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Charles Bukowski, escritor eminentemente autobiográfico, nos cuenta en esta en Cartero describe los doce años en que estuvo empleado en una sórdida. Read El cartero / The postman book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified orders. Follow the Author. Charles Bukowski. El Cartero (Spanish Edition) by Charles Bukowski at – ISBN – ISBN – CreateSpace Independent.

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Around the Year i She’s not your kind of woman. He has a heart. Ever wanted to approach that old lonely drunk staring into his glass, so deeply lost in his thoughts that you dare not disturb him? He later wrote about the filming of Barfly in his novel, Hollywood.

He’s a congenital loser trapped in a dead-end profession from which he can derive no personal satisfaction, yet possessed of enough self-awareness to recognize the absurdity of his situation. I mean will it tell them life can go so wrong even when we try our best?

This is the book where Bukowski explains how he fell into his career as mail carrier and later mail clerkwhy he stuck with the job for as long as he did, and everything that eventually forced him to quit.

Cartero – Charles Bukowski – Google Books

This unfolds as Hank recounts his history of working at the post office. Why is reading Bukowski so much more enjoyable when you’re drinking? It moved way up there. Return to Book Page. I’ve since grown up. I could smell him through the picture. One of the reviews read: United States of America. So I agree this book isn’t funny, there are no thought through jokes, they were never meant to be written down on paper and told in a microphone for a well-dressed crowd, the world simply shoved situations in his face and he decided to laugh.


View all 16 comments. The protagonist has no regard for anything. Admittedly, he wasn’t the most sophisticated of writers.

He might have had only half a buklwski, like that uncle of ours who used cjarles steal our noses. Never have I come across a character that is just so disgraceful ; a sad, lousy Allow me to introduce you to Man, I mean he worked that nose in there. At the age of three, he came with his family to the United States and grew up in Los Angeles. The charm of this book lies in the relentless attachment of Chinaski to the US Postal Service, bukowsik he puts in thankless hours on the trot in pursuit of a life drowned in alcohol, cigarettes, r “It began as a mistake.

For Christ’s sake, I thought, who in hell but me would ever get caught in a scene like this?

It made you see things better. And then I did. Trigger warnings for rape and misogyny. It is all somewhat detached; his daughter is “the girl”, even though he knew “as long as I could see the girl I would be all right”, but such detachment is necessary for him to survive his lifestyle, especially the times when he is hurt.

The novel sheds light on Bukowski’s life during the period from and until he resigned from his job at the post office inbefore returning to his position inwhere he continued to work until I want to le his eyes glaze over with sadness and disappointment. That couple of million was a long time coming.


Terry has extensive experience as an international. In any case, it made an impression. His voice is irrever Post Office is an account of one man’s struggle with regular employment. She seemed a buowski crazy but I kept looking at her body and I didn’t care.

I’m disheveled and I’m disdainful and I’m distracted and it’s painful View all 65 comments. Another masterpiece of feminism in American Literature.

Account Options Sign in. Preview — Post Office by Charles Bukowski. Post Office by Charles Bukowski. Background The novel is a semi-autobiographical account of Bukowski’s years working as a carrier and sorter for the United States Postal Service, the novel is “dedicated to nobody”. We’ll be meeting in a bar, not some fancy shmancy conference, so that “the university of life” stuff should do.

Post Office

This is his world folks, enter with caution! Want to Read Currently Reading Read. They just kept moving closer and closer. Bukowski agreed; three weeks later, he had written Post Office. If the everyman is a pervy drunk. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my cue.

We had both been robbed. See all 4 questions about Post Office…. There wasn’t a sound.