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Treatise on Instrumentation (Dover Books on Music) [Hector Berlioz, Richard Strauss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The most influential. Berlioz was one of the first composers to deal greatly with orchestration. In this treatise he talks about what the different sounds that instruments make (tone. Includes full-score musical examples from works by Berlioz, Mozart, Beethoven, Music History and Theory – Books on Music; /; Treatise on Instrumentation.

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Every time I have heard the organ playing together with the orchestra it seemed to me to produce a dreadful effect; it interfered with the orchestra instead of strengthening it. There are only few examples in his orchestral writing, and when he makes use of this it is almost always for a special effect.

Hector BerliozRichard Strauss. The composer must always be careful to indicate the duration he wishes to give to cymbal strokes that are followed by a rest. Admittedly harp players are not anxious to play whole pieces in these lower octaves; they are rather far from their bodies, force them to lean forward and stretch their arms, and thus to maintain a rather uncomfortable posture for some length of time.

Great importance seems to be attached nowadays to this art of instrumentation, which was unknown at the start of the previous century; sixty years ago, many who were regarded as true friends of music tried to hinder its development. The practice of some masters nowadays of treating the treatisf trombones and ophicleide as isntrumentation quartet, with the latter taking the real bass part, may not be above reproach. The resulting sounds produce accompaniments which singers appreciate, as they do not cover their voices.

It is even more difficult than with those instruments to give it an appropriate role in the orchestra, as its metallic sound when played forte is only suitable for pieces that are extremely brilliant, and when played piano for pieces that have a certain bizarre wildness.

So great is the difference that composers must inevitably take this into account and should not write their dramatic scores in exactly the same way as symphonies, masses and oratorios that are intended for concert halls or for churches.

Hector Berlioz’s Treatise on instrumentation and orchestration

In the Symphonie Fantastique the cymbals are used only at the very end of the 4th and 5th movements the last chord. As I have already said, these low notes blend well with the lower register of the cor anglais and of the clarinets; they provide the soft nuance in a dark colouring. The Tenoroon Basson Quinte. It would erupt like a volcano. But this doubling in the lower part is too weak and out of proportion to the upper part, and the result is a superfluous buzzing sound, which tends to obscure rather than enhance the vibration of the higher notes on the violins.


It possesses to the highest degree nobility and grandeur. One common practice to give great power to a passage for the violins is to have the first violins doubled by the seconds playing an octave below; but if the passage is not written too high it is much better to have all the violins playing in unison. Care should be taken in this case to provide numerous tuning forks in the orchestra; this is the only way to preserve exactly the correct pitch of a crowd of instruments that are so different in character and temperament.

All rights of reproduction reserved for the texts and translations on this page. If the intention was to perform a composition involving a chorus, such an orchestra would require:.

Here is the lonely virgin, the blond betrothed of the huntsman, who raises her eyes to heaven and mingles her gentle lament with the sounds of the deep forests shaken by the storm. When used harmonically, it blends very well with the mass of brass instruments. Harold in Italy1st movement, bar 73 and following; overture to Benvenuto Cellini ; the Roman Carnival overture; the Menuet des Follets from the Damnation of Faust ].

Visit Virtual Sheet Music to learn more The sounds of the oboe are suitable for expressing simplicity, artless grace, gentle happiness, or the grief of a weak soul. The violin The viola The cello The double-bass The harp. Sticks with a wooden head produce a harsh, dry and hard sound, suitable only for striking a violent blow, or for accompanying a noisy orchestral outburst.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. The expressive qualities of its tone stand out so clearly that in those very rare cases when composers of the past have given it a prominent role the instrument has never failed to live up to expectation.


Courier Corporation- Music – pages. The only difference is that whereas for the horn in C basso the real sound must be imagined to be an octave below the written note in the G clef, for some very low saxhorns the sound must be imagined to be two octaves below. This is an essential instrunentation for achieving the best possible results and calculating with sureness the intended effects.

In the overture intrumentation Oberon Weber with rare felicity makes the cellos sing in their upper register, while two clarinets in A playing in unison sound their lower notes underneath.

Berlioz Treatise on orchestration

It should however be mentioned that M. Nothing can compare with the penetrating gentleness of the E string of some twenty violins in the hands of experienced players. The book also provides orchestral excerpts from classical scores to give examples of techniques discussed.

When they were unable to think straightaway of a few notes to fill in the chords they quickly fell back on the inevitable indication col bassoand did so in such a careless way that the result was sometimes instrumentatikn octave doubling of the bass line which was incompatible either with the harmony, or with the melody, or with both at once.

Then it sings a gentle lament, and rises to express reproach, deep grief, and the cry of a heart torn by incurable wounds. InRichard Strauss was asked to update the text to include some modern instruments and included musical examples from Wagner, and in the updated Treatise with a new preface by Strauss was published in German.

I must admit that in our time this prejudice against the viola part has not been completely eliminated, and that even in the best orchestras there are still players who have not mastered the art of viola playing any better than that of the violin. The practice has developed in France of writing all these instruments, as well as the saxotrombas and the saxtubas, both the lowest and the highest, on the G clef, as is done with horns.

Between the chorus and harps and pianos alone. Messe solennelle Grande messe des mortsOp.