Muhammad al-Jazri

One whom Allah guides, none can lead him astray and one whom He misguides none can guide him. Do protect him from the Fire of Jahannam. Some say it falls between the time when the Imaam gets up for Khutbah and the completion of the Salaah. He gives life and takes fife, aal His hand is all good.


Some say its time hwsin between Asr Salaah and sunset while others say it is just moments before sunset.

Our Lord, all praise is due to You alone. Pure hasun the Master of sovereignty, majesty, greatness and excel- lence. The beginning of the first verse is as follows: Dua Between Safaa and Marwah I beg of You as I bear witness that You are Allah; there is none worthy of worship except You; You are unequalled, free from want one that does not beget nor is Sl begotten and none is equal unto Him.

Al-Hisnul Hasin

And I seek of You protection from the evil that pertains to this world and the Hereafter. Amulet Ta’weez for a New-Born ldd Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: All goodness lies in Your hands and it goodness issues from You and leans towards You, O Alfahf Whatever word I have uttered or vow I have made or offer f have made, it is all subject to Your will: And pour Your tight in my muscles, my flesh, my blood, my hair and my skin.

Tell the person who takes advantage of my weakness but does not fear his true Guardian A Hah ; that I have haskn for him arrows of Duas during the nights; and I am hopeful that they the arrows are to prove very detri- mental for him.

Others are requisites which are called Shart. I seek Your protection from the hienul of hell and chastisement in the grave and the ordeals of life and death and O Allahl I seek Your protection from the punishment of the grave and from the mischief hixnul Dajjaat and from the ordeals of life and death.


When in Debt or Financial Difficulty Share your thoughts with other customers. He gives life and takes life. Pure is Allah and all praises are due to Him only. A poverty-stricken person should either say hisnu Attribute of Allah excessively or write it and keep it on him or say it 40 times in the last Sajdah of Salaatud-Doha Chashst: He has 75 power over all things.

I testify that there is no deity except Allah; He is One and has no partner. Anyone doing a task which he does not seem to get hisnu, should repeat this Beautiful Name of Allah frequently and excessively.

Reciting it between Maghrib and Esha is most effective for the same purpose. Ail blessed devotions offered through words and actions are due to Allah.

The frequent reciter of this Beautiful Name of Allah will soon resort to sincere repen- tance. It will be found soon insha-Allah. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

And for Him is all praise in the heavens and on earth after sunset and at noon. The best of Salaah hasiin Fardh is the Tahajjud offered during the final portion of the night. There is no ability to avoid the commis- sion of sins or render obeisance except by Your help.

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