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Al-Jabarti and his view on the French occupation of Egypt have often been at the . French revolutionary army led by Bonaparte was sent to Egypt by the regime. Napoleon in Egypt has 91 ratings and 11 reviews. peiman-mir5 said: دوستانِ Sheik Al-Jabarti’s chronicle is a unique combination of historical narration and. Napoleon in Egypt: Al-Jabarti’s Chronicle of the French Occupa tion, By Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti. Translated by. Shmuel Moreh. Introduction by Robert L.

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Sometimes they would deliberately smash lamps for this purpose. Then he proceeds to something even worse than thatmay God cast him into perditionwith his words: Nov 09, Dillon Tatum rated it it was amazing. There are no discussion kn on this book yet. Islamic philosophyIslamic JurisprudenceEgyptian history.

Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti

Return to Book Page. Napoleon and Egypt [Notes: The Struggle between Faith and Reason: An almost messianic yet self-interested focus on wiping out the old regime of the Mamluks read: Al-Jabarti was an Egyptian chronicler of this episode, and his account is like a time capsule of a world no longer in existence. As demonstrated by events chronicled by Al-Jabartithe French are established lootingbeing unjustunfairand proving that the French inhabit a position of power over the native jabaeti.

Adam rated it it was ok Jul 22, Dirk Pratt rated it liked it Apr 22, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Al-Jabarti is known for three works: This passage also highlights the air of superiority the French held over the Egyptian nativesillustrated in their lack of concern and ease to use of murder. Nicholas Stark rated it really liked it May 22, Al-Jabarti’s father was a Hanafi religious scholar and served as the director of the al-Jabarti residence hall for students at al-Azhar University, a titile al-Jabarti inherited following his father’s death in The ways in which Al-Jabarti depicts Napoleon and his French compatriots as conquerors includes a detailed analysis and severe critique of the Napoleonic proclamation, a gripping narrative of the reaction of the Egyptian people to the invasion and occupation of the French, and accurate recordings of the French demonstrating the power that French occupying force held over the inhabitants of Egypt.


The blatant hypocrisy of the French military administration, freshly baptised by their own revolution based on the ideas of equality and liberty from the Enlightenment, to invade and subjate another nation in the name of imperial competiton made me reconsider what I thought I knew about this era and its history.

He excoriates them for hygiene, godlessness and for killing their “Sultan”, though he expresses admiration and at times awe for their military esprit de corps and scientific knowledge.

Its occurrence here is like animal droppings on the road or a boulder in a mountain pass, may God afflict the man who composed it with break-bone fever and may God expose him to all sorts of destruction. There was a great deal of raping and pillaging, but the author used far too many ambiguous cases like “they” “them” etc.

Primary source on French Colonialism in Egypt, written by an Egyptian witness to the event. It’s not often that we get to see the perspective of the conquered people during a momentous period of time, and I found it fascinating at how detailed al-Janarti’s accounting of Napolean’s occupation of Egypt actually was.

Still good, but very long and, personally, boring. Finn rated it it was amazing Dec 21, Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt in was the first contact between a Western power with imperial goals and an ancient regime of an African society.

Little is known of al-Jabarti’s life. Despite Al-Jabarti’s ubiquitous elitism the poor are almost unanimously “rabble” or “riff-raff” or “mobs” and other derogatory terms, although this may be partially the result of translationhe is very humorous and presents a very lucid description of the complexities and dynamics involved in Napolean’s conquest of Egypt.


They fabricated all sorts of lies. This site uses cookies. The translation is fantastic, and included in the book is an account of Napoleon’s private secretary, a great introduction, and an essay by Edward Said, all of which are very stimulating.

Feb 08, Murtaza rated it really liked it. France’s invasion of Egypt in was the opening salvo in a long battle for control of the Middle East which continues to rage on in varied forms to this day. Goodreads helps you ehypt track of books you want to read. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Notify me of new comments via email. But to all those who like to read history.

This expanded edition celebrates the th anniversary of Al-Jabarti’s birth. Jalal al-Din Mirza Qajar. The entries from his chronicle dealing with the French expedition and occupation have been excerpted and compiled in English as a separate volume entitled Napoleon in Egypt. Lists with This Book. Al-Jabarti67 The imposition of a fee on title deeds would not be the only act imposed by the French to anger the native Egyptians populace.

Trivia About Napoleon in Egypt.

Napoleon in Egypt by Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti

Keisha rated it liked it Aug 26, Examination of the feelings that the people of Cairo had in order to begin the riotas well as their sentiments towards the French during the riots indicates that clearly the citizenry of Cairo viewed the French as oppressors and not liberators. Katie Mika rated it it was ok Jan 14, Harrassowitz Verlag,p.

An additional chapter by editor Shmuel Moreh examines the Arabic interpretation of Al-Jabarti’s writings. Kenneth rated it it was amazing Dec 02,