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Links to translation of Dorotheus: Carmen Astrologicum, by e. Dorotheus of Sidon, who appears to have lived in Alexandria, flourished in the first century AD. He wrote his Pentateuch (five books) on. CARMEN ASTROLOGICUM. translated by David Pingree. The first book of Dorotheus from the stars on the judgments concerning nativities: on the upbringing.

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Astroolgicum the lord of the sign of wedding with this is in a good place, then he will have intercourse with a sick woman or a stranger who has no one, and he will have no constancy among women, and trouble and injury will come upon him because of them. But you should have these degrees in [the rising-times of] the ascendants because degrees are equal, thirty [to a sign], but the ascendants are not equal because some of them are crooked and some straight.

If [the two lords] are in cadents, then sometimes nothing is allotted. If with this Mars aspects [them], it will be a disaster.

Links to translation of Dorotheus of Sidon: Carmen Astrologicum

A table to calculate Dodecatemoria. If you find Jupiter in the cardine under the earth or in the cardine, the seventh, with a malefic, or [if] a malefic is in opposition or quartile to it [Jupiter], then it is the indicator of the death of his [the native’s] children, and worse than this if Jupiter is without light.

If you find it [a sign] having two bodies, or its lord is in a sign having two bodies, then it indicates [that] the brothers are mixed [in their parentage], sons of concubines, [born] from his father and his mother and others than them. It is worse than this if the lord of the cardine, the fourth, is injured because it is the indicator of the matter of the parents.

If you find in what is between these Mars or Saturn, it indicates the death of the child, especially if Mars and Saturn are in a bad place. If Saturn transits that lot and Jupiter is in a cardine, then predict thereupon [that] the native will inherit his father’s wealth at his [the father’s] death.

If it is Mars, then it indicates women who will marry [several] men in succession and will play the whore with men.

Dorothei Sidonii Carmen astrologicum (Book, ) []

Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. If you then find nothing, then say that there is none who is [born] from his mother after him. Departure from a journey If you find the first lord of the triplicity of the Sun in a strong place and the second is in a bad place, then his father at the beginning of his birth attains goodness of condition, but this does not persist till the end, astrologjcum if it is the opposite, then reverse it.


Look at the two lords of these two lots and their power in their places, and know whether the birth of males or of females is more numerous and better.

Carmen Astrologicum by Dorotheus of Sidon

Now I will cause to pass by you [in review] the things in which I showed you [what to do] if you wish to judge the nativity with regard to property and fortune. If you find the Moon in the twelfth or in the sixth [place] and the lord of the triplicity of this sign is not in a good place, then the native is a slave.

In the nativity of a woman predict similarly about their benefiting from men. Similarly [does it happen] if you find that wherever is the Venus of one of the two [marriage partners], there is the Moon of the other, or wherever is the Moon of one of the two, there is the Venus of the other, especially if the Moon of one of the two is in trine with the Moon of the other.

Similarly, if you find the malefic [planets], both of them, in a cardine and the two luminaries, which are the Sun and the Moon, not aspecting the ascendant, this is an indication of evil [for] the woman.

If you find the two luminaries, both of astrologicmu, injured from opposition or quartile, then look from the conjunction or the fullness [of the Moon] as this will indicate to you whatever of that you wish. On the superiority of the places. Dorothei Sidonii Carmen astrologicum Author: If Venus is in a bad place without the aspect of a benefic while Saturn does aspect it and is free of Jupiter, then it indicates that this native will remain without marriage, but astrooogicum will have intercourse with those who are disgraced and in whom there is no good.

If the Moon leaves Mars, it indicates [something] like this. Want to Read saving…. If you find Jupiter overcoming Saturn, it indicates miseries of the father because of his son. Praise to God, the grantor of fortune to whom He wishes of His servants because of his excellence, and Who removes misfortune from whom He wishes of His servants because of his faith, and Who is generous, beneficent, just, [and] compassionate.


Knowledge of the places of the planets Saturn rejoices arriving at Aquarius. May His blessing be upon His prophets whom He has chosen and [upon] all of His messengers. The buying of animals The upbringing of natives and for whom there will be an upbringing or for whom an upbringing astroloyicum not be known If you find Mars and Saturn with the Sun or in acrmen to it [the Sun] or opposition without the aspect of the benefics, it indicates the squandering of his father’s property and its dispersal.

Look at the seventh place from the lot, as, if you find its lord in the lot and the lot’s lord in the seventh, astrolobicum these [natives] will keep quiet about their marriage[s] and will have intercourse with women secretly, then they will marry them after that and they [the women] will bear children from them.

If you find the Moon leaving Saturn, especially by night, then predict that he will have no benefit from his brothers who caremn before him because they will die, but a reputation of eminence will remain for them. If you find I Mars and Saturn aspecting the cardine, the fourth, in opposition to it or in quartile or [if] they are in it without the benefics, then predict concerning his parents misfortune astrologiucm misery and slavery.

Book three is on the Dorotheus of Sidon, who appears to have lived in Alexandria, flourished in the first century AD. If you want to see in the nativity of a woman astfologicum lot of marriage, then count from the degrees of Venus to Saturn and add to it the degrees of the ascendent.

The time of the wedding: Each planet is benefic when it is in its house or in its triplicity or its exaltation so that what it indicates of good astrklogicum strong, increasing. Knowledge of the death of the parents of the native, one of the two before his companion. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

If you find the Sun aspecting the Moon in [a case] like this, then it indicates brothers who are older than he is. The courtship of a woman and what occurs between a wife and her husband when she quarrels and scolds and departs from her house publicly