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Philippics, 1. Cicero translated by C. D. Yonge. «About This Work | Cic. Phil. 1 | Cic. Phil. 2 | About This Work». 1I. Before, O conscript fathers, I say those things. Cicero (Marcus Tullius, –43 BCE), Roman advocate, orator, politician, poet, and philosopher, about whom we know more than we do of any other Roman. Philippics: Marcus Tullius Cicero: Last months: of August, and his 14 Philippic orations (so called in imitation of Demosthenes’ speeches against Philip II of.

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After this violation of all religious observances, you hasten off to the estate of Marcus Varro, a most conscientious and upright man, at Casinum. What lictor was ever so humble, so abject?

How were they verified by you? I only pray for these two things: I am afraid, O conscript phklippics, lest I should appear to you to have brought up a sham accuser against myself which is a most disgraceful thing to do ; a man not only to distinguish me by the praises which are my due, but to load me also with those which do not belong to me.

Or was a matter of such importance under discussion, that cicego was desirable for even sick men to be brought down? Nor did I depart anywhere, nor did I ever take my eyes off from the republic, ccicero the day on which we were summoned to meet in the temple of Tellus; 2 in which temple, I, as far as was in my power, laid the foundations of peace, and renewed the ancient precedent set by the Athenians; I even used the Greek word, 3 which that city employed in those times in allaying discords, and gave my vote that all recollection of the existing dissensions ought to be effaced by everlasting oblivion.

Lately, too, a document has been posted up by which the most wealthy cities of the Cretans are released from pholippics and by which it is ordained that after the expiration of the consulship of Marcus Brutus, Crete shall cease to be a province.

But he himself confesses this among his other disgraceful acts.

And this circumstance indeed gives me great pain, that men who have enjoyed the most honourable distinctions which the Roman people can confer, did not second Lucius Piso, the proposer of an excellent opinion. Are you waiting for me to prick you more? And by that plough you almost grazed the gate of Capua, so as to diminish the territory of that flourishing colony. And you endorsed his treachery with your own eagerness. Why need I mention your preparations for banquets, why your frantic hard-drinking?


Cicero, Philippics 1

I confess that they, if they be not deliverers of the Roman people and saviours of the republic, are worse than assassins, worse than homicides, worse even than parricides: Did he think that it was easiest to disparage me in the senate? But in that complaint, mournful indeed and miserable, but still unavoidable for a man of that rank in which the senate and people of Rome have placed me, what did I say that was insulting?

You, with those jaws of yours, and those sides of yours, and that strength of body suited to a gladiator, drank such quantities of wine at the marriage of Hippia, that you were forced to vomit the next day in the sight of the Roman people.

What deed was ever more deservedly recommended to the everlasting recollection of men?

Philippics 7-14

I am pointing out the defects; away with them! He said that one was, and philippic one. I will say no more, lest I should seem to be pulling to pieces the acts of Dolabella; which must inevitably sometime or other be brought before our college.

Harvard University Press, Orations, The fourteen orations pnilippics Marcus Antonius Philippics this document. That there should be so vast a catalogue, that there should be such a numerous and various list of possessions, of all of which, with the exception cicrro a portion of Misenum, there was nothing which the man who was putting them up to sale could call his own.

There are things which it is not possible for me to mention with honour; but you are all the more free for that, inasmuch as you have not scrupled to be an actor in scenes which a modest enemy cannot bring himself to mention. But I pass over those offences which philipics no peculiar connexion with the part you took in harassing the republic; I return to that in which you bore so principal a share,—that is, to the civil war; and it is mainly owing to you that that was originated, and brought to a head, and carried on.

I, who had no connexion philippocs him, acted by his counsels while I was consul. For it is from his wickedness that you will find that the beginning of all these evils has arisen.


Charybdis, if she existed at all, was only one animal. And by doing so you praised what was peculiarly my achievement, and blamed that which was wholly the act of philipics senate. Well, suppose I did; was I to be the only sorrowful person in the city, when every one else was in such delight? Although the thing that struck me with most astonishment of all was, that you should venture to make mention of inheritances, when you yourself had not received the inheritance of your own father.

But that eloquent man does not perceive that the man against whom he is speaking is being praised by him, and that those before whom he is speaking are being attacked by him.

Online Library of Liberty

What place is there either so deserted or so uncivilized, as not to seem to greet and to covet the presence of those men wherever they have arrived? You put away his daughter, your own cousin, having already cicrro out and provided yourself beforehand with another. I was desirous, if I could, to be of service to the republic even before the first of January.

Have you any secret fear that you yourself may appear to have had some connexion with that crime? Listen, listen, O conscript fathers, and learn the blows which are inflicted on the republic. But if, as has been said to me by some of his intimate friends, every speech which is at phhilippics contrary to his inclination is violently offensive to him, even if there be no insult in it whatever; then we will bear with the natural disposition of our friend.

Moreover, how likely it is, pyilippics among such a number of men, some obscure, some young men who had not the wit to conceal any one, my name could possibly have escaped notice!

Its vote is declared. When was such wickedness ever heard of as existing upon earth?