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D External dimensions. D Connections. D Connection of motor. FANUC CONTROL MOTOR AMPLIFIER α series DESCRIPTIONS. B–E. B–E. FANUC AC SPINDLE MOTOR α series PARAMETER MANUAL B– E. FANUC SERVO AMPLIFIER α series DESCRIPTIONS. B–E. FANUC SERVO AMPLIF IER @ series DESCRIPTIONS BE/03 The export of this product is subject to the authorization of the.

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Be careful not to touch these components. Machine frictional torque motor—converted value [N? Leaving the cover open presents a danger of electric shock. The ground plate must be created and installed 6516e2 the user as shown in Figs 5. F Ensure that valid parameters are specified. Notes on the Emergency Stop Circuit Configuration.

For the continuous rated outputs of spindle motors, see Table 3. For the maximum outputs of the spindle motors at acceleration, see Table 3. To replace the battery of any of those models, observe the following procedure: If the snubber capacitor is not mounted, for example, the IPM will be damaged.

If the power is shut off while the battery connector is not connected correctly, the absolute position data for the machine will be lost. For how to select the regenerative discharge unit, see Section 3.


If the power is reconnected without first replacing 6162e failed component, another component may be damaged, making it difficult to locate the original cause of the alarm. For the connector dimensions, see Appendix D.


The edge of a broken section is likely to be sharp and, therefore, presents a risk of injury. The operator must be familiar with these descriptions.

F Ensure that the cables used for the power supply lines and power lines are of the appropriate diameter and temperature ratings. If a plastic section breaks, it may cause internal damage, thus interfering with normal operation. Magnetic Sensor for Orientation.

Spindle switch control switches between speeds only or between speeds and positions 2. Always connect the magnetic contactor closer to the input power supply than the AC reactor unit. Obtaining the load current of a noise filter The load current of a noise filter is the sum of the CNC input current, PSM input current, and current consumption under the other loads. F Before resetting an alarm, ensure that the original cause of the alarm has been removed.


Handle the ends appropriately.

Fanuc B-65162 Manuals

Modules for one axis and two axes are available. For the continuous rated outputs of the servo motors, see Table 3. Calculate the CNC input current from the following expression: D The system ground cable must have enough cross—sectional area to safely carry the accidental current flow into the system ground when an accident such as a short circuit occurs.

Recommended noise filters are given in 12 651662e Section 2. The ordering drawing number differs depending on the cable length. F Ensure that the amplifier and peripheral equipment are securely connected. When the fan adaptor is installed, the panel cut—out must be partially modified. Part number LM32C Specification 3.

When the rated output capacity is 11 kW or less, calculate the maximum output capacity according to 3. For details, see 6 in Section 9.