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Once banned in the Irish Republic, Borstal Boy is both a riveting self-portrait and a Brendan Behan is widely regarded as one of the greatest Irish writers and. Directed by Peter Sheridan. With Shawn Hatosy, Danny Dyer, Eamon Glancy, Ian McElhinney. Irish writer and political activist Brendan Behan, is befriended as. In June the Irish Times noted that, with the success of The Hostage and his book Borstal Boy, the name of Brendan Behan ‘has become almost as.

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Brendan Behan – far more than a Borstal Boy –

Brendan’s father, Stephen Behan, a house painter who had been active in the Irish War of Independence, read classic literature to the children at bedtime from sources such as Zola, Galsworthy, and Maupassant; his mother, Kathleen, took them on literary tours of the city. Republican in Court Joe Taylor The film is warm, emotive and sentimental, without being saccharine.

Fully ha So I’ve watched the movie multiple times. Two years later, the writer moved to Paris where he probably worked as a house-painter although he claimed himself that he was a pimp “procuring girls for Americans on commission” and writing pornography to earn his crust. I don’t im I was given a copy of this wonderful book by an Australian I met when travelling in Europe in What is most notably absent is any remorse by any of the inmates despite crimes like murder, rape, etc etc.

So I’ve watched the movie multiple times. The dialogue can be very intricate although surprisingly offhand. Morrissey claims he has been snubbed by TV stations Though Brendan is clearly culpable for his actions, he is also very young and his been indoctrinated by the IRA all his life — most of his family are members.

Lists with This Book. Apart from the background, the book is perhaps mainly a sociological study of the interactions of quite a few characters in a penal system which is depicted as being quite humane.

I think the idea of him settling down and having a quiet time with a wife and children is hard to imagine though. Behan was born in the inner city of Dublin on 9 February into an educated working class family. The humor and general good nature of the lil IRA boy surprised me, and I thought it would be a depressing read, but it was the opposite.


Brendan Behan was born on February 9, I have no hesitation in giving this five stars and a place on my favourites shelf. By the time the play got to the United States, the playwright was the toast of every town and was a must on the to-be-seen guest lists of New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

In sixteen year old IRA man Brendan Behan was arrested holding explosives which he was going to use to blow up the Liverpool docks, to strike a blow for Ireland against its age long imperial oppressor.

Sep 13, Joseph rated it really liked it Shelves: Borstal Boy is an autobiographical account of Brendan Behans arrest in Liverpool in for owning bombmaking material as part of an apparantly unauthorized solo mission to set off bombs for the IRA and subsequent imprisonment.

Che tu possa essere la madre di un vescovo”. For the Tories, this would have been a withering indictment of the nanny-state brenda it’s tender mercies.

Borstal Boy

Shame that, because it means the nuances and layer Warm, bfendan, literate and intelligent. I was amused to read a review in which the reader lamented the lack of sodomy and violence.

Under a general amnesty granted to all Republican prisoners by de Valera inBehan was released.

His language is coded but clear, as is his own bisexuality. To hell with him anyway. I would describe them as fraternal twins: The British Empire had its boot firmly on the necks of the “lesser races” at the time, yet a 16 year old who acknowledged his membership in the IRA, and had a pack of explosives and plans to bomb the shipyards during the war, was sentenced to 3 years at an open prison with other boys.

Reading the book is somewhat spoiled for me and the differences bbrendan in the adaptation are immediately apparent. Whatever ratings the movie is given the book is not G rated.


Brendan Behan – far more than a Borstal Boy

I always get grateful and pious in good weather and this was the kind of day borstzl know that Christ bdhan for you. His ties with the IRA won’t allow him to fully cooperate with the British operators of the Bostal House Reform schoolbut he reluctantly pledges to do so until Hitler is defeated. A wonderful book, and far better than I was expecting. Blake Lively has revealed that she and husband Ryan Brendan and Brian did not share the same views, especially when the question of politics or nationalism arose.

Of course, public displays of drunkenness including an infamous interview with Malcolm Muggeridge on the BBC catapulted Behan’s name into public discourse, but there can be little doubt that his natural wit and voy also helped him greatly. Years later, she accepted the offer and worked with Behan while The Hostage toured the U.

When he was 16 in Behan went to Liverpool with some explosives with the intention of blowing up the docks. I have to say my mother had a very difficult time borstaal with my father and if basically somebody came along and caused trouble between them, I’m not particularly interested in having anything to do with them.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Where, by necessity, the short, dense, and most cryptic remark gains immortality for the speaker, with all the force of borsgal punch. I boretal give a talk on him without someone coming up to me at the end saying: Ideology takes a distant second, almost written off as an embarrasment, to the ecosytem the juvenile offenders build between themselves and with the gaurds.

Feb 23, Pete daPixie rated it really liked it Shelves: