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Athenagoras was a late 2nd century Christian apologist who wrote a defense of Christianity called _A Plea for the Christians_. It’s contents are revealing of what. A Plea For the Christians. By Athenagoras the Athenian: Philosopher and Christian. To the Emperors Marcus Aurelius Anoninus and Lucius Aurelius. A Plea for the Christians [Athenagoras of Athens] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Athenagoras (c. – c. AD) was a Father of the.

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Athenagoras of Athens

These points, however, are trifles from a great store, a few taken from many, lest we should trouble you further. For who of those that reduce syllogisms, and clear up ambiguities, and explain etymologies, or of those who teach homonyms and synonyms, and predicaments and axioms, and what is the subject and what the predicate, and athenatoras promise their chrisitans by these and such like instructions to make them happy: But God and what belongs to God are above him.

Stirred by curiosity, athenagiras opened the box; whereupon they were driven mad by the sight of Erichthonius’ serpentine body. But you have not cared for us who are called Christians in this way. Learn how your comment data is processed. If they have artistic merit, we praise the artist. Apollodorus takes this view in his work entitled On the Gods.

Athenagoras Pleads for Christians

Some hold that Zeus is the air and has a double nature, masculine and feminine. Perhaps it is necessary, in the light of what we have been saying, to add a word about the names of the gods. Though honored as eloquent and skilled in his defense of the Christian faith, he is sometimes accused of Montanist leanings because he refers to the remarriage of a widower as “a cloaked adultery. Since you surpass all men in understanding, you may ask, “Why is it that some of the idols have power, if the gods to whom these statues are erected do not exist?


Athenagoras Pleads for Christians – AD Church History Timeline

What more need I say, or refer to Castor, or Pollux, or Amphiaraus, who, having been born, so to speak, only the other day, men of menare looked upon as gods, when they imagine even Ino after her madness and its consequent sufferings to have become a goddess?

For if the world, being made spherical, is confined within the circles of the heaven, and if the creator of the world, though above created things, retains the world in his providence, what place is there ;lea a second god or for others? But, if these things are only idle tales and empty slandersoriginating in the fact that virtue is opposed by its very nature to viceand that contraries war against one another by a divine law and you are yourselves witnesses that no such iniquities are committed by us, for you forbid informations to be laid against usit remains for you to make inquiry concerning our life, our opinions, our loyalty and obedience to you and your house and government, and thus at length to grant to us the same rights we ask nothing more as to those who persecute us.

This olea to be what Athenagoras understood by the line. Thus there came forth a divine being with two bodies.

My email address is feedback at newadvent. Him reckon Zeus, and him regard as God. Also, despite how excellent Athenagoras’ apology was, it was certainly never read by Marcus Aurelius, who acknowledges in his own writing that he had received such letters, but he simply mocks them.

While chritians imagine you are hiding the truth, you actually proclaim, even to those who do not realize it, that Zeus is dead. As regards Zeus again: He lacks nothing and has need of nothing. The creator and Father of the universe does not need blood or the smell of burnt offerings or the fragrance of flowers or incense.

Yet it is not the world, but its maker, who should be worshiped. And I believed Christoans mouth divine Was full of truthas well as prophet’s art. But, since it is affirmed by some that, although these are only images, yet there tue gods in honour of whom they are made; and that the supplications and sacrifices presented to the images are to be referred to the gods, and are in fact made to the gods; and that there is not any other way of coming to them, for.


In the light of this it is not likely that we would be purposely wicked, and deliver ourselves up to the great Judge to be punished. For this reason she is mystically called Athela, [] though more usually Persephone and Kore.

His very important work is Legatio Pro Christianis A plea for Christians a work where he answered, using reason and philosophical skills, some common objections to Christianity common at his time, of course. In short, among every nation and people, men offer whatever sacrifices and celebrate whatever mysteries they please.

For either a thing is uncreated and eternal, or it is created and corruptible. But if there is a vast difference between them, as great as separates fkr craftsman and his materials, why are we called to account?

Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol II: ATHENAGORAS: A Plea for the Christians |

On Faith in God. You may say, however, since you athenagoraz all men in understanding, How comes it to pass, then, that some of the idols manifest power, if those to whom we erect the statues are not gods? I am Godthe first and the last, and besides Me there is no God.

But when the father of men and gods mourns for his son —.