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The price/performance standard in side-address studio condenser microphone technology; ideal for project/home-studio applications. Pivoting, threaded stand. Instruction Manual. ATUSB+. Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone. Contents. Introduction & features 3. Setting up your microphone with pivot mount . Side-address studio condenser microphone with USB digital output (Windows and Mac compatible) offers studio-quality articulation and intelligibility. Based on .

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I was done with headset mic setups so went in search for a good quality Condenser Microphone that would meet my Gaming, Streaming and Work Teleconferencing needs. The connector in the microphone is male as audio XLR connections pass from male at2002 female which is standard. This way you can connect to an interface. It’s heavy duty and made to last. No hard installs just plug it in and it works! The microphone will be susceptible to any reflected sounds that bounce around in the space.

It allows me to hear nuances in all areas of my recording needs that do not get picked up with basic recording equipment. Your comments indicate a setting change with your audio interface and you may contact that manufacture for assistance on your proper settings.

I have a Youtube channel i use this mic for recording and it is just a amazing microphone. What else could you ask for? The Audio Technica is great for home studios. Couldn’t replicate it again today; after several frustrating hours, it still won’t work with Audacity. The microphone uses the USB audio codec that is part of the operating system. AT Cardioid Condenser Microphone.

I highly recommend this mic for any recording studio. Christbearer McComb, MS I see videos everyday on the Internet that are from big name companies that sound like they were recorded from the bottom of a barrel. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to do so. It has only done this on my Windows Vista system, all other system it works fine. Bought this microphone a few years ago and I love it. It’s a great cheap side address condenser. The Audio Technica AT is my very first foray into the wonderful world of cardoid condenser microphones.


The box says the microphone works with Windows 7, but the manual included with the microphone makes no reference to the setup and use of the microphone on a Windows 7 machine.

You may contact local Audio-Technica Global Division for further assistance. It is so easy to get a good clean signal within minutes guess you could almost call this plug and play with a few small adjustments on gain structure your set to record. Three of us fiddled with it for hours yesterday and eventually got it to work with the software. You may contact Audio-Technica Europe for further assistance. I am very disappointed.

AT Cardioid Condenser Microphone || Audio-Technica

I am totally impressed with the recordings I’ve made with this mic! My radio network client said use this from now on.

I’m not a professional singer, so I can’t give the audio quality a perfect score. The highs, the lows, and the mid ranges produce professional studio quality sound with a very sensitive response. If you don’t know anything about cardoid condenser microphones and are looking for a really, really great inexpensive microphone, then the AT should be first on your list.

I have not ,anual disappointed.

Audio Technica AT Manuals

A special driver is not necessary. Canada Is still good mang Mang Zimbabwae I use this mic in my home studio recording setup wt2020 the clarity and bass response are remarkable for something in this price range.


Mic works with other applications on the computer, but at20200 almost impossible to use on a Windows 7 machine with audacity. I use this mic in my home studio recording setup and the clarity and bass response are remarkable for something in this price range. With following a few simple rules on recording audio the results are excellent! The quality is better than I expected, I often get a sound check from coworkers and the response is always one of disbelief that I am using a Zt2020 mic on a boom over my monitor – the sound is crystal clear and with no manua or noise.

Others can comment on the small nuances that separate this mic based on audio quality. Or, if you are a ham radio op like me and want something different in your arsenal of mics, this is it, look no further. Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at ext or at audio-solutions atus.

Audio-technica AT2020 Operation And Maintenance

To reduce reflections from the rear ag2020 the microphone, you may use a sound barrier such as a gobo, foam, etc at the rear of the microphone. For Mono recording it’s perfect. Just the opposite, the is more like a major department store; it may not be the most convenient choice, but when you want to make sure you get what you want the first time, this is the manuak to reach for. Thanks for your inquiry.