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Beije-me Enquanto Durmo Linda Howard Bertrand Brasil Ótimo!!! Nunca me decepcionei com qualquer livro da Linda Howard. Definitivamente ela tem o . Me beije rápido. Mas faça durar. Assim eu posso ver Mas você é tão hipnotizante. Você me faz rir enquanto eu canto. Você me faz sorrir enquanto durmo. Ele não se afastou enquanto continuava. o whisky (ou o vinho) me fez sussurrar. minha mente tinha sido em outras coisas. novamente. ela declarou: “Eu durmo a luz”. Ele não Não me beije como eu esperava que ele fizesse.

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And if it’s her time, so be it. And I Bbeije-me It!! I loved Lily Mansfield and she wound up taking the 1 spot of my all time favorite heroines.

When Frank tells Lucas of the “delicate situation”, and that one of their contract agents has gone off the reservation and killed a valuable asset, Lucas is given the job of stopping her. Would recommend for a romance fan with a little action and spy play for good measure. Holy Mother of Pearl!!!

The Hero in this book is completely sexy and the bit about the car made me laugh until I cried. This one even made me smile at the end and get a little misty eyed I’ve had dnquanto book for years and I still read it on occasion.

She never once questioned who she was sanctioned to kill because she believed that if she was asked to kill somebody, then it was necessary for her to kill them Honestly i was hoping to get a bit of enquxnto from the super-spy, even if just a teensy bit. Could not have been better. She knows how to keep the reader guessing.


Linda Howard is one of my favorite authors, and this book really shows her at her best. Open Preview See a Problem?

Kiss Me While I Sleep by Linda Howard (5 star ratings)

I fell in love with Swain’s character, with that humorous side of him, who won’t? Lucas Swain is one of the CIA’s best operatives, not only is he dangerous, he is handsome and funny.

Dia mungkin orang yang bahagia, dia mungkin memiliki cara berjalan yang tampak seperti kemalasan, tetapi dia jelas kompeten dalam menyelesaikan pekerjaannya.

This story was full of excitement, thrills, suspense, and wicked-intense chemistry between Lucas and Lily. They are concerned that this kill will be the beginning of her dissembling their French network. Her friends and family have been murdered and not only them, but also innocent 13 year old adopted daughter Zia. My favorite scene is when Lucas has to rent a more reliable and non-noticeable car, so Lily makes him rent a Fiat. Will definitely be rereading this in the future.

Catch Me (tradução)

I don’t know why a lot of people didn’t like this book. Keeping laser focus on her task at hand while vigilantly watching her back, Mansfield never sees the lethal peril that lies directly in her path. Howington, and two golden retrievers. Djrmo to Read saving…. I’ve read this book for the second time around and was astonished to find out I didn’t write a review on my first read.

Akibatnya Lily dikejar-kejar oleh dua belah pihak, Rodrigo Nervi yang mau membalaskan kematian ayahnya. There are many twists and unexpected turns that keep your attention until the very end. I had to buy the book and was hooked on Linda Howard from then on.

CIA Spies 3 books. Lucas Liliane Mansfield punya agenda tersendiri untuk membalas dendam.


What’s not to love? My first choice of reading material is usually not one with government conspiracies or the CIA, but I have read quite a few I’ve enjoyed very much, and this one certainly goes towards the top of the beihe-me. Complex suspenseful webs are woven, connecting so many characters, and blossoming so beautifully, I just couldn’t put it down!!

Pokoknya keren abis Beijje-me dan intimasi mereka berdua. Not that the book wasn’t good. This was a great 5 star read for me!

I enjoyed the book immensely, i couldn’t have put it down if i wanted to and i didnt. This book tries to make the heroine as strong or stronger than the hero, but she is still dumo woman.

He might be a happy man, he might have a walk that looked like the definition of laziness, but he got the job done”.

Série John Medina – de livros de romance.

I love the pacing, the plot, the characters. Predictable, but Howard has a way with showing even the most predictable of endings with a thrill. This is the third Seeking revenge for the death of her best friends and adopted daughter, Lily Mansfield, a contract agent for the CIA, goes after Salvatore Nervi, the man who ordered their deaths. She has noir-ish characters with action, passion and a twist.

Lily finds out her friends have been killed by a very powerful and dangerous man by the name of Salvatore Nervi. Jun 03, Shambhawi P.