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Journalist Ross Gelbspan’s new book, Boiling Point (out in late July from Basic Books), reveals how politicians, big oil and coal, the media, and. Revisiting the consensus on global warming (The Heat Is On, ), Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gelbspan finds the US strangely at odds. But Ross Gelbspan is no slave to fashion. The beauty of his book Boiling Point is how it reminds us that scientific facts are inescapable, even.

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Go to Conservation Land Management. Gelbspan expands the argument about global warming: While it’s tempting to think that one universal solution set will emerge, I suspect we’ll have to muddle along, cherry-picking the best of various approaches and cobbling them together.

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From Rosw, the free encyclopedia. Now you are already seeing in his actions the payback … for what we did. Go to British Wildlife. Moreover, a substantial number of developing countries that are not required to cut their emissions in the first round of the protocol have begun to do so anyway.

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But we should not expect panaceas. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Public investment is no substitute for a climate policy in which emission limits drive private investment in solutions. The implication is that they are not only sell-outs, ggelbspan laughingstocks in the eyes of mainstream science. It would create millions of jobs and raise living standards in poor countries whose populations are affected by climate-driven disease epidemics and whose borders are overrun by environmental refugees.


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Ross Gelbspan

Inhofe received double the campaign contributions from energy companies during the election than poimt any other business sector. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

In Novemberin an effort to improve its environmental image, ExxonMobil trumpeted its investment in hydrogen fuel research. An ex-member of the Fourth Estate, Gelbspan denounces it for inadequate coverage of global warming, and when covering it, for giving equal weight to the arguments of skeptical scientists.

He has written two books relating to global warming: These first-glimpse events seem more disturbing in their range and variety than even environmentalists who invoked the falling sky a decade ago could guess. Reading this book is at times like getting doused with a big bucket of cold water. The book is generally accurate, if a little selective, in its depictions of scientific evidence for evolution of Earth’s climate and, specifically, anthropogenic forcing of climate.

Since becoming involved in the climate issue, Gelbspan has delivered a number of lectures, radio and television interviews and has published multiple articles on the subject. A study by lead authors Sallie Baliunas and Willie Soon at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and published in an obscure journal, Climate Research, concluded that the 20th century is neither the warmest century, nor the century with the most extreme weather, of the past 1, years.


But with the science now so robust, and negative impacts so visible, this behavior is inexcusable.

Not that such corruption of the political process by powerful special interests is new to our republic. The Little Ice Age. As of this month, countries have ratified or acceded to the Kyoto Protocol. Yet he recognizes that the American public is not as alarmed as he is, so the first half of his work dissects the forces he alleges are keeping Americans in ignorant thrall.

ExxonMobil and the Bush administration have also united in sowing climate change disinformation and deception among U. Benton Richard Fortey View All. This excerpt traces what Gelbspan describes as a corrupt relationship between the Bush administration and the fossil-fuel industry.

About this book Related titles. If the dream seems remote, consider this: Both perceptions will work in your favor if properly cultivated.