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The only other necessary comment is that the Oak publication Jesse McReynolds – Mandolin, by Andy Statman is unfortunately out of print, and has been for. His Bill Monroe and Jesse McReynolds influences are especially clear on Andy’s Ramble, a release wi. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Buy a cheap copy of Bluegrass Masters: Jesse McReynolds book by Andy Statman. Free shipping over $

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I’m thinking about writing some songs, then I’d go into a studio and pick up a country band, so I could put down some songs, then one day I’d maybe have a record out, of country singing.

I don’t really remember now what I did on it! I got to listening to the Sons of the Mcrfynolds. Mine is more mcreynoldw the end of my thumb and moves in a way that is called “hitch-hikers’ thumb.

Allen is a good rhythm man.

Jesse McReynolds Mandolin : Bluegrass Masters by Andy Statman (Paperback)

Are you actually playing double stops there, or are you overdubbing? I have abdy double-jointed thumb and utilize it as much as I can. But every time I pick up the mandolin, as I do finger exercises, I have no particular pattern I run on. A full analysis statamn crosspicking and Stafman other innovations can be found in the book by Andy Statman, Jesse McReynolds: Jesse was also featured in FretsNovember I try to be creative, you know, and I think one way to be creative is by not being able to read what other people do!

Jim and Jesse and the Virginia Boys don’t play bluegrass music, according to this definition. Just as Reno wanted to play differently from Scruggs, McReynolds clearly regards it as a matter of pride that he approached the mandolin differently from Monroe.

While comparisons can be misleading, I think it makes the point to say that McReynolds is to Monroe what Reno is to Scruggs: Your break on Bully of the Town is unusual. The only other necessary comment is that the Oak publication Jesse McReynolds – Mandolinby Andy Statman is unfortunately out of print, and has been for some time. Every time that Paganoni builds a good one, I think that Doyle gets it!

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He comes from very much your part of the country, near Coeburn, Virginia, and yet his style, and the Stanley Brothers’ style is very different from what the Mcreynodls Brothers have done.

Do you find it frustrating, keeping most of the fiddle playing backstage? I also play fiddle a lot; in fact I practise on the fiddle as stqtman as I do on the mandolin, and I use it on a segment of our show. I’m not saying you shouldn’t read tablature, because it can be a good ansy to learn, for some people. You hit a high note, and it won’t die, it will sustain like a banjo.

Similar Artists See All. If you curve the first finger and support the pick at an angle with the last joint, it gives you a more limber wrist. Was this sort of thing improvised in the studio? It’s not exposed on the radio, so they’ve got to come out to the bluegrass festivals.

Andy had everything pretty well down, pretty accurate, before I talked to him. The interview should be treated as a snapshot mcreynoldds time, or a historical document: The Klezmer Conservatory Band.

Jesse McReynolds book by Andy Statman

I think a lot of amateurs don’t realise that; anfy think that you get jcreynolds instrument out a few times a week for half an hour, and that turns you into a musician. So I knew how the Stanley Brothers started, and I heard them at that time. You’ve got to make a mistake, break a string or something, to get their attention. It’s country music, to me; if someone wants to call it a certain type, well O.

Thank you for all the advice! In some places I also now put in some split strings, so there mcreynolrs three parts. Eat up a little bit, and start over again.

But put it all together with the roll and things, and I figure it might sound like me! Presumably you’ve decided that’s the sound you want I printed a copy off then, but stupidly failed to save a PDF copy.

Jesse McReynolds

In Statman recorded and released two Shefa label CDs that placed the two facets of his musical personality in bold relief: I am wondering which one is the right one.


For example, it starts with some licks right up the neck, in regular style When I lay down the mandolin and pick up the fiddle, there’s probably a lot of people out there thinking, “I wish he wouldn’t do that,” you know! This was the man they started out with, at least Carter was in a band that worked for him, Ralph was in service at the time.

Jesse McReynolds is in reality the complete mandolinist, as should be clear from reading the interview which follows. Everybody else played the rhythm chop, I wanted to play it open. If you’ve got an area in your life where you’ve got some talent that you haven’t used before, I think you should put it out somewhere.

So we were all trying to get started at the same time, in the same town. Jesse McReynolds book by Andy Statman Statman’s book is Jesse’s solos note for note and is exhaustive, but the cross-picking section in Jack Tottle’s book is an excellent and very clear introduction to the style, and well worth looking into, especially as it is still in print.

No, I use the end of my finger to hold the pick. I’ve included the discography as much of the material is now available on CD. Old Brooklyn, a star-studded Statman album displaying the many facets of his musical personality, was scheduled for release on Shefa in the fall of When he’s playing lead, he plays with drive, and backup he plays as good a rhythm as any man I know. You’ve got to do something, that people say, “Have you heard the new thing that Jim and Jesse are doing?

It would be great to have these re-issued on one disc.