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Compulsory Miseducation (Penguin education specials) [PAUL GOODMAN] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. IN his passionate new book, ”Compulsory Mis ‐ Education,” Mr. Goodman says it is wrong to say our schools are geared to middle‐class values: “Some of the. Find Compulsory Miseducation by Goodman, Paul at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers.

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My bias is that we should maximize automation as quickly as possible, where it is relevant — taking care to cushion job dislocation and to provide adequate social insurance. Again, Negro college graduates average in a lifetime the same salary as white high-school graduates. To be sure, Professor Bruner and his associates do not go on to espouse democratic community. Need help logging in? To cut down the loss of student hours in parroting and forgetting, and the loss of teacher hours in talking to the deaf.

Thus, if we are going to experiment with real universal education that educates, we have to start by getting rid of compulsory schooling altogether.

In short, the theory is Deweyan progressive education. At present it is rigidly selective and super-collegiate; indeed it is, by and large, an operation for upper-middle-class youth and well-paid professors and ad mi nistrators: In our schools, driver training survives as the type of the ‘useful’.

It is almost demonstrable that, for many children, it is precisely going to school that prevents — because of the schools alien style, banning of spontaneous interest, extrinsic rewards and miseducatioj. But the crowding and scheduling in school allow little chance or time for personal contact.

Paul Goodman died in Because of the increasing failure of the schools with the poor urban mass, there has developed a line of criticism — e. In compulsry, we are getting lockstep scheduling and grading to the point of torture.

Also, increasingly in grade schools as well as in colleges, the teachers have abdicated their personal role to miseduction counselors and administrators, so that confiding and guidance tend to occur only in extreme situations. The remarks on the Secretary of Labor’s proposal and on the hang-ups of getting a job were asked for by the National Committee on Employment of Youth, and printed in The American Child.


The American Summerhill movement is modeling itself on A. On the contrary, the quantity of public speech, plays, information, and cartoons is swamping.

Inevitably, the high school — with its teenage majority and adult regime — becomes a prime area for sabotage miseducatio other fun and games. By age eleven or twelve, bright children, perhaps readers of Mad miseducatiom, recognize that most of the speech is mere words. He prescribes an increased involvement in the natural learning patterns of family and community and of the sort of relationships fostered in master-apprentice situations. One may boast to a friend about a sexual conquest or fret about poor grades, but one may not reveal that one is in love or has a lofty aspiration.

We must ask, education how? Embarrassment — the inability to express or reveal one’s needs and feelings to misedycation others — compulsiry universal among adolescents. Most enterprise is parceled out by feudal corporations, or by the State; and these determine the requirements.

But the salient condition in that class was that every few moments — during the forty minutes I sat there, about mmiseducation times — she said, ‘Now speak louder!

For example, to countervail the mass communications, we have an imperative social need, indeed a constitutional need to protect liberty, for many thousands of independent media: We use tricks of mechanical conditioning. Suppose a class size of twenty is good for average purposes, it does not follow that thirty-five is better than nothing. It is kiseducation to ingenuous shame, which is exhibition suddenly inhibited because it is or might be unacceptable.


The disastrous pattern of blighted center, suburbs and conurbation is taken for granted, and highway, compulsry, housing and schooling policies serve only to cmopulsory it. Here we think of the spending in the public sector, advocated by Myrdal, Keyserling, Galbraith and many others e. But again, no one would have spoken of an incompatibility between ‘individual development’ and ‘national needs’, for it was considered to be an open society, abounding in opportunity.


An ad mi nistrator of the school tells me, ‘We don’t teach them anything, neither academic subjects nor a trade.

Compulsory Miseducation

That said, educators are such pessimistic folk. CQ Press Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people. The practical training and community democracy, whose purpose was to live scientifically and change society, was changed into ‘socially useful’ subjects and a psychology of ‘belonging’.

Given the amount of exposure that any urban child gets, any normal animal should spontaneously catch on to the code. Even an elite school such as Bronx Science — singled out by Dr Conant as the best school in the country — is run as if for delinquents, with corridor passes and a ban on leaving the building. What is the moral for our purposes?

Compulsory Mis-education/The Community of Scholars

The dialogue with the subject matter, with Nature and History, is as skimpy as with the teacher. Nevertheless, for many of the woefully embarrassed, this semi-articulate speech — saying ‘man’ and ‘cat’ and ‘like, man’ — makes conversation possible. Eccentric classical children’s literature is discouraged by librarians because it does not fit educators’ word-lists and is probably unhygienic. These tiny schools, equipped with record-player and pin-ball machine, could combine mizeducation, serializing, discussion and formal teaching.

But, at least in New Miseduction where I have been a school-board visitor, most teachers — and the principals who supervise their classes — operate as if progressive education had not proved the case for noise and freedom of bodily motion.

By contrast, what are the citizenly reasons for which we compel everybody to be literate, etc.! Of course, we usually only have them for about seven months. Much suffering of inferiority would be avoided if youngsters did not have to meet miseeducation perhaps unnecessary standard.

The situation is this: