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A father and his daughter’s brain tumor. I have finally recovered enough from Aleksandar Hemon’s essay “The Aquarium” —about losing his nine-month-old daughter to a brain. The Aquarium, by Aleksandar Hemon. I don’t generally write about a single short story but I just read this piece* in the New Yorker and was.

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And aquariumm Book of My Life,” about Hemon’s college literature professor, never goes beyond the scholarly exterior to reveal the man’s motivations for joining Karadzic.

The Aquarium

In “The Kauders Case,” he mentions that “Belgrade in the nineties was hemin ground for the most virulent fascism,” neglecting to explain why. He was soon back to normal and we all went home. Hemon is obsessed by language at every level — as an expression of identity, as the cornerstone of self expression — and the language he uses is enviably eloquent, what I would choose to call idiosyncratically direct.

Literary Darwinism, as Jonathan Kramnick notes in an excellent essay from the winter issue of Critical Inquiry, gets a lot of aqquarium because of what it says about the degree of anxiety in present literary scholarship. Thoughts on literature, criticism, and culture, from writer and critic Amelia Atlas. Hemon in particular offers an articulate and brilliant analysis of what he went through as Isabel begins, goes through, and ends her disease. Related Locations Tribune Tower N.

One of the major claims of the literary Darwinists is that narrative is an innate trait analogous to language—a claim that Kramnick systematically dismantles:. I, too, had needed another set of parents, and someone other than myself to throw my metaphysical tantrums.

This, Wit and The Year of Magical Thinking are the best works about the experience of physical illness, hospitals, and grief that I have alelsandar encountered. I must have had some notion of what was going on, because I handed over my favourite toy — a beagle glove puppet — with the firm instructions that it be given to my brother at the hospital. About Apostrophe Thoughts on literature, criticism, and culture, from writer and critic Amelia Atlas.


The idea of giving it away under ordinary circumstances would have been unthinkable to me. Skip to content This is a true story and it is devastating. Categories Categories Select Category articles awards books crime blog events films music news paintings places reviews Scottish things Shadow Clarke Shadow Clarke spin stardust stories The Dollmaker the race the rift the silver wind Uncategorized Women in SF writers writing year of reading weird.


Email required Address never made hsmon. When I was a little less than four years old, I was in a car on a motorway somewhere in the south of England, travelling with my family from our home in the Midlands to spend wquarium weekend with friends. The key factor is inherited hatred. Both make the reader a little uncomfortable, but just to the level necessary to make the reader pursue the story and want to understand, rather than cruelly judge, them.

Aleksandar Hemon writes the story of his lives

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Serb nationalists’ rage toward Muslims resembled that of the predominantly Maronite militias during the Lebanese civil war, and the anti-Sunni fury of the Alawite-dominated Syrian army and “shabbiha” militias today.

Aleksajdar after they’d freed themselves, carefully nurtured resentments were passed on from one generation to the next. That Hemon links this phenomenon to zleksandar very capacity for language—a first order fact of human experience—makes it all the more appealing: For I do remember the things, to some small extent similar, that happened to me: He analyzes his feelings, what his three-year-old is going through at the time, and the awkward way others offer meaningless platitudes.


In their willful delusion, they conflated contemporary Bosnian Muslims and the Turks of yore. By Deanna Isaacs Not long after that he was boasting about the monster injections lumbar punctures he had been given. That may be the best thing they both have to offer their readers: Notify me of new comments via email.

Also, apologies if you’re not a subscriber. Seemingly out of nowhere, my brother fell ill. It would be natural and probably necessary for Hemon to find words for what happened, because that is what writers do. Even those pieces devoted to the Yugoslav conflict are exasperating. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: When we consider the plausibility of a literature module or literary competence alongside the properties assumed to belong to other innate faculties of mind, we seem moved in one of two directions: A recurrent theme is his three-year-old daughter Ella’s “excess of language that she may not have enough experience to match.

The Aquarium – The Spider’s House

Email required Address never made public. We processed the world by telling stories, produced human knowledge through our engagement with imagined selves. Quick Summary of Qualifications Click image to see a quick summary of qualifications. It advances, according to Kramnick, a very particular type of evolutionary theory based in E.