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: Anna in the Tropics (TCG Edition) (): Nilo Cruz: Books. This page guide for “Anna In The Tropics” by Nilo Cruz includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering 2 chapters, as well as several more. The Anna in the Tropics Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author by Nilo Cruz.

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Anna in the Tropics |

Art should be dangerous. When the women can see no sign of the lector among the many men wearing hats, Ofelia blames Marela’s spell for their misfortune. Something bigger than money,” he says. He explains that he discovered books one summer while he and his family were forced to remain inside their house in order bby maintain the appearance that they had gone away on a trip.

He warns of how machines are destroying the ghe and quiet that people need to contemplate their lives to such an extent that machines, and the so-called “modernity” they introduce, are destroying “[t]he very act of smoking a cigar.

Juan Julian asks Conchita if she still observes the ritual of cutting her hair on the second day of February, to which Conchita replies, “Yes. Juan Julian, “the best lector west of Havana,” arrives at the cigar factory at Ofelia’s behest.

When Palomo asks the lector which character in the novel he identifies with most, Juan Julian replies, “I like them all. Cruz includes passages from the book in the play in order to authenticate the readings. The women then discuss dreams and whether it is fhe to aanna them.


He asks his brother to fetch him a calendar, for Santiago must now calculate a schedule of payments for a loan that he needs to launch this new line of cigars. Set in in a Cuban-American cigar factory, a new lector arrives to read Anna Karenina to the workers.

Palomo, aroused by Conchita’s descriptions of her encounters with the lector, wants to learn more about how Juan Julian possesses her physically, prompting Conchita to remark, “You’re falling in love with this man.

Juan Julian’s readings permit Marela and Conchita greater freedom of imagination with which to lead their lives and fulfill their dreams, and Ofelia, among others, feels a strong connection to nill past as she moves forward into the future. They were exiles who wanted Cuba’s independence, and they would have been killed if they stayed there.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As the lector reads from Anna Karenina, a novel of adultery set in nineteenth-century Russia, he casts a spell over the workers, transforming their passions and desires through the affirming power of art.

When Cuban immigrants brought the cigar -making industry to Florida in the 19th century, they carried with them another tradition.

Anna in the Tropics

There are various story lines played out in this short play. Annq three women then provide a history of the cigar factory’s previous lectors. Another tradition described in the play is the one observed when an inaugural cigar is lit and shared among smokers.

I hope to catch more than one live production in hopes to see the interpretations of this script answer some of my questions. Had Marela not intervened, Santiago and Ofelia would never have reconciled their differences and moved on to a discussion of Anna Karenina, realizing, by the end of the scene, how much their lives mirror those of Levin and Kitty in the novel.


Primera lectura de muchas que se acercan. Nov 09, Daniel rated it really liked it Shelves: He sees the “verdure of nature” as a restorative force.

As soon as Juan Julian appears in the factory to begin reading from Anna Kareninaa story of love and marital infidelity, the family of cigar-makers is stirred up and each person starts acting out his or her dreams and problems. A true romantic, she keeps a picture of Rudolph Valentino on her work table. As Ofelia says, “Only a fool can fail to understand the importance of having a lector read to us while we work,” for the workers are educated as a result. A lover’s triangle is set in motion as Marela longs for Juan Julian, who conducts an affair with her older sister even though she is married to Palomo, another roller at the factory.

Ybor City, Florida United States. Conchita changes the subject by asking Palomo if he likes the novel that Juan Julian is reading to them. However, there are problems with Cruz’s script as well. Teodoro was the factory’s lector until he died three months ago at age eighty.

I know I only gave the play three stars, but this certainly is not because I didn’t care for the story.