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IIDepartamento de Medicina Veterinária, Campus de Palotina, Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR), The first cervical, that is, the atlas, has wide lateral wings, which are also flat, well-developed and with the . Osteologia, p La anatomía veterinaria es el estudio de la forma y de la estructura de los animales domésticos, que servirá de base para el abordaje médico, clínico y. Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias – Universidad del Zulia. Popesko peter atlas de anatomia topografica de los animales domesticos tomo iii.

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Tuberosidade do olecrano 2. It differs only in the evidence location of some spinous processes of the cervical and the lumbar vertebrae, and in a smaller number of sacral fused vertebrae as well. Ossos sesamoideos proximal F.

SITE To ensure the functioning aflas the site, we use cookies. The axis has well-developed odontoid and spinous processes and a slightly wider transversal process in-between the distances of the two joint caudal surfaces Dyce et al. The spinous processes are broad in its ventral portion and they narrow down in its dorsal portion.

Atlas de osteologia equina

They are strongly curved, narrow and thick. Anatomia, radiografia, esqueleto axial, Cerdocyon thous, cachorro-do-mato. The spinous process of third cervical vertebra is shaped like a long, low ridge; for the rest of it, this process is taller, it has a blunt end and it also is cranially tilted Sisson Disclaimer The findings veterinzria this report are not to be construed a!


There are a total of nine pairs of ribs, which present costal cartilages articulated to the sternum and that are also called real ones.

After the dissection, each skeleton was subjected to the controlled chemical maceration process Rodriguesand then it was placed for drying veterinaaria room temperature for one week and, thereafter, it was analyzed and described. It can be concluded that the crab-eating fox axial skeleton is similar to that of the domestic dog. Cara articular para os Ossos de a hilera distal do carpo. Regarding the chest regions, the more caudal the vertebra presents itself, the larger the vertebral body is.

Canal proximal do metatarso. Osso carporradial Osso escafoide 2. Veteriaria of Animal Bones E. Fosa do atas 5. We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: The sacrum has a short, broad, rectangular, dorsoventrally flattened body, consisting of two fused vertebrae Fig.

Atlas Animal Anatomy for Artists. Diente do axis 6. Cabeza de a costila 2.

Do not returrm it to the originator. There are thirteen thoracic vertebrae and the spinous process of the lumbar vertebrae, which are seven, decreases from the fifth on. Future sections of this atlas will be in the correct Latin nomenclature in agreement with the NAV. The skull of the grab-eating fox Cerdocyon thous is slightly elongated in the caudal part, it also has a larger width at the zygomatic process of temporal bone.


The angora goat Capra hircus has been veterijaria main experimental animal used by the Biophysics Laboratory, Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland, for many yea’s.

Ossos sesamoideos proximal 2 por Osso metacarpiano.

Descrição anátomo-radiográfica do esqueleto axial do cachorro-do-mato (Cerdocyon thous)

Anatomy, radiography, skeleton, Cerdocyon thous, crab-eating fox. Osteoloia, the latter process is evident from the fifth vertebra on for the grab-eating fox only. Agujero vertebral ateral 3.

The sternum is long, has eight sternebras, as well as manubrium and xiphoid cartilages. Borde de a suea 3. Because veteginaria readily usable information on goat anatomy is available, this report has been written to provide a reference source for this information.

The intact skeleton figure 1 was prepared in the fall of from one goat that weighed approximately 50 kg.

Atlas Animal Anatomy For Artists.