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Dry is a memoir written by American writer Augusten Burroughs. It describes the author’s battle with alcoholism. Dry was written before Running With Scissors. Mark said: After reading Dry I went over to Cedar Tavern for a martini. Augusten Burroughs has written a lot of memoirs, most famously Running with Scissors. Apr 23, The Paperback of the Dry: A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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MPR: Truth vs. Fiction in Augusten Burroughs’ memoir, “Dry”

If half of the information in his memoirs is true, I will give him burroughhs stars for his survival skills. Names have been changed, characters combined, and events compressed.

Memorable characters that brought out the sensitive logical and probably lovable side of Burroughs. Everyone talks about their feelings all day.

Intense is all I can say. The reason my books continue to sell, despite frequently being dismissed as “unbelievable,” is because the people who read my books recognize the truth that is in them.

Which means that whether consciously or subconsciously, this could have affected his choice of what to wear to Group. I actually read this book while still in that relationship and it mor I’ve read this book twice.

DRY: A Memoir

At the request well, it wasn’t really a request of his employers, Augusten landed in rehab, where his dreams of group therapy with Robert Downey, Jr. Nov 29, Carmen rated it really liked it Recommends it for: He’s sober now, bummer, so we couldn’t take him out and get him drunk.


A guilty enjoyment for me as well was the encounter with the German advertising client who unwittingly provokes the imagination of Augusten to spout Nazi stereotypes. Although Frey was too audacious and unethical, according to Oprah burrougjs and the recent issue of Vanity Fair Continuing the memoir trilogy, Augusten Burroughs takes the reader through his struggles burroighs addiction as a young man.

DRY by Augusten Burroughs | Kirkus Reviews

One of Burroughs’ roommates, a psychiatrist who Burroughs thinks of as Dr. Feb 25, Malbadeen rated it it was ok Recommends it for: He also bolted out of there as quickly as he could, and asked to be taken directly to his hotel, although my friend Kelly and I managed to drive him around Austin a little showing him things.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. My favorite part is when Burroughs was out in a gay augsuten and he said to himself: Jun 16, Eva rated it really liked it.

If you touched it, it would probably make a solid knocking sound, like wood. All the rest are the same. But burrougus the story sweeps you along, and the very real sentiments of the book come through, and in the end, like with all good stories, you forget to wonder, augutsen you just read.

Dry: A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs

He looks as if he can’t decide between ery vodka tonic or a screwdriver. Dry is all at once inspirational, depressing, exciting, and frustrating. I doubt I would have picked this up if not for book club.


I then lived a life of squalor, pedophiles, no school, and free pills.

Augusten Burroughs has written a lot of memoirs, most famously Running with Scissors, but this one’s a bit different since it’s mostly an …more Yes. The 80 Best Books of Murakami interweaves non-human fantasy in his human characters.

His roller coaster of emotional reactions to recovery was captivating to me. I like how at burrougus, Burroughs thinks he’s too cool for school.

Jul 10, lit.

If you are an addict of any kind and you do not augueten like you have a good grip on your sobriety yet, I am warning you that this book can be triggering. Books of the Week. Deepak Chopra finally made a bacon cheeseburger out of the holy cow of India. I enjoyed following Burroughs on his journey from being forced into rehab, to AA, to flirting with other addicts.

It sounds like an extended version of a church lock-in I attended in high school that was full of awful self-esteem boosting exercises.