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politically threatening or Benny Shanon needs to hit the talk show circuit. . be metaphor for The Antipodes of the Mind, frame of reference within frames of. Shanon’s authorial persona is earnest, serious, straightforward, absolutely trustworthy. Antipodes is suffused with a sense of genuine adventure John Horgan. Benny Shanon’s Antipodes of the Mind: Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca. Experience is one of the most compelling books on altered states I’ve .

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Antipodes of the Mind

In still another Daime session the madrinha stepped aside and a man passed a vessel of incense back and forth in front of her. Does this deflate the claims that Shanon bennyy making of profound, sublime experience? On such occasions, the group becomes a kind of a single organism that acts in a precise and highly concentrated fashion.

Prologue Preliminaries General background; Theoretical foundations; Methodology and general mine The Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca Experience Atmosphere and general effects; opn eye visualizations; A structural typology of Ayahuasca visualizations; Interaction and narration; The contents of visions; The themes of visions; shanpn, insights, and reflections; Non-visual perceptions; Consciousness I; Transformations; Time; Meaning and semantics; Consciousness II; Light Theoretical issues Stages and order; Contextual considerations; Cognitive parameters; Synamics; A general theoretical perspective; Concluding philosophical reflections Epilogue Appendix Quantitative Data Bibliography.

Several times, I saw most beautiful painted tiles. I could have a vision in which I had just read a profound book containing the secrets of life and am left awestruck. And as he was singing he also understood.


It does not sound terribly appealing. Thus, the initial phase of the inebriation is likely to present drinkers with moments of intense struggle. In the reports of my informants mosaics appear frequently; an example was described in Ch. In other words, the relationship was primarily benyn. As an example, consider this grand vision Shanon gives: Benny Shanon – – Journal of Mind and Behavior 24 2: Again, no hallucination as such was experienced—technically what I was seeing was real, and none the less it was all utterly non-ordinary, and enchanted.

Another pattern of interpreting-as is one I shall characterize as seeing the particular as generic, or rather, seeing bemny generic in the particular. Faithful Revolution Tricia Colleen Bruce.

Since we already know that ayahuasca throws logic out the window, there is no need to think that there was some causal chain in which an actual, fully-fleshed-out conceptual object caused the reactions he was having, or that the reactions were rationally justified. Finally, there are visions in which one feels one is encountering the Supreme Good.

In addition to its being the most thorough study of the Ayahuasca experience to date, the book lays the theoretical foundations for the psychological study of non-ordinary states of consciousness in general.

He could, of course, curse and blaspheme but that would have done him no good. During this time, visions can be very strong and the entire experience may be tough and even zntipodes.

The first, which for me was very striking, occurred anitpodes the daytime. My claim has been made on the basis of ordinary consciousness. Often, a great multitude of such eyes is seen. Metaphorically, these may be conceived in terms of the shifting of gears.


Benny Shanon, Antipodes of the Mind – PhilPapers

I looked through the large window and saw the trees outside. Once I gave a cassette recording I had made of such singing for inspection to a musical laboratory equipped with high-tech measurement instruments.

As indicated earlier, consciousness is conceived of as the basic constituent of reality and the ground of all Being. In Shanon and a I argue against this common view and suggest that for a metaphor to obtain it is not at all necessary that the semantic features or distinctions encountered in the metaphorical expression be given and fully defined prior to the articulation of that expression.

I had the vision, recounted in Chs. Overall, Ayahuasca induces a comprehensive metaphysical view of things.

Shanon postulates that the states ayahuasca creates are related to fundamental aspects of consciousness not normally in use: A major impression these visions had on me is the Platonic conclusion that ultimately, the ethical and the aesthetical as well as the true are the same.

This entry has no external links. They were lying in front of me ot like objects in physical space. Second, a vision about the last king of Judaea, Zedekiah, which Shanon cites as being one of the most significant he ever had: In metaphor these domains are semantic fields, while in synaesthesia they are sensory modalities, but otherwise these two cognitive phenomena are the same.