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When Servetus was burned alive in Geneva on October 27, , all unbound copies of his major work, Christianismi restitutio, went up in smoke together with. A Manuscript of the ‚ÄúChristianismi Restitutio‚ÄĚ of Servetus, placing the Discovery of the Pulmonary Circulation Anterior to Leonard L. Mackall. Christianismi Restitutio: Michael Servetus: revision of his ideas, the Christianismi Restitutio, to Calvin in and expressed a desire to meet him. After their.

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Nonetheless, his reputation was again tarnished and he was removed from his position as lecturer, moving to practice medicine in Lyons as a result.


The Restoration of Christianity was a book published in by Michael Servetus. On October 27,he was burned at the stake in Geneva. When Servetus was burned alive in Geneva on October 27,all unbound copies of his major rextitutio, Christianismi restitutio, went up in smoke together with him.

His books were confiscated, and he was warned out of several Protestant towns.

Miguel Serveto grew up in Villanueva, Aragon, sixty miles north of Zaragossa. Physician and heretic who described the pulmonary circulation”.

While studying law at the University of Toulouse in France, he read the Bible, which the invention of the printing press had made newly and dangerously available. In the German erudite, a follower of Unitarianism, Dr. Read this book to understand the idea that Michael Servetus was willing to die for, his idea of God.

Servetus’ discussion of the pulmonary circulation in Christianismi Restitutio in the middle of the 16th century is recognized by physiologists as the most accurate and complete description at that time.


See all 4 reviews. God was previously not visible, but now we shall see Him with His face unveiled, and, so long as we open the gate and step upon the road, we shall gaze upon Him as He shines in ourselves.

Christianismi Restitutio, , ff.1v-2r – CRC Gallimaufry (Miscellaneous Images)

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. However, he was later captured reshitutio Geneva and found guilty of spreading heresies. Write a customer review. After sending an early draft of Christianismi Restitutio to the theologian John CalvinServetus was arrested by the Inquisition in Viennebut he managed to escape from imprisonment. Some time in Servetus dropped out of the emperor’s entourage and made his way to the Swiss city of Basel to join the Protestants.

What were the Protestants and Catholic leaders all so afraid of that they felt the need to snuff out this flame of theological reason. Humanist and Martyr He became a physician and, for the most part, his life was quiet, aside from being placed on trial for heresy in Paris in A Case Study in Total Heresy Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of erstitutio. He expanded greatly the section on the trinity in the edition published after the death of Servetusavailable as two volumes,of the Library of Christian Classics, translated by John T.

It is time that we open that gate and this path of light.

It also contained, incidentally and by way of illustration, groundbreaking views on pulmonary circulation that challenged the incorrect teachings of Galen. Good God, what tragedies this question will excite among those who come after us! We hope that this long overdue English translation of the major Servetus’ work will stimulate new studies on this fascinating scholar, reformer, and visionary.


Wilbur compiled an exhaustive bibliography of works about Servetus in A bibliography of the pioneers of the Socinian-Unitarian movement in modern Christianity, in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Holland. The present book is the first translation of the frirst part of Servetus’ work which was entitled De Trinitate on the Trinity. Retrieved from ” https: During his twelve-year residence in Vienne, living as the inoffensive Doctor of Medicine, Michel de Villeneuve, Servetus was busy in his spare time preparing his major theological treatise, Christianismi Restitutio The Restoration of Christianity.

But he was misunderstood, misrepresented, and brutally murdered because of his ideas. In Italy Servetus was horrified by riches of the church, the adoration accorded the Pope, restittuio the worldliness of the priesthood.

Sometime during the next year Calvin risked his life to return to Paris that he might meet Servetus and respond to his theological challenges.

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At the mere age of nineteen he was publically accused of restotutio after publishing On the Errors of the Trinity