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This Pin was discovered by Nick Hardy. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. Your heart is restless, left alone family at home. Instead of anxious, try to open your phone and read this book online Le catene miofasciali in medicina. Manuale. Corso – Le Catene Miofasciali, Spine Center, Via della Liberazione, 5,

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At the beginning the work was rather difficult because Katie was trying too hard and compensations were all over the place. These pathologies are always associated with a departure from the normal shape. She learned to be patient and soon her kinaesthesia was much improved.

Hyper-elasticity is an illusion; nobody was ever too supple. He saw several specialists until he was Gareth, a personnel manager, spent his childhood troubled with musculoskeletal dysfunction.

catene miofasciali arti superiori | Kinetic chains | Pinterest | Anatomy, Pilates and Chronic pain

In other words the chains are passively extended and then contracted without any possibility of shortening. Metodo MezieresMezieres – Official Page.

This is because the change in length of an element of a Jiofasciali will pull on the insertion of the following element, and so on until the end of the chain. At the age of thirty Gareth started to feel twinges in his back that soon became pains.


Gareth came to me in September 97, as a last resort, to avoid a new operation. The MCs defend themselves in turns, twists, bends, and kinks of all sorts.

The following years were rich in new observations she could turn to practical use. Local intervention within miofasciapi total strectching posture, from head to hands and head.

It is also the most beautiful, harmonious and symmetrical one. Beauty is the external sign of health and fitness. The problem was not the round back but this wandering lordotic bend that was as slippery as a bar of soap.

Mezieres – Official Page Archives – warmfitwarmfit

Suffering from back pain for two years, her whole torso had been caged up into a brace that did not stop her deformations but gave her plenty of bruises. Her primary discovery made her question this certainty and then reject it as a fallacy.

She went back to the study of anatomy, a subject she had been teaching for ten years. Moreover their action is predominant in all our movements; contrariwise they never get the chance to be fully lengthened in our daily activities. It is advisable then to start from easier postures which can allow more rigorous work. Catene muscolari di Mezieres e catene muscolari di Souchard.

Corso – Le Catene Miofasciali

Alla catena posteriore appartengono i seguenti muscoli: It took her twenty years to thoroughly check the validity of her observations and to understand the bodily mechanisms brought to the fore. Obviously not because the square shape does not fit the rolling action required from a wheel.


At Marcoophysio, our experts in postural rehabilitation look at the various systems musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, miofaasciali and hearing and investigate how to improve their cooperation. We had to work cautiously because of the pain and the damaged disc. The diaphragm, the main breathing muscle, is part of a MC and, as such, tends to be unduly contracted. An increased tension of the muscles can cause dysfunction and pain, leading to unbalance between the muscular chains.

Miocasciali postural re-education we can treat: According to orthodox view gravity is the main cause of our deformations and the posterior muscles are believed to be too weak to counteract the gravity force. This is achieved by means of an eccentric static contraction of the MCs. This posture proves to be too difficult for the majority of beginners who cannot sufficiently correct the compensations provoked by it. Suppress these compensations and you will only encounter stiffness.