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දුක්ඛ සත්ය්‍ය. පූජ්‍ය බළන්ගොඩ ආනන්ද මෛත්‍රෙය මහ නා හිමි. දුක හදුනා ගැනීම සහ දුකින් නිදහස් වීමට යා යුතු මග.

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We tried to draw in our minds a portrait of an unseen Buddha from him.

Ananda Maitreya Thero was famous for therp achievements in Buddhist meditation. Ananda Maitreya Thero wrote nearly fifty books on sutras scripturevinaya monastic disciplineon abhidhamma metaphysicsand on Pali and Sanskrit grammar. Piyadassi suggested to me that some day I should come to Sri Lanka, where he could arrange for me to stay at a Buddhist monastery.

Metta Meditation – Ven Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Thero » Dhammikaweb

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. He implanted in my mind a profound respect for the Atthakathas and Tikas, the Commentaries and Subcommentaries, an attitude which inspired and guided my study of the Suttas and the Abhidhamma. Subject of my talk is meditation of loving kindness.

At the age of 15 he had decided to enter the order of Buddhist monks and was ordained as a Samanera at the temple Sri Nandaramaya, Udumulla, Balangoda on 2 March The guidance he gave me so generously at that time has continued to benefit me right up to the present.

Thero also traveled to many countries in the world for the propagation bbalangoda Buddhism. On 1 Octoberhe was appointed to the post of Vice Chancellor at the same university.


Occasionally a piece of papaya provided a special treat. In recognition of his valuable service ananad the Sixth Buddhist council held in Balangodthe Burmese government conferred on him the title “Agga Mahapandita” Chief Great Scholar in The background story to my meeting with the Mahanayaka Thera goes back to the year By this time darkness was thickly descending, and thus, when we reached the temple, I could barely see farther than the small area illuminated by the kerosene lantern I was given.

Balangoda Ananda Maithreya maitrdya. On this particular afternoon the weather had been cool and rainy, so the break was especially welcome. He was ordained under the guidance of Ven.

For a year before I came to Sri Lanka I had already been a vegetarian, but the fare at Udumulla was still too spartan for my needs. His work and sacrifices with Anagarika Dharmapala was one of the steering forces of the upholding of Buddhism in Sri Lanka at one stage.


As soon as I came up close to the Mahanayaka Thera to begin my bow, he waved me towards a chair, as though he thought he should not impose Asian monastic formalities on a visitor from urbane America. With a group of friends I had gone to Colombo on Ven. He was appointed to the post of Dean, Faculty of Buddhist Studies in Archived from the original on 29 April My third meeting with the Mahanayaka Thera took place only a month before his death.


Most of his books are written in English and Sinhala languages.

Metta Meditation – Ven Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Thero

Considering the youth of today, who generally run after popular works will not write a book about a Maha Thera. Breakfast generally consisted of thin rice gruel lunu kenda with a few cream crackers and occasionally a couple of small bananas.

It will be a great Dhamma Dana. The next year the decision had crystallized in my mind to go to Asia to take ordination as a Theravada Buddhist monk. Unusually for a Theravada teacher, he publicly studied some other traditions, such as Mahayana Buddhism, mantra and esoteric yoga.

There is a book on Balangoda Ananda Maitreya teachings.

Piyadassi Nayaka Thera of Vajirarama. Mathises Appuhamy Maddumahamy and B. Retrieved from anandz https: The Venerable promptly replied, extending me a warm welcome and assuring me that he could oversee my ordination and my instruction in the Dhamma. First Series Meditation on Breathing What about Sinhala books that have been translated into english?