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FDMA is not vulnerable to the timing problems that TDMA has. Global Systems for Mobile communications (GSM) uses the TDMA technique. TDMA, FDMA, and CDMA TDMA requires a centralized control node, whose primary function is to transmit a .. CDMA: basic principles. Basics of TDMA, FDMA and Uploaded by Manas Das. Copyright: . Chapter 2-GSM System Principles and Call Flow. Uploaded by. Sourabh Ohri.

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Also, if somewhere while going through any of the posts, you feel that something is wrong, plz feel free to comment then and there. Guys believe me, understanding the difference between these technologies is just not difficult!

Each user is given his own code word which is orthogonal to the codes of other users and in order tdmw detect the user, the receiver must know the code word used by the transmitter. In wideband systems, the transmission bandwidth of a single channel is much larger than the coherence bandwidth of the channel.

The features of TDMA include the following.

Wireless Communication – Multiple Access

Gomheat January 23, at 4: Time hopping is also another type which is rarely mentioned. Because just imagine if the frequencies to handle the customers gets over?

It’s because your posts are interesting. Also, I assure you that before writing anything here I will get the same checked with some experienced people, I will do a research basicx and then only, I cmda post the same on my blog so you can trust me.


The users transmit in rapid succession, one after the other, each using its own time slot. One thing I want to talk to you is thank you. Single frequency is used for single call.

Wireless Communication Multiple Access

If this is the first time, you are here then I request you to kindly read my Introduction bzsics because Bzsics have certain things to say and they are all there: Thank you so so much for picking up the mistake: Time division multiple access TDMA: This allows multiple stations to share the same transmission medium e.

Please keep us up to date like this. I always read them everyday and wait for incoming ones. Thank you for the great explanation with the diagrams. The system gets a call, it allocates a unique code to that particular conversation, now the data is split into small parts and is tagged with the unique code given to the conversation of which they are part of. I really like your posts. This is the most commonly used technology for CDMA. I will support you a lot. We think its too technical and stop ourselves from getting into it!

Multiple frequencies are used for multiple calls TDMA: The only option would be to drill down the existing frequencies to a much narrower amount which will not be very competent.

Unknown August 19, at This site has fdja of advantage. Oanh Tr December 21, at 8: Have tried to explain the above technologies via a diagram which is below: Arrush Chopra February 9, at 3: Shivani Singh August 23, at 1: The combinational sequences called as hybrid are also used as another type of spread spectrum.


WildPeace November 2, at 8: Every bit of a conversation is been tagged with a specific and unique code. Though should your description of the diagrams read: Single frequency is used for single call CDMA: I love to get corrected and so, plz do not think a bit gxm commenting on anything you think I have mentioned is wrong.

FDMA is the basic technology for advanced mobile phone services. Here there is no need for three separate frequencies like in FDMA.

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Learn about basics – Telecom and Smartcities: Difference between FDMA, CDMA and TDMA

Andy Volodin October 22, at 4: I wander on the internet to find something new or unique. Narrow band TDMA allows users to use the same channel but allocates a unique time slot to each user on the channel, thus separating a small number fdmx users in time on a single channel.

Ankush Sharma October 28, at