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A Quarta Teoria Política (em russo: Четвертая политическая теория; transl.: Chetvertaya Politicheskaya Teoriya) é um livro da autoria do politólogo russo Aleksandr Dugin publicado em Los sancionados eurasistas son Alexander Dugin, Andrey Kovalenko, y Pavel Kanishchev, además de la La Cuarta Teoría Política (4TPes). Alexander Dugin: After the collapse of communism came the phase of the “ unipolar .. ), in Spanish translation as La Cuarta Teoría Política (Molins de Rei.

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After all, it is they that separate it from another thing. Khodakovskyy is the former head of the self-proclaimed DPR security service, and is the chief of the Vostok Battalion, a unit of the DPR militia that engaged in fighting with the Ukrainian military at Donetsk Airport.

The formal side of the conflict is obvious: Poroshenko has a plan, and it is more serious than some momentary trick. Western modernity is different from Western pre-modernity. International Relations are relations between these States.

This book is exactly what all the right-wing populist parties in Europe would need in order to change their policies of fake populism and realize what is really necessary to revive European identity. Arktos Media, pages only in paperback: Mencken Tito Perdue Savitri Devi.

Dugin, Alexander La Cuarta Teoria Politica ( 2013)

What kind of State? Azarov is being designated because he is responsible for the misappropriation of state assets of Ukraine. Skip to main content. In some sense it is cradle of European peasantry and it is European peasantry that is responsible for many crucial elements of European identity… So I would be happy if my new books would be translated in Serbian as the other that are already translated and published in my beloved country.

Qatar is one of the most rich monarchies in the Persian Gulf, and an important player on the geopolitical and geo-economic field. The task of describing Turanian civilization in the recent volume of Noomakhia was inseparable from the fact that Turan is gone. Serb is that who prefers the glorious death for Orthodox faith and Serbian motherland to any richness and gifts from the enemy.


The necessary connexion of slavery with complex societies and higher thought is rich fodder for Reactionary thought in particular.

Dugin enables us to draw qualitative distinctions having nothing to do with environment or circumstance between the bread riots preceding the French Revolution and the Ferguson and Baltimore riots following the death of Black criminals in the United States or the more recent riots in places like Johannesburg.

These new western elites, who have reached the pinnacle of power only by their resourcefulness dufin immense will to power, are much worse and more destructive than the masses. The main intermediary space is Middle East and above all Turkey. This is very important from an historical point of view.

Putin had foreseen the need for an Iranian airbase a year He must have another plan in mind. I have already published two volumes on East European civilization and the part is dedicated to Serbian Logos. Oleksandr Khodakovskyy is being designated pursuant to E.

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Print this post Unthinking Liberalism: Ivakin has led the ministry of internal affairs zlexander the self-proclaimed LPR.

I have discovered that Serbs are essentially warriors. Poroshenko needs more than escalation, he needs war. RNCB had no presence in the Crimea region of Ukraine prior to its occupation and attempted annexation by Russia and Russian authorities have used the bank to facilitate its illegal efforts to incorporate Crimea into the Russian Federation.

Eurasia | The Fourth Political Theory

September 17, Posted in distributed titlephilosophypolitics Also tagged Alexander DuginCommunismDugin bookEurasianismEuropean New RightfascismgeopoliticsliberalismMartin Heideggernational bolshevismNational Socialismphilosophypolitical philosophyRussia Comments closed. If such a war does not occur, Poroshenko will only curata worsened his situation.

She is currently under investigation in Ukraine for the large-scale embezzlement of state funds and the illegal transfer of those funds outside the territory of Ukraine.


Main feed Comments feed Podcast feed. There are also descendants in Nuristan, the Kalash in Pakistan and Afghanistan, enclaves of direct Turanian cultures and Indo-Europeans nomadic tribes. We continue to work to remain in lockstep with our international partners in our efforts to incentivize a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Ukraine. Ludovici Trevor Lynch J. This is the very same ancient Terminus, with only slight modifications. The three interlinked destabilizations enumerated above have the potential to combine in such a way as to generate a serious multidimensional crisis Aleksandr Karaman has held a number of leadership posts within the self-proclaimed DPR, including minister for social and labor policy, foreign minister, deputy prime minister, and deputy chairman of the council of ministers.

Mykola Azarov is the former Prime Minister of Ukraine. Abisov is being designated because he has asserted governmental authority over a part or region of Ukraine without the authorization of the Government of Ukraine. Ekaterina Gubareva is being designated for being responsible for or complicit in actions or policies that threaten the peace, security, stability, sovereignty, or territorial integrity of Ukraine. The escalation of tension in Russian-Ukrainian relations after the conflict in the Sea of Azov demands analysis.

Can you say something more about this? So I think Serbs are not only people… You Serbs are a kind of mystical community, a Church of king Lazar devoted to the Kosovo as eternal example of loyalty, will, dignity and special kind of purely Serbian sanctity… All that I tried to explore in Noomakhia dedicated to Slavs and to Balkan civilization as such.

This analysis is correct to a certain degree, but the decision is not spontaneous: