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“[Rechy’s] tone rings absolutely true, is absolutely his own He tells the truth, and tells it with such passion that we are forced to share in the life he conveys. On the 50th anniversary of City of Night, John Rechy talks to Charles Casillo about its publication and its impact. He came to world attention in with the publication of his first novel, City of Night, which revealed the previously unknown world of gay hustling and.

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Along “Dancer from the Dance” and “Faggots”, this is in my opinion a gay masterpiece novel. Mar 27, Rachel Pollock rated it really liked it. Said James Baldwin of the author, “Rechy is the most arresting young writer I’ve read in a very long time.

It is one of the best firsthand johhn of what it might like to be gay in nihgt midth century — ostracized — separate from the mainstream world. It was there he was told that he could make money on the streets of Times Square as a hustler.

I understand the stream of conscience writing style, I mean I’m from Kerouac’s hometown for godsakes! At its best when it is nightmarish, John Rechy’s classic account of hustling in the occluded world of homosexuality in mid-century America makes a compelling case that sexual identity is a spectrum rather than points on a plane. He is a truly gifted novelist. And not only that, he kept right on cruising and hustling as he continued to be oc force in the literary world.


Get to Know Us. I know that my words here are not a review, proper. The book was compelling and expertly crafted. This good, as it allows the reader to focus on the main issue – the narrator’s internal struggle – as well as the fine writing. I’m glad I read it since it’s a gay classic, but would not read again.

The idea that those intimate letters would be turned into some kind of case study. You don’t nihht to leave yourself exposed to hurt, but it’s the only way you can truly fill that void of loneliness. He lives in Los Angeles. Maybe he was just tired of explaining it to idiots.

This is a lyrical work. Praise for City of Night: It combines an understanding not only of the insistent drumbeats of jhon sexuality and male emotion but also the orange-drink-and-popcorn-scented center of the seediest American city centers, ca. As the narrator careens from El Paso to Times Square, from Pershing Square to the French Quarter, we get an unforgettable look at a neon-lit life on the edge.

City of Night – Wikipedia

Way ahead of its time and still worth a read. Share your thoughts with other customers. It can be read as “gay lit,” of course, or simply as Americana, hot and heavy.

I can’t really know because I am heterosexual jhn though I have gay friends there is a reticence between us when it comes to talking about sexual orientation. No, not everyone starts gay with guilt, but many do, and this offers one search for the truth, gay is not bad.



There, Rechy reveals the poetry of two young lost souls, craving tenderness, yet too frightened to explore their buried sexual feelings for each other. During a Mardi Gras celebration, the protagonist we never know his name leaps on to a float carrying a beautiful young drag queen Kathy, and her hustler lover Jocko and asks Kathy why she is smiling.

Sure he could work a 9 to The narrator shares many characteristics, including his ethnicity and relative age, with the author at the time. Actually more like a 3. City of Night should be enshrined in a time capsule and revisited every 20 years by successive generations. The implied desirability of the narrator aroused envy in some males. It’s never so easy for everyone.

A curious object of note is the reference to City of Night in the song ” L.

City of Night by John Rechy “Just the absence of loneliness. He’s incredibly laid back and observational about the whole thing, whether he’s trying to milk money off a rich client in Los Angeles or watching a drag queen kick the shit out of a heckler in New Orleans.

City of Night follows an unnamed hustler as he bounces through the queer underworlds of America’s so-called “cities of night”: Customers who bought this item also bought.