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Nowtopia: How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists, and Vacant-Lot Gardeners are Inventing the Future Today! [Chris Carlsson] on * FREE*. Nowtopia: Strategic Exodus? Chris Carlsson Nowtopia identifies a new basis for a shared experience of class. Specifically, the exodus from. In , Chris Carlsson writing in Processed World (the magazine that he helped found), outlined the challenge facing community activists after the.

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Nowtopia is the place to go for inspiring reports on new forms of self-organized working class movements already simmering chfis out of our field of sight.

Nowtopia – class, capital, and new communities – an interview with Chris Carlsson

Carlsson also explores bike culture, like the Critical Mass protests that occur in cities throughout the world typically taking place the last Friday of the month.

Jowtopia profiles tinkerers, inventors, and improvisational spirits who bring an artistic approach to important tasks that are ignored or undervalued by market society.

November 28th, Nowtppia Chris Carlsson, executive director of the multimedia history project “Shaping San Francisco” foundsf. Similarly, DIY biodiesel is often described, but I would have liked to hear more about the actual process of transforming fry-cooker fats into diesel gold. Nowtopia is a book about a new politics of work.

Nowtopia – class, capital, and new communities – an interview with Chris Carlsson

Trevor rated it liked it Aug 06, Martin M rated it really liked it Oct 05, Rarely defining themselves by what they do for a living, people from all walks of life are doing incredible amounts of labor in their “non-work” time, creating immediate practical improvements in daily life. Biodiesel is not sustainable on a mass scale. Most people work out of necessity or desperation and carllsson not have the opportunity to get an education and participate in jobs that require a higher education.

A couple of decades of superstar-focused, grinding isolation offense finally gave way to the uptempo passing game of this era, and to be sure it all feels new again.


Just as vital to the Warriors success is the extraordinary and infectious defensive talents of Draymond Green, skills based on breakthroughs developed by black roommates at the University of San Francisco in the mids. For Chris Carlsson, new forms of resistance have been bubbling just beneath the surface out of sight of not only the mainstream media and social movement watchers but even the left. The current Warriors are still a shocking departure from decades of mediocrity and failure for us long-suffering fans.

Nowtopia is packed with thoroughly documented examples of cooperative bike kitchens, urban gardening movements, biofuels coops, and the free software from someone intimately knowledgeable about each of these movements. Nowtopias can also lose their potential as new forms of working class self-organization as they become corrupted or de-evolve into commercial ventures.

Nowtopia – Contents | Chris Carlsson

This is partly because of greater athleticism and more complicated defensive schemes that are used now, but the speedy, pass-oriented offense of the Warriors is itself a throwback to the best years of the early NBA.

Not only do you get a lot of fantastic interview material in these sections, as well as a sharp analysis of the philosophical underpinnings of these community movements and the benefits and contradictions of each type of DIY action, but Carlsson gives fascinating histories of the rise of each of these nowotpia. He was a founder of the ground-breaking magazine Processed World, and helped launch the monthly bike-ins known as Critical Mass that have spread to five continents and over cities.

Interesting book carlwson discusses the topic of selecting work that is social responsible and also enjoyable to the worker. How realistic is it to say, as many of us would, that wage-labour has always been with us, and always will be? AK Press Ryan Ave. chrks

Chris Hawk rated it it was amazing Aug 02, He interviews people who’ve opened up bike repair spaces to anyone who wants learn. The gardens take back private property, long abandoned by slum lords, and turn it into public land or a commons for the neighbors and by the neighbors, growing and sharing food. The dark asterisk on this carlsdon is the invention of the pneumatic rubber tube which was part of what carsson the popular demand for Good Roads.


For any movement to thrive, there has to be a whole lot of stuff doing all kinds to resist and reject to the dominant cultures, as well as organizing within it and for a better future beyond it. But the purpose of any planning at the level of the U.

This book crhis a must read for anyone who is currently thinking about new ways to organize and new modes of life, and for anyone who is seriously querying why it is that we seem so unable to make history for ourselves and how we might start living up to the promise of self-production at all levels. I really like the main thesis of this book.

In the beginning there is the doing, the social flow of human interaction and creativity, and the doing is imprisoned by the deed, and the deed wants to dominate the doing and life, and the doing is turned into work, and people into things. So the bicycle as a tool of ecological liberation is an idea we can hold only if we are ignorant to its real history.

An American Dreamland in which towards the end he captured my sentiment perfectly: This journal is about living in a world in which the doing is separated from the deed, in which this separation is extended in an increasing numbers of spheres of life, in which the revolt about this separation is ubiquitous.