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Chiedi alla polvere [John Fante] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Così l’ho intitolato Chiedi alla polvere, perché in quelle strade c’è la polvere dell’ Est e del Middle West, ed è una. Chiedi alla polvere by John Fante, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Fante, John,author.

John Fante

Arturo Bandini o John Fante. I didn’t really enjoy the writing style as it didn’t al,a overly polished, and the fact that the library copy which I borrowed was incredibly grubby and had the remains of someone’s picnic within it did not make me wish to carry on with my read either.

Realizing that just because love might go unanswered, it doesn’t make it any less real Unfortunately, this only serves as a tribute to Bukowski that he could read this and then write worthwhile fiction himself. Si sente incredibilmente virile, ma si eccita sempre al momento sbagliato.

Pronta a solcare il globo da est a ovest e da ovest a est. What was that thunder in my belly?

View all 9 comments. I was right the first time. Hackmuth, a God of magazine publishers, gazes benevolently on the castawayed writer. Lists What are lists?

Chiedi alla polvere by John Fante

Era un momento importante della mia vita; dovevo prendere una decisione nei confronti dell’albergo. Trivia About Ask the Dust The Brian Yatman I’ve only read this one, and it is a complete story – it certainly works as a standalone.

This is a book about a boy’s angst first and a city polbere, with characters further down the list. Me ha parecido excelsa en todos sentidos: Someone was knocking on the window of that house obscured by heavy vines. Hackmuth is a mere man I never met him.


John Fante – Wikiquote

I was there with him, with her, in the desert. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It hurt me when he peeled off two dollars, three and eight. A brown woman with hips and attitude who they could abuse without consequence? That was when the book got good but it never contributed much to the plot other than more polgere.

The protagonist, Arturo Bandini, is a lot of fun to ready about. I think I can guess why a maudlin alcoholic might find the pendulum swings between lust and disgust compelling but I don’t know – I’m not in my 20s anymore. Arturo carried two suitcases, one full of copies of a literary magazine edited polvwre his hero J. I just wish the excellent Ask the Dust hadn’t faltered near the finish line.

It was as I had imagined. Pat Quando di dice “certe traduzioni”: Occasionally Arturo will have a funny observation or self-inflation will turn to self-depreciation as the character will try to do the right thing but lust after doing the wrong thing. John Fante knows how to tell his tale right and he writes both very convincingly and captivatingly.

Un giovane innamorato di una ragazza selvaggia, tanto diversa da lui, e con la quale si lancia in un disperato gioco di tira e molla, che non fa che lasciarlo solo e ferito.

It was strangely kind of innocent, and I didn’t mean it hurt. I’ve never been a fan of art about people struggling to make art. An apartment on Temple Street, an apartment in Los Angeles. Fante’s narrator–destitute twenty year old boy Arturo Bandini struggling against hunger, wanting and creative resistance–lacks the worldliness of John Steinbeck’s Depression-era men and would’ve done well to read The Grapes of Wrath and grow up. As this is a story overwhelmed by a mean, crude, self-absorbed, racist, sexist, bitter-with-anything-that-moves protagonist, it’s no wonder Bukowski adored this book, and its probably thanks to him that anyone still reads it.


We registered and then we had cocktails and then we danced awhile, and then we had another cocktail and I recited some lines of Sanskrit, and the world was so wonderful, because every two minutes some gorgeous one gazed at me, the great author, and nothing would do but I had to autograph her menu, and the silver fox girl was very jealous.

The story had a depressed swagger that was believable even though it was about a time mostly remembered for glamor. Then set up a personal list of libraries from your profile page by clicking on your user name at the top right of any screen.

Their romance hardly blossoms along the lines of mutual respect; Arturo projects his own self-loathing onto Camilla, who in return is often angry that the vigorous writer cannot be the man she loves, bartender Sammy Wiggins, who longs to publish western stories but is ailing from tuberculosis.