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STANDARD TEST METHOD FOR HEAT OF COMBUSTION OF LIQUID HYDROCARBON FUELS BY BOMB CALORIMETER. This test method. The heat of combustion is a measure of the energy available from a fuel. ASTM D Standard Test Method for Heat of Combustion of Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels by Bomb Calorimeter.

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Continuous stirring for 10 min shall not raise the calorimeter temperature more than 0.

ASTM D240-09 – International Standards

Lab Equipment for Sale: Adjust the jacket temperature to be equal to or slightly lower than the calorimeter, and run for 5 min to obtain equilibrium.

Take calorimeter readings at 1-min intervals until the same temperature is observed in three successive readings. What are your requirements. Remove and measure the combined pieces of unburned firing wire, and subtract from the original length.

Koehler K / K Bomb-type Calorimeter (ASTM D, D, D, D, D) | Labequip

Enter product namemake or model. A Wheatstone bridge and galvanometer capable of measuring resistance of 0. Avoid prolonged or repeated skin contact.

These corrections are applied continuously in real-time throughout the test rather than as a final correction based on pre and post-test measurements.

Always use a pressure regulator. Place the cup in the curved electrode and arrange the fuse wire so that the central portion of the loop contacts the capsule and oil. The values in parenthesis are for information only. Determine the Energy Equivalent of the Calorimeter – average not less than six tests using standard benzoic acid.


Reweigh the cup with capsule and sample. Do not mix gases in cylinders.

ASTM D – International Standards

This procedure is acceptable, provided it is used in all tests, including standardization. The same ambient conditions must be maintained for all d24, including standardization. Calorimeter Water – Adjust the calorimeter water temperature before weighing as follows: Add the sample to the capsule. Record the initial temperature and fire the charge. There must be no gas leakage during a test.

Avoid breathing dusts or mists. Email Us asym call toll-free: It shall have a device for stirring the water thoroughly and at a uniform rate, but with minimum heat input. Weigh the cup and tape.

Examine the bomb interior for evidence of incomplete combustion. Masses are measured in grams and no buoyancy corrections are applied. Sodium Hydroxide – Warning – Corrosive.

ASTM D240 – 17

The capsule should only be handled with forceps. It may be measured in minutes and seconds. Use with adequate ventilation. Evolution of heat produces a violent reaction or eruption upon too rapid mixture with water Sodium Carbonate Solution – Dissolve 3.

The bomb must be designed so that all liquid combustion products can be completely recovered by washing the inner surfaces. If this is not possible or does not correct the error, run a series of tests using 2,2,4-trimethylpentane to establish the energy equivalent for use with volatile fuels.


Corrections shall be reported to 0. Oxygen – Commercial oxygen produced from liquid air can be used without purification. Temperatures can be recorded in either degrees Fahrenheit or ohms or other units when using electric thermometers. Each of these thermometers shall be tested for accuracy at intervals no larger than 1C over the entire graduated scale and corrections reported to 0.

Net Heat of Combustion – the quantity of energy released when a unit mass of fuel is burned at constant pressure, with all of the products, including water, being gaseous. Do not get in eyes, on skin, on clothing.

The jacket can be arranged so as to remain substantially constant temperature, or satm provision for rapidly adjusting the jacket temperature to equal that of the calorimeter for adiabatic operation.

The products of combustion, in oxygen, are carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and water, all in the gaseous state. Petroleum Products and Biofuel lab apparatus baths, calorimeters, color measurement, density meters, flash point, hydrogenators, oil testing, penetrometers, surface tension, vapor pressure, viscometers and 2d40, Sodium Hydrozide Solution – Dissolve 3. The immersed portion of the stirrer shall be coupled to the outside through a material of low heat conductivity.