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HarperCollins Publishers India Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of HarperCollins Worldwide. (Byculla To Bangkok) (Marathi Edition) [(HUSSAIN ZAIDI)] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Chota Rajan Arun Gawli Ashwin Naik What is. Byculla to Bangkok – Kindle edition by S. Hussain Zaidi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks .

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Trivia About Byculla to Bangkok. Must read for every gangster genre reader. MPositive described it as “alternately spine-chilling and moving”.

You feel like you are reading a bangklk based on Criminals in a very Newspaper kinda format. This sequel to Dongri to Dubai from Hussan Zaidi is okay but not good enough. After reading his book “Dongri to Dubai”, I didn’t think I would read another amazing book on Mumbai mafia. Written nicely this book may not apppeal to those who like their stories to be woven aroung a central character. Though, it’ll definitely keep you interested if you are excited about reading the mumbai mafia. There’s hardly any looking back once the book is bangkom.

So what does the author expect us to do, read that book again before picking this bangkokk There were a lot of pages which read more like fiction that reality, this could have been avoided. It is astonishing and completely unacceptable that a goon and a low life like Gawli could form a party and dream of becoming a politician after all his crimes. Jul 26, Geet Mahajan rated it really liked it.


Vyculla trivia or quizzes yet. It is extremely readable and doesnt bore the reader.

Byculla to Bangkok – Wikipedia

Organized crime in any part of the world, makes up for a fascinating study, insensitive, is it? The chapters or stories in BTB seems incomplete rushed, where the stories or incidences in DTD seemed complete and linked to each other.

The bias in this book as well his earlier one towards Dawood is visible in a very subtle manner. Our institutions are absolutely not people friendly nor do they operate with SLAs. The writing is pacy and there are numerous instances where byyculla can’t leave the book. May 01, Hrishikesh rated it really liked it.

Interestingly all them are marathi by origin specially from Kokan region and all are the son of mill worker. A must read for those who are willing to know more about the crime developments in Mumbai.

Byculla to Bangkok

Tripathi or an Ashwin Sanghi. Jun 08, Vishwanath Malyekar rated it really liked it. If you are interested in reading about crimethe mafia, their origin stories then this is a must read bcyulla you, along with the other two by Mr.

Views Read Edit View history. The tales of these men have all the essential elements required for a high end drama — love, lust, betrayal, violence and vendetta. Oct 03, Raj Shukla rated it really liked it.

Heroes sometimes do fail There are multiple narratives and stories that are weaved seamlessly. Really Mr Zaidi Key takeaways from this book A. Now, Dongri to Dubai was better in my opinion, Why? This is the so called sequel to the book “Dongri to Dubai” by the author Zaidi. Here are some of the reasons why according to me this book sinks like Titanic in to depths of disappointments: I am tk much into crime reading and when it is Mumbai mafia, I had to pick this book I am too much into fact finding of mumbai mafia.


Chapter by chapter Zaidi unfolds story of Mumbai mafia. Some of the pics in the bnagkok are actually useless in the extreme. Importance has been given to the role of Shiv Sena and BJP, but Cong has been totally leftout with respect to its role in enabling the mafia. bangiok

Jul 31, Virat hooda rated bankgok liked it Shelves: I was looking over my shoulder for a bit after reading this. Bads about this book: The books covers every detail in a bycullz From the dingy and dark lanes of Byculla to the upmarket streets of Bangkok and Dubai it’s about gangsters and mafia raj which ruled Mumbai and it’s roads in 80’s and 90’s. Mar 10, Meghant Parmar rated it really liked it.

While Dawood was the epicentre of the Dongri to Dubai. This book, like his previous book, is thoroughly researched and keeps you engaged. It chronicles the events under which the mumbai mafia rose, especially due to poor police attitude and the desparation and economic hardships faced by the mill workers due to the mill strike in mumbai.