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Rene “Butch” Meily is a jack of all trades. He’s the current president of IdeaSpace Philippines and QBO Philippines. He’s also the President and COO of. PDRF President, Rene “Butch” Meily, talking on the devts on the first ever private- sector led DOC. #pdrfluncheon Founder Spotlight: Rene Butch Meily, President of QBO Philippines Innovation Hub Success for Butch was being able to “make an impact on other people’s.

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Eight of those networks mobilized in response to emergencies in the last year. The organization is working to revive commerce and business in the region, helping entrepreneurs establish small shops or necessities fleeing residents had to leave behind, he said.

It seeks to be the catalyst for proactive and constructive corporate collaboration for a better, safer and friendlier Asia. Initiated and seed-funded by HSL Constructor, the CCF is a private sector initiative to pull and pool together appropriate corporate assets to help improve the capacity and resilience of vulnerable communities in Asia, through sustainable livelihood programmes including disaster preparedness and response.

A kubo for the Filipino startup community. Inwhen the Ondoy typhoon disaster hit, most areas in the Philippines were left devastated. While the Public and People sectors had long come together and embarked on collaborative frameworks, the Private sector had always been deemed to be passive funders or donors of disaster relief efforts.

Thank you for contributing to be part of Investor List. Knowledge-sharing and innovation across national borders is key. Press “Enter” to search. The networks aim to foster better coordination, improved preparedness, and more effective, efficient crisis response by leveraging private-sector businesses—which account for 90 percent of jobs in the world and play vital roles in communities.


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Interview with Butch Meily

He spent a lot of time in the United States, working there for almost 20 years. This kind of mentality could potentially take away great opportunities from Filipinos. Manny Pangilinan asked Butch to collaborate once more and help out with Ideaspace. Eventually, he was offered a chance to work in the Philippines.

Butch is also president of IdeaSpace Foundation, a technology accelerator for early stage startup companies.

We want to hear it at TechShake. In its first year, CBi supported private sector-led networks in 13 locations: Butch is President of the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation PDRFa private sector disaster management organization that includes many of the major business groups in the country. Breaking the status quo. We follow the stories of founders, investors, influencers and the local startup community.

QBO Innovation Hub | TechShake

That was the start of the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation. Running a meaningful business that makes a positive impact on society should definitely be added to the prescribed career norms of today. Entrepreneurs meiyl that risk-taking is a part of their job. While officials requested the support, locals are traders by nature, Meily said.

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A home for risk-takers. Thank you for contributing to be part of Startup List. Butch Meily had always known that his mission is to empower local Filipino startups, but it took him a few years to be able to concretize exactly how he could help out.

Keily and others have meipy sought expertise. Share Tags Category in Accelerator. It was through this that he became a part of the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation.


Thank you for contributing to be part of Community List. The year-old initiative is sharing best practices and facilitating exchanges, under which the Philippines has sent experts to Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Fiji to launch their own private sector networks.


TechShake is a startup media company based in the Philippines. Failed, there’s something wrong.

PDRF may also help the government privatize some essential city services such as water and electricity. As the critical link among government agencies, civil society groups and local government units, PDRF provides a systematic and holistic approach in responding to different crises from the period of preparedness meiky recovery.

Butch was born in the Philippines but left to study abroad. Write an Article Please fill-out the form below. Entrepreneurs who find success in their businesses are able to provide people with job opportunities as well as inspire other innovators to follow suit.

Interview – Butch Meily | Connecting Business initiative

Designed and developed by Digiteer Creative Studios Meilh. SEED is simultaneously tasked to evaluate and disseminate first-hand information to incoming aid responders for more informed strategic decisions. At least 45 civilians have been killed and thousands of others are in urgent need of food, health care, shelter, water, sanitation, and hygiene.