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This post will walk through setting up Squid using Webmin to configure it. The simple reason . Click the Manual proxy configuration button. 5. This how-to explains how to install the current version of Squid Proxy on a CentOS 7 VM with Webmin, Apache, and SARG with update support. Hi all, I have set up numerous squid boxes before (that actually module by refreshing all modules in the Webmin Configuration menu.

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[ubuntu] Squid3 + webmin guide?

Many versions of Squid have wfbmin released over the years, each of which has supported different configuration directives or assigned different meanings to the same directives. You can also completely remove a user with the Delete button on its editing form. Squid will compare every request to all defined restrictions in order, stopping when it finds one that matches. You can stick with the default, or if you need to go with a non-standard port, here’s how to change it:.

I’m running Squid 3. Retrieved from ” https: Conriguracion, disk space may be confuguracion by log files and user data as well. The time now is This is most useful for keeping usernames and passwords in sync without needing to grant access to every single UNIX user.

They can be used to stop the server storing enormous files such as downloaded ISO imagesto limit the size of files that clients can upload or download, and to prevent the cache of pages that change frequently such as those generated by CGI scripts. If not, the default setup that allows all ICP packets is fine. As soon as a restriction is found that matches the ACLs for the request, its action determines whether the request is allowed or denied.

When its icon is clicked on, the page shown in the screenshot below will appear, assuming that Squid is installed and configured correctly. This file consists of a series of directives, one per line, each of which has a name and value.

A proxy is also used for caching commonly requested pages configurxcion that if more than one client wants to view the same page it only has to be downloaded once.


It is open source and is freely available for download from www. Because this is not the usual port that proxies are run on and seem to be the most commonyou may want to change it. Malicious people often use other proxies to launder connections used for hacking, sending spam or accessing web sites that they shouldn’t be allowed to.

At most MB of data will be stored in this directory, which is not likely to be enough if serving a large number of active clients. Other programs such as wget or rpm configutacion the username and password to be specified on the command line.

Regardless of how you use it, you will want to define the ports used by the proxy first. To initialize the cache, follow these steps:. This page was last modified on 15 Septemberat Again, the Apply Changes link must be used after updating or deleting a restriction to make the change active.

See the Connecting to other proxies section later for a more complex explanation of what ICP is and when it is used. Many smaller companies assume they don’t have the time or the money to put into setting up a configuradion server. You can add to and edit entries in the ICP restrictions table in exactly the same way as you would for proxy restrictions.

As usual, the Apply Changes link must be used to activate any changes that you make. Otherwise you run the risk of cutting off your own access to the module if you make a configuration mistake or shut down the server process. If you really are running a cluster of proxies, it may make sense to block ICP requests from sources other than your own network.

The most common use of ACLs is blocking connections from clients outside your network. When you are using this module, make sure your browser is configured not to use the Squid proxy to access your Webmin server. If you continue seeing this error, here’s what you need to do:. All browsers and programs that can make use of a proxy also support proxy authentication. Instead, the proxy simply forwards all data from the client to the destination server and back again. Because no valid users have been defined yet, no logins will be accepted, which is not particularly useful!


You might also want to edit the listening address so that only clients on your internal network can connect, if your system has more than one network interface.

Join Date Feb Beans 3. If you are running an older or newer release, different fields may appear on the forms or have more or fewer options. For more news about Jack Wallen, visit his website jackwallen. Now that authentication is enabled, any attempts to use your proxy from a web browser will cause a login window to appear. Because each version of Squid has introduced new configuration directives, this module’s user interface will appear differently depending on the version of Squid that it detects on your system.

Once you have normal authentication set up as explained above, synchronization can be turned on by following these steps:.


A user can be edited by clicking on its name in the proxy users list, changing the username, password, or enabled status, and hitting the Save button. This must be done before Squid can be run. Because some web pages change over time or are even dynamically generatedSquid keeps track of configuracin last-modified and expiry dates of web pages so that webmjn can clear data from the cache when it is out of date.

At this point you will see the “Stopping Squid” warning.

Once you have created some ACLs, they can be put into use by creating, editing and moving around proxy restrictions. For example, each new version has introduced different ACL types, and authentication has been handled in three different ways through the history of the program. Thanks to Webminthat is not the case. Typically this program checks against a separate users file, but it is possible to write your own connfiguracion that use all sorts of methods of validating users – for example, they might cinfiguracion looked up in a database, or an LDAP server, or the Unix user list.