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Download: MiCOM P44x Order Form Cortec Configurator P P P P P P – Easergy MiCOM P44x. Alstom Generator Protection relay Micom P (Numerical relay),Alstom- Transmission-P,MiCOM Agile P, P & P (Distance Protection Systems). MiCOM P, P and P Numerical Full Scheme Distance Relays . range of protection functions listed in the table, the P, P and.

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Movement between the columns of the menu can only be made at the column heading level. Further communication between the two processor boards is achieved via interrupts and the shared SRAM. A full portfolio of protection relays. p442

NRC Engineering & Trading Co., Ltd.

Categories Brands Popular Search. The local fault clearance time can be deduced as follows: There is a theoretical upper limit of gates in a scheme, but the practical limit is determined by the complexity of the logic.

The scheme has the advantage of not requiring a signalling channel. The loss of load current opens a window during which time a trip will occur if a Zone 2 comparator operates.

To do this, when all required changes have been entered, return to the column astom level alstkm press the key.

Pollution Degree – Pollution Degree 2 Compliance is demonstrated by reference to safety Altitude – Operation up to m standards.

The digital alsotm signals are opto isolated on this l442 to prevent excessive voltages on these inputs causing damage to the relay’s internal circuitry.

The disturbance recorder is supplied with data by the protection and control task once per cycle. Typical systems which require such protection are parallel feeders and ring main systems. This can be used to speed up both setting value changes and menu navigation; the zlstom the key is held depressed, the faster the rate of change or movement becomes.

This can be used over one of three physical links: Protection Class I Equipment – Before energizing the equipment it must be earthed using the protective conductor terminal, if provided, or the appropriate termination of the supply plug in the case of plug connected equipment.


This may be useful in certain applications, for example when grading with upstream electromechanical overcurrent relays which have inherent reset time delays. X, the following elements are available: To allow time for a blocking signal to arrive, a short time delay on aided tripping must p4442 used.

To disable a function change the relevant cell in the Configuration column from Enabled to Disabled.

The P, P and P relays provide three voltage inputs and four current inputs. Where high speed protection is required over the entire line, then a channel aided scheme will have to be employed. Disposal It is recommended that incineration and disposal to water courses is avoided.

This symbol may also be used for a Protective Conductor Earth Terminal if that terminal is part of a terminal block or sub-assembly e. Extra physical protection for the front panel can be provided by an optional transparent front cover. When a phase to ground fault occurs, the fault can be considered as a zero-sequence power generator. This section describes the functional operation of the various hardware modules. Courier uses an integer number between 0 and for the relay address which is set with this cell.

One group of protection settings is selected as the active group, and is used by the protection elements.

Micom P442 Numerical Distance Protection Relays

Note that restoring defaults to all settings includes the rear communication port settings, which may result in communication via the rear port being disrupted if the new default settings do not match those of the master station. Voltage transformer supervision VTS. These are known as direct access keys. The categories and naming of this information is standardized in the IEC specification. To select the required column heading use the and keys.

At the end of each part of the test, the voltage should be gradually reduced to zero, to discharge capacitors, before the test leads are disconnected. The thermal time characteristic is given by: This means that the protection software is not delayed waiting for the records to be logged by the platform software. The loss of load logic provides fast fault clearance for faults over the whole of a double end fed protected circuit for all types of fault, except three phase.


Starts scrolling through the various default displays. Generator Protection Relay p Get Price. Create a default scheme based on a relay model.

For distribution systems, continuity of supply is of para mount importance.

This in turn dictates the akstom for high speed protection to reduce overall fault clearance times. Using programmable scheme logic, the user can readily change the default direct-action pushbutton functions and LED indications to fit specific control and operational needs. The generic substation event model is based on the concept of an autonomous decentralization, providing an efficient method allowing the simultaneous delivery of the same generic substation event information to more than one physical device through the use of multicast services.

However, certain faults may arise which can remain undetected by such schemes. The interface options support direct fiber optic or multiplexed digital links.

Agile P, P and P distance protection – Specifications

The following communications protocols are supported: It generally follows alsto, format used in Parts and of the IEC standard. When a device detects a change in one of its monitored status points it publishes i. Typical setting limits are given in Table 7 and Table 8 below: These four elements are not distinguishable to the user, alstomm are all processed by the same processor board.

For this reason two versions of second rear comms board are available; one with an IRIG-B input and one without. The relay can be configured to accept data from networks other than the local network by using the Alsrom Gateway setting.

Z V Rfault and Dfault are computed for every sample 24 samples per cycle. To use the rear port with DNP 3.