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Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (Servant of the Buddha) went forth as a bhikkhu (Buddhist monk) in , at the age of twenty. After a few years of study in Bangkok, which . THE VENERABLE Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, who passed away at the age of eighty- seven on July 8, , was perhaps the best-known and most controversial Thai . Ajahn Buddhadasa (–93) is perhaps the most influential Buddhist teacher in the history of Thailand. In he founded Suan.

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During the 70s several bloody massacres took place spurred by increasing reactionary anti-communist feeling and rhetoric.


A Dhamma talk to monks ordained for the Rains Retreat given on 4 th October In the forest, plants, animals, bugs, and germs are all doing their parts cooperatively to sustain the forest. Word has it, sensing the end, he hung up his keys and retired for the evening, and then the major stroke occurred. Previously, he did so primarily in terms of democracy, which was not the Thai system of government. Although his formal education only went as far as ninth grade and beginning Pali studies, he was given five Honorary Doctorates by Thai universities.

At that time, it was the only forest Dhamma Center and one of the few places dedicated to vipassana meditation in Southern Thailand.

Thai Inter-Religious Commission for Development, From the earliest period of his religious buddhadass, Buddhadasa utilized a comparative approach and sought to be able to explain “Buddhist’s teachings through other thought systems such as Taoism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Jainism and Natural Science.

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu also made a distinction between two levels of language needed to discuss ordinary concepts and concepts related to the higher points of the Dhamma: Known as an innovative reinterpreter of Buddhist doctrine and Thai folk beliefsBuddhadasa fostered a reformation in conventional religious perceptions in his home country, Thailandas well as abroad.


His ecological concerns translated naturally into a preference for simplicity. Due to his buddnadasa as a monk and teacher such perspectives could not be ignored.

The news of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, his work, and Suan Mokkh gradually spread over the years. Under his influence it grew into a monastery with a character and feel quite different than most, or perhaps all, Thai monasteries.

Most of the monks involved in nature conservation and community development were inspired by him. Progressive elements in Thai society, especially the young, were inspired by his teaching and selfless example. According to legend, the King of Thailand once wrote a memo to Buddhadasa Bhikkhu asking permission to visit Suan Mokkh. His books can be found in bucdhadasa around the country and are favorites as gifts at cremations.

The final stroke occurred as he was preparing notes for a talk to be given on his bhukkhu th birthday in two days 27 May. I believe that the subject will be especially beneficial because I will discuss two things at the same time. Since the ‘s, activists and thinkers in areas such as education, ecology, social welfare, traditonal medicine, and rural development have drawn upon his teaching and advice.

Ajahn Buddhadasa

bdudhadasa He then taught whatever he could say truly quenches dukkha dissatisfaction, distress, suffering. Views Read Edit View history. His approach was always scientific, straight-forward, and practical.

Moksha holds the sense of ‘shedding ones skin. Before his death inhe established an International Dhamma Hermitage Center across the highway from his own retreat to aid in the teaching of Buddhism and other yogic practices to international students. His last project was to establish bikkhu International Dhamma Hermitage. Finally, the questioner clarified that the Arahant must still have good wishes for society, the desire to do beneficial things, right?

Most activities at Suan Mokkh were optional.

Buddhadasa – Wikipedia

Typical of young monks during the time, he traveled to the capital, Bangkokfor doctrinal training but found the wats there dirty, crowded, and, most troubling to him, the sangha corrupt, “preoccupied with prestige, position, and comfort with little interest in the highest ideals of Buddhism.


Summary of his teachings prepared by Tan Ajahn for a souvenir book on the occasion of his 80 th ‘Age Teasing Day’ on 27 th May The charges were proven to be untenable, but the threat was clear. At that time, it was the only forest Dhamma center and one of the few places dedicated to meditation in Southern Thailand.

He provided the link between the scriptural tradition and engaged buddhist practice today.

Although he at times spoke positively about democracy, he noted that it often plays out as a system of individual selfishness. Buddhadasa budddhadasa paticcasamupadda as the “birth” of “I” and mine through sense-contact with objects, and the resulting vedana “feeling”tanha “thirst,” craving and upadana clinging.

Retrieved from ” https: Getting started in mindfulness bhikkh breathing: This use was initially criticized and then praised. A similar facility for nuns, Thai and foreign, awaits the women who will make it happen. Similarly, he did his best to guide Suan Mokkh as a cooperative enterprise.

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu and His Practice of Dhammic Socialism by Santikaro – Suan Mokkh

Doctoral dissertations byikkhu still being written about him and his legacy. Buddha-Dhamma for Students ]. Translated from the Thai by Santikaro Bhikkhu. Thereby, I am named Buddhadasa.

On the other hand, he could be tough, which was in line with his view of nature. His aim in these discussions was to probe the similarities at the heart of each of the major world religions.