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Who could do such a thing? Certainly not someone like Devon DavenportÑa straight-A student-athlete with everything going for her. But in a moment. During Devon’s declination hearing, Jenifer starts to question how she raised Devon. She is convinced that it is her fault that Devon abandoned. AFTER. by Amy Efaw. Age Range: 12 & up. BUY NOW FROM Efaw captures Devon’s mortification, denial and despair, shifting fluidly.

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See, I couldn’t sleep that night.

Pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang Devon tidak tahu jawabannya. She goes to sleep. Trus yg paling bikin gw gregetan, dalam menangani Devon yg banyak kehilangan darah, ASI-nya yg amg banyak, nyeri di sekujur tubuh akibat kejadian itu, kayaknya pihak berwajib nggak ada toleransinya di awal-awal.

The reader witnesses Devon’s story unfold piece by piece, almost as if we are understanding what transpired at the same time Devon does. Jan 31, Rebecca McNutt rated it really liked it Shelves: Fifteen is so young, so very very young, and your heart breaks for Devon. There were often times that I just needed to turn it off and listen to some bubble gum pop just to wipe my mind of this story.


Every single character in this novel is a cliche. It didn’t feel like a win at all, aamy surely that’s the appropriate sentence for ending a story like this one. To view it, click here. Dalam bahasa sederhana, merupakan kemampuan benak manusia untuk tidak mengakui sesuatu yang sebenarnya sungguh-sungguh terjadi.

It read like an episode of Law and Order: I have so many problems with this book. As the reader, we really see into Devon’s mind and how she went through things, I felt for her because of her probl We see these stories all the time but we never really get to know the girl. Sometimes I just need a little reminder. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Want to see more bookish things from me?

Buku ini mengenai memaafkan diri sendiri. Too much time was spent in Devon’s head, getting her to remember and not enough time establishing her as a person who would do w What was this even?

After by Amy Efaw by Morgan Patterson on Prezi

May 23, Kritika rated it did not like it Shelves: She has very good grades in school and she behaves. I have got to stop choosing books based on NPR reviews. But all that eaw when the police find Devon home sick from school as they investigate the case of an abandoned baby. The police eventually track it back to her and she ends up in prison. It reads like anti-choice rhetoric to me.



The handling of Devon’s emotions comes off as trivial, superficial, and immature. In an apartment there was a girl named Devon that stayed from school sick, she told her mom. Baru setelah ASI-nya bocor baru deh ngeh.

The Olympics have even been linked to her name. She has stomach problems, but not really. Charged with attempted murder, Devon enters the juvenile court system while her attorney fights to keep her client from being prosecuted as an adult.

Buy the Audiobook Download: She was taken to the hospital, then a juvenile detention center to await a hearing to determine if she should be tried as an adult for multiple charges, including attempted murder.

A few minutes later, a police officer comes knocking on the door with his partner, because they’re canvassing the place. The author skillfully makes the reader understand how an intelligent, athletic young woman could delude herself and try to continue her normal high school life during pregnancy. Can I plead guilty? This book taught me a lot of things about the way people work.