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ASTM F MEASUREMENT PROCEDURE. FOR FALL ACCIDENT INJURY CRITERIA. Macky KATO1, Yoshie SHIMODAIRA2, Takeshi SATO3 and Hiromi. specification for playground surfacing performance (ASTM F). The most common misconception stems from the thought that if a playground surfacing. F, the voluntary standard for measuring impact attenuation of can meet the impact attenuation requirements of ASTM F, as long.

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Evaluating Playground Surfacing System for Compliance with Performance Standards

Note 1 — The relative risk of fatality and of different degrees of head injury may be estimated using the information in Appendix X1which shows the relationships between the Head Injury Criterion HIC scores of sstm impact and the probability of head injury.

The waves on the sand have two peaks because there were two types of impacts.

All other international standards for playground surfacing performance testing use only the laboratory test results and the HIC as their performance threshold. The HIC was also processed in the same manner as G-max.

Inj Prev 6—4. Clin Pediatr Phila 4866— I for one do not subscribe to this notion and believe that a well thought out research study that analyzes aatm the factors related to the cause and effect of falls injuries will show: The values given in parentheses are mathematical conversions to SI units that are provided for information only and are not considered standard.

Arguably, advocates axtm injury prevention would like to see a decrease in public playground injuries requiring emergency room treatment. The conclusion of this study as it relates to safety surfacing systems focused on the criterion for determining impact attenuation thresholds for the reduction of life atm permanently debilitating head injuries to children.


Both ASTM F and F Standards state that conformance with the requirements of this specification will reduce the risk of serious injury and death from falls, adherence to this specification will not prevent all injuries and deaths.

The Access Board has stated they would consider performance test comparisons of the playground accessible route and use zones between the laboratory ASTM F test results and field test value results utilizing the Rotational Penetrometer Test Method after the surface system final installation process was certified in writing.

However, children are more likely than elderly people to fall from tall structures, especially from playground equipment such as slides, climbing frames and swings. Factors that are known to affect surfacing material performance include but are not limited to aging, moisture, maintenance, exposure to temperature extremes for example, freezingexposure to ultraviolet light, contamination with other materials, compaction, loss of thickness, shrinkage, submersion in water, and so forth.

There appears to be a performance conflict related to these two ASTM Subcommittees which occurs immediately following a serious fall-related playground injury. This study was supported by Japan Park Facilitate Association. Work Item s – proposed revisions of this standard. Manufacturers and installers of playground protective surfacing should provide the critical height rating of their materials.

One of the most serious examples can be observed in the United States, where overchildren are treated for injuries that occurred in public playgrounds each year 234. Challenges to this statement will be made in the event of a serious injury to a user even if the injury is not a life-threatening head injury. Protecting children from injuries caused by fall accidents from playground equipment is important.

I do not believe any of these things will add substantial cost to the surface system. Necessity of playground equipment for children Once an accident involving playground equipment occurs, caretakers often remove the equipment in order to prevent future fall accidents.


The number of victims of traffic accidents has been decreasing over the last decade. HIC and regression equation on the bare ground and loose fill surface.

The laboratory test is mandatory for surfaces to conform to the requirements of this specification. Is this same installation process for the 18 inch test box specifically and strictly followed in all field installations regardless of how large? G-max is defined as the maximum acceleration of a missile during an impact, expressed in G units. One possible procedure is the use of checklists. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard.

Evaluating Playground Surfacing System for Compliance with Performance Standards

Overall, the majority of the fall accident victims are elderly people, many g1292 whom trip over in flat places. On the other hand, the surface of the shortened procedure is so soft that G-max does not become large. Over 15, people are accidentally killed in daily life in Japan every year.

Many of these play equipment factors are addressed in the ASTM F standard for performance requirements of public play equipment. The critical height of a surfacing system is the height in full feet below which a life-threatening head injury would not be expected to occur on the surfacing system. These facilities are expected by our ASTM Standards to meet minimum performance requirements throughout the life of the playground.

The dimensions and configuration of the use zone shall be dependent upon the type of play equipment, as specified in Section 9.