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audioXpress January Inside This Issue · Supplemental Material · Digital Login. Voice Coil December Inside This Issue · Digital Login. Trending. Please note! We do not make coils wound on plastic bobbins due to risk of microphony, nor do we use ferrite cored coils that saturate abruptly. All Jantzen coils. audioXpress 1. Horn Theory: An Introduction, Part 1. By Bjørn Kolbrek. This author presents a two-part introduction to horns—their definition, features.

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To add to the this list of desirable features we must include a few laudatory adjectives to describe how stunningly attractive his amplifier is, as we can see from the cover picture above. This article by Ron Tipton details the design and construction of the TDL Model high-performance microphone preamp, using a differential input stage that used compound transistor pairs with circuit resistance values, computer optimized for very low output noise.

Before we uadioxpress to the severe part of the audio-autopsy, below is an illustration of the AC relationships within the amplifier.

The brightest engineer cannot decipher the purpose of an unmarked IC. This article was originally published in audioXpress, April At the heart of the Pre is a versatile analog signal path which includes analog bass management with high pass and low pass outputs.

Lately they have kindly printed projects that I had already posted on the web, but I decided that they deserve a audioxprrss better than that. A PP 25L6 Amplifier In this classical tube amplifier project, author Bob McIntyre offers what is effectively the foundation for many designs that we can find currently in the market.

July 4, by Nelson Pass. In order to get 50W into an 8-ohm load, 3.


Getting the Most from THAT’s Balanced Line Drivers and Receivers

Note how the differential line receiver inverts an input signal applied to this new input and how the power amplifier also inverts the signal, so the phase is maintained at the power amplifier’s output.

We think that’s more to it. In this Voice Coil Spotlight, Mike Klasco writes about SoundChip, a unique solution provider for active noise cancellation product engineering. It consists of two identical but separate amps laid out on the same PCB. Firstly, I’m extremely impressed at the quality of what I’ve been sent. Kit includes 4 bulbs and 4 new filter caps they are GM factory color. Like the man who has bought a house, only to discover that he does not own the mineral rights, the consumer owns the CD player and the power amplifiers, but not the theory and understanding of these devices.

Stamler A Power Supply Spreadsheet This article describes a spreadsheet program for designing low-voltage power supplies using common IC three-terminal regulators. Still, this seems a akdioxpress quibble when we are offered a high-wattage, affordable, hybrid, OTL power amplifier. This article was originally published in audioXpress, June Like a king who cannot recognize a map of his kingdom, the consumer king cannot recognize the schematic to his power audioxlress over that of his CD player or tuner.

This article was originally published in audioXpress, July And Samplitude audioxxpress supports CPUs with up to 32 cores! Not a Thunderbolt 3 solution, as common-sense would dictate for a product launched at the end ofbut a Thunderbolt 2 product which will require an adaptor. They are fully specified for high performance audio applications and have excellent ac specifications, including low distortion 0. This article was originally published in the old audioXpress website as a PDF, but was never reposted.

This is a project that quickly became the focus in lots of tube-oriented forums and has inspired long threads and many iterations, including further articles published in audioXpress from the author himself. Third, the tubes will add neither excessive distortion or noise, as the symmetrically-loaded cathode follower is linear and it nulls the opposing power-supply-rail noise at audioxpresss output.


The electron does not know that it is supposed to travel only into the loudspeaker, not the solid-state output stage; it flows where it can most easily, blind to our grand designs and intentions. This means that as we tug negatively at the input, the amplifier output goes negative; and as we tug positively at the input, the amplifier output goes positive.

February 7, by Paul J.

In other words, if we are allowed to break rules, why no do so with wild abandon? Well, it turns out that such a beast existed back in In this article from audioXpress archives, originally published in JulyCharles Hansen describes four hybrid power amps that audioxpres might consider for their own designs.

Providing the highest level of quality for recording, mixing and mastering tasks, as well as for music production in a single environment, the new Samplitude Pro X4 expands on its most praised features, now adding Automation Lanes for optimal control and overview of track automation data, a new plug-in browser for quick searches for effects and instruments, new MIDI editing functions and improved MIDI workflow.

In other words, the solid-state power amplifier is doing all the hard work and the tube is only driving the solid-state amplifier, not the loudspeaker. For those still in the market for a decent phono preamplifier, Parasound just announced a new model that’s a big step up from its entry-level Zphono.